Top Five Anime: Darkest Atmosphere


Somewhere along the line in anime, atmosphere became replaced by gore action. From a writing standpoint atmosphere is the environmental feeling of a scene. Actions are anything that happens within this scene. Actions can assist with the building of atmosphere, but atmosphere is directly responsible for the actions even mattering at all. This is why it’s so strange that anime’s with a dark atmosphere have been totally replaced by mindless violence. Sure, there’s a time and place for gore, but it should be used to offer the most emotional impact. Here are five anime that nail the dark anime atmosphere without giving into mindless gore.



This hallmark anime film tells the story of Tetsuo and Kaneda as they deal with Testuo’s budding psychic abilities in a dystopian Tokyo in this futuristic anime.



Following the exploits of, Ichise, a cage fighter who loses his arm and leg, Texhnolyze brings the viewer into the underground city of Lux where humanity is fighting for survival.



Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a brain surgeon who saves the life of a boy who grows up to be a serial killer. Now Tenma must make a decision as to whether stop the monster he saved or choose a path of apathy.


Serial Experiments Lain

After receiving an email from a dead student at her school Lain Iwakura begins to further her experience with The Wired, this world’s version of the internet.



Berserk follows the story of Guts and his journeys with a mercenary group, The Band of The Hawk. A dark and violent story that shows the worst of humanity, Berserk is another hallmark anime.