Get The Quality Control Benefits Of Securus Technologies Today

Securus is a top leading professional regulatory inmate communication provider. Thousands of friends and family members rely on the phone to stay connected with inmates. There are over 2.5 million calls processed through the largest independent inmate communication providers in a year and Securus aims for quality control. Federal law requires law enforcement officials to monitor inmate calls. Securus ensures that monitoring and quality assurance regulations are being met. Friends and family are guaranteed to get the allotted amount of time that they’ve paid for without the threat of service interruptions that occurs with other providers.

If you’re looking for more features from an inmate phone provider try video chatting services. You can see your loved ones while you talk and use zoom in and out fearures. All video chat calls come in high definition with clear audio. Video chatting first became popular in the court during proceedings including preliminary hearings. Your loved ones save by not having to spend money by commuting to the jail. Download the app and take your phone anywhere you want and chat live.

Securus strives to regulate prepaid services to ensure customers get what they pay for. An Advanced Pay Program allows customers and inmates to purchase phone time. Surprisingly, inmates can now purchase phone credits from their commissary. There is a small one time processing fee for prepaid services. Inmates are able to save their friends and loved ones money. Inmate communications has never been more cost effective and convenient. Find out more details by visiting the official Securus Technologies for more details. Never miss another phone call from your loved one that is incarcerated in a facility.

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Coworking Spaces Provide an Environment for Creativity

Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces
Coworking spaces are becoming more and more common and can help spur workers to come together as a community and share ideas. The idea behind Coworking spaces is that they provide an area for freelance workers to do their work around other freelancers with different skills. A study done by Harvard Business Review found that people who work at Coworking spaces rate their jobs a 6 on a seven point scale, which is above the average of a normal employee at a classic office setting.

Big businesses are also starting to adopt the idea of Coworking spaces to help improve their employee’s productivity and morale. When employees from different departments are sharing ideas and tips with each other it helps solidify the workforce and can bring about new techniques for their respective job. For example, if a salesman is working with an advertising specialist they can both learn a lot from each other. The salesman has to interact with the customer base each day and can tell the advertising specialist what approaches work best on customers for him, and in turn the advertising specialist can give the salesmen tips on how to better snag the attention of a potential customer. This can increase sales and also create a bond between the two departments.

If you’re looking for Manhattan offices for rent, consider a shared office space. One such Co-working space is WorkVille located in New York city. They offer move in ready office spaces, open work areas for individual freelancers to network, and also private spaces for people to work in quite. It is located near Times Square and Bryant Park, and is a stones throw away from many central transportation hubs.

WorkVille has three terraces so that people can work outside and get a break from the monotony of indoor office spaces. It also has a cafe lounge where people can mingle on a break and share their ideas and trade with people who are interested in learning and sharing as well. With conference rooms for only 100 dollars an hour, this space also provides a reasonably priced option to hold meetings in a space with a great view.

If you’re a freelancer looking for a place to meet other freelancers to work around, a small business trying to find office space, or you just need a way to break up the monotony of office life, a Coworking space may just be the thing you need. If you’re in the New York City area check out WorkVille and enjoy the view and comfortable atmosphere that comes with a Coworking space.

Wengie DIY vs. Buy Lip Tattoos Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie does another “DIY vs. Buy” test with lip tint tattoos. She begins by making the DIY lip tattoo with glue and food dye. She mixes them together in a jar and then brushes it onto her lips with a lip brush. She emphasizes that using a brush is important because if you get the product on any other skin, that skin will be dyed the color of the tint. She notices that she made a different color than the store-bought version.

Wengie applies the DIY lip tint to one half of her lips and then puts the store-bought version on the other half. She notes that the store-bought kind is runnier and easier to put on her lips. She then waits for both lip tattoos to dry. She peels off both of the tattoos and seems to have more trouble with the DIY one. She notes that both versions worked at tinting her lips but that her lips now feel dry, so she suggests putting on lip balm afterwards.

Wengie then compares the two lip tattoos. She says she is impressed by the DIY version because it actually tinted her lips and stayed true to the color she mixed. She also notes that it is inexpensive to make, especially because you can make any number of colors with food dye.


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Understanding How to Grow Wealth While Living Comfortably

When you think about the personal finance world, there are a million and one ways to save money, grow money, invest, or use hacks to stretch your dollars. However, one of the most effective ways about having your money go farther instead of needing to figure out tips and tricks to make it is simply to change your mentality. As long as you can curb your habits and change the way you think about spending money in general, then you can instantly see why it can be a much easier life full of less stress for the same amount of effort.

One of the top organizations that has helped to teach and to preach changing your mentality about how you think of money is The Midas Legacy. And, when you think about The Midas Legacy, you will instantly start to see that they aren’t just trying to teach about money and wealth management. While getting your money together in general is a very good thing overall so that you don’t have financial issues and stress, you need to be able to understand how money fits into the bigger picture. That’s exactly why it makes so much sense work with The Midas Legacy in order to learn about money as well as more.

