The Famous Database Technology of NuoDB

Structured Query Language, better known as SQL, a technical standard for both the International Organization for Standardization and the American Standards Institute that has been used in various manners of programming most notably in regards to databases. Since 1986 SQL has been the standard for many databases and programs but it might soon to be replaced by a brand new language that seems to be a more efficient version of it developed by a company called NuoDB. Founded in 2008 and originally called NimbusDB, NuoDB is a database company that also has been delving into cloud technology. In April of 2012 NuoDb first developed their elastic SQL database that was cloud application friendly resulting in a new language dubbed “NewSQL” being developed to accomplish such a task.

NuoDB has since been updating their brand new format with the current version being 2.6 that was released January 2017. The databases developed by the company use a “tiered approach — comprising multiple, redundant tiers of transaction engines (TE) and storage managers (SM).” Currently three versions of the system exist; a free version, a professional paid version, and an enterprise version.