Paul Mampilly Offers Investment Advice Through Banyan Hill Publishing

Paul Mampilly is a successful American investor. He is the former manager of a hedge fund as well as the winner of Templeton Foundation, an investment competition. Paul Mampilly has consistently received public recognition on CNBC, Bloomberg Television as well as Fox Business News. Presently, he prides himself on being the founder of Profits Unlimited. In this book, he uses his talent and skills, experience as well as knowledge to offer guidance to his subscribers who rely on the investment of stocks.


Paul Mampilly became part of Banyan Hill Publishing in early 2016. He serves as the senior editor who specializes in Main Street Americans. His major focus is on wealth development, growth, and investment as well as cap stocks in addition to exceptional opportunities. Paul’s career began in the Wall Street Journal in 1991. He was the assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. Paul later advanced his career when he landed a prominent position in Deutsche Bank as well as ING. He was in charge of managing a multimillion dollar account.

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Paul’s extensive experience in his general field played a key role in his appointment at Kinetics Asset where he was appointed as the asset manager. He was in charge of the entire hedge fund. Paul’s guidance and leadership in the company led the company to garner over $25 billion in asset management. The company ranked top as the world’s best hedge fund firm with an average profit of 26%. Paul was invited to be a participant in a prestigious competition held by the foundation of Templeton. His initial investment was $50 million. He generated the returns in a year by garnering $88 million. Even better, Paul achieved that much in his financial crisis.


Paul Mampilly finally retired to spend more time with family and friends. He left Wall Street. He is an investor who offers financial advice to prospective investors. Currently, he has shifted his focus to assisting people who are ready to retire. He does this by providing strong investment skills to individuals. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited as well as Extreme Fortunes. Both programs aim at helping investors to reap maximum yields.