Thor Halvorssen: The Fighter For Oppressed And An Acclaimed Film Maker

Thor Halvorssen is in many regards considered to be a real fighter for oppressed considering his human rights activism and the sections he represents. While being an activist, he is also a renowned filmmaker with a number of critically acclaimed films discussing various social inequalities in his credit. Thor started his human rights activism from his college days when his father was allegedly arrested by the political conspirators back in his home country Venezuela. Finally, his father acquitted from all the cases and set free, however, Thor understood that there are many innocents like his father are tortured by political conspirators and decided to continue the fight for them.

Thor focuses his attention on human trafficking, dictatorships, threats to democracy, and passive slavery. He spoke of the need for human rights in many international stages. In 1999, Thor led a campaign to Lucent Technologies shareholders meeting to implement an anti-slave labor policy in the Chinese plants of the firm. He was the first director and CEO of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a non-profit organization created to protect the civil rights in American colleges and universities. In 2004, Thor initiated the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to champion the human rights and to work along with other similar movements by focusing freedom from tyranny and freedom of self-determination. He actively lobbied and campaigned for the release of Chinese political prisoner and Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. In 2009, he founded Oslo Freedom Forum, a gathering for human rights campaigners. The same year, he was selected as the “Patron” for Children’s Peace Movement.

While coming to his film career, Thor started his career as the executive producer of Hammer & Tickle, a documentary film displaying the Soviet tyranny and ridiculing its real facts using satirical language. Since then, Thor Halvorssen  has produced nine more which are mostly documentary kind of films that are targeting the social evils and praising free speech, human rights, freedom, democracy, equality, etc. Hammer & Tickle won the Best New Documentary Film award at Zurich Film Festival. His Indoctrinate U of 2007, discussed subjects like equality and fairness, political correctness, ideological conformism, and diversity in American campuses.