The Positive Impact Of End Citizen United In Changing The State Of The American Politics

Having been established in 2015, the End Citizen United has constantly been working to ensure that the American citizens get what they rightfully deserve from the politicians. The state of politics in the United States is very tricky. Some rich people fund the political campaigns with the intention of influencing the decisions of the politicians. In the end, the citizens fail to get what rightfully belongs to them because of the greedy deals by the politicians. To change this system, the End Citizen United has come up with an interesting program that would improve the accountability of the elected leaders and reduce the influence of the cartels.

What does the organization do?
The End Citizen United has its main agenda as bringing leadership back to the people. For several decades, people have had the least influence on matters which affect them directly. Because of this, corruption and insecurity have formed a major part of the government systems. From their website, the End Citizen United asserts that money and power control the politics of today. The rich influence the decisions of the voters such that real policies are not discussed. To end this selfishness, End Citizen United has decided to sponsor some of the good leaders to both the senate and the congress to help the people to gain from their leaders.

Why the End Citizen United is trusted
Unlike any other organization, the End Citizen United does not accept funding from anywhere else. No organizations or influential individuals are allowed to fund the organization. The organization only gets its contributions from the willing people from the grassroots so that they can be held accountable by the public. If a leader that is sponsored to the congress or senate fails, the organization would give answers to the public and recommend ways of changing the poor leaderships. The main reason why the organization does not accept funding from powerful people is that the sponsors would want to control the operations of the organization. There will be too much dependence, and this will affect the effectiveness of the operations.

The $35 million target has reached $4 million already
For the next congressional elections set to be held in 2018, End Citizen United planned to raise about $35 million. The organization has currently made a step as it has raised more than $4 million. The raised amount is expected to go up since there is still time to mobilize the people. More than 100000 people have contributed for this course. The most encouraging news is that slightly over 41000 people made their contributions for the first time. As more contributions are expected in the near future, the influence of the organization is rapidly increasing.