Wengie Shows Her Viewers Some Fun Life Hacks That Save Time


Wengie is an Australian social media sensation that is famous for her makeup tutorials and life hack videos. She has over one million Youtube followers and an incredibly large Instagram following as well. She recently posted a video that covered 10 fun life hacks. She shows her viewer everyday tricks to make life a little easier and demonstrates them along the way.


In the video, she shows viewers how to make a sweater look new again by simply using a regular hand-held shaver to remove rough parts that are making it look worn from washing. She runs her razor gently over the surface and collects all of the pills and loose fuzz. Another tip she shares is using a staple remover to open a stubborn key ring without damaging nails. She also shows viewers her trick for not forgetting to bring necessary items in the morning. She puts everything together in a neat stack by the door. For crossing out written information she suggests that viewers write random letters and numbers over the writing and it will not be visible to anyone else. A handy hack to help lazy viewers to fold their laundry and put it away is to put it on the bed so that they can’t sleep until the laundry is put away. For important documents, she puts stiff cardboard inside of a Ziplock bag and stores them inside so that they won’t get wet or damaged. A helpful tip to help prevent garbage leakage is to put newspaper in the bottom of the garbage bag, and it will soak up any fluids and prevent them from getting all over the bottom of the garbage can. Another garbage can hack involves putting sticky hooks on the sides to attach plastic bag handles so that they don’t slip down inside the garbage can. For the shower, she makes a mark for the perfect shower temperature setting in different colors for each household member. She also uses a colander to sift cereal crumbs out and also takes photos of the inside of her refrigerator to help her remember what she needs when shopping.


Wengie releases new videos twice weekly. She updates her vlog channel and Instagram daily. She also runs fun contests regularly for her followers. She also has many other hack videos uploaded to Youtube.