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Turning the millennial mindset into easy income

The thing about The Midas Legacy is that they teach you tools you can use for your everyday life and that can actually help you to become happier. It isn’t until you fully understand what you want that you will be looking for actual solutions to your quest for happiness instead of filling the voids with things. Chasing temporary fun is never the answer. That being said, if you can learn to balance what you are really after in the long run with what will make you feel comfortable and happy currently, then you are able to operate in a completely different way from day to day.

And, while you need to enjoy your current life and have a reason to get out of bed each and every day, you also need to be aware of the idea that if you aren’t saving for the long term you might never be able to retire. Listen to what people such as The Midas Legacy are able to teach and you will be set.

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George Soros is Still a Smart Investor and an Activist Irrespective of Glenn Beck’s Baseless Accusations

George Soros Nazi is a Hungarian-born hedge fund manager, currency speculator, and an active philanthropist. He has published several books and shared philosophical sayings with his die-hard fans. Later in Life, Soros ventured into politics dedicating his support to the Democratic Party. While Soros continues to succeed politically, philanthropically, and investment wise, individuals like Glenn Beck have been busy running anti-Soros campaigns. Over the years, Glenn has associated Soros with global conspiracy and his fondness for crumbling governments. This time round, Glenn decided to take his hatred for the Hungarian-born investor and air his anti-Semitic words on a global media platform.

George Soros is open-minded

George Soros focuses on championing the rights of underprivileged and establishing a pool of citizens who understands their right and can question government accountability. He is hardly troubled by misplaced criticism and anti-Semitism accusations. Soros does not care whether the negative criticism originates from his former country or Fox News. He rarely falls into haters’ trap. He has an experience of dealing with more experienced and heavily armed demagogues. Therefore, the latest accusation is like a walk in the park for Soros.

Early life

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. At a tender age, he had a first-hand encounter with both the Nazis as well as their nationalist-fascist substitutes. During his boyhood, Soros experienced the Communist dictatorship at its early stages. He relocated to England and joined the London School of Economics. He graduated with a BA in economics. During his school days, Soros discovered that he had a passion for financial markets.

The Wall Street employed Soros and later on, his parent joined him after they became refugees following the termination Hungarian Revolution by the Soviet tanks. He invested heavily in hedge funds and accumulated a lot of wealth. Recently, Soros appeared on position 35 of Forbes’ richest people across the globe. Soros’ billions come from his stocks investment and currency speculation.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Philanthropic activities

George Soros has cemented a top-position in the philanthropy world. He supports community-based organizations that champions education causes, eradication of poverty, and human rights. Soros has offered financial support to several civil society movements across the globe. He played an integral role in the ending of European Communism and establishing an Open Society. He continues with his pro-democracy initiatives targeting the Burma area. Recently, he added advocacy groups and liberal policy institutes as other beneficiaries of his donations.

Origin of Open Society Campaign

Before completing his higher education at the London School of Economics back in 1952, Soros thoroughly studied and analyzed Karl Popper’s work such as the critique of totalitarianism and philosophy of science. He also studied ‘The Open Society and its Enemies’, which strongly points out that no ideology, belief, or philosophy holds the monotony of truth and that societies can experience tremendous success by allowing for democratic governance, respect for human rights, and freedom of expression. Soros shares his life histories, opinions, and thoughts through his books and columns in major newspaper and blogs.

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Skout CFO Portia Kersten

Growing up poor doesn’t mean that a woman can’t become something great, as Portia Kersten proves. As CFO of Skout, she is evidence of someone who taught herself to overcome. From reading books about people who “made it” even through difficult circumstances to admiring women who were powerful and successful, Portia Kersten has achieved success as a leader in the workplace and is an example to many.

As a successful woman who has beat the odds to become a star in her field, she gives advice to other women who are seeking to become C-level business people. She believes that being versatile and confident in a competitive work environment is a key factor for women who are looking to become CFOs and fill other positions in the business work environment.

As the CFO for Skout, she knows what she is talking about. She has been through many different work environments and has helped many different startups become successful. She also has a passion and admiration for what Skout is about and brings her experience to the table to keep the app successful.

Skout is an app that was created to help individuals meet new people and enlarge their social circles. It’s the perfect app for anyone who has recently moved to a new city or for those who are busy but would like to enlarge their circle of friends.


Skout is about connecting people who share similar interests, who may want to go on adventures together, or simply to get a drink while on a trip in a strange city. Skout is the kind of app that you want to have on your phone when you are traveling the world. It can make all the difference between feeling lonely or making life-long friends while discovering new places.
It allows you to chat, see new places online, or show yourself off to the world as a way to connect.

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The Midas Legacy Can Help You Improve Your Life

If you are looking for sound investment advice, along with advice on other matters, look no further. The Midas Legacy is a very well respected company that gives investment advice, and they can help you to build a successful portfolio with high growth. Additionally, they can give advice on other matters, such as general wellness. Furthermore, experts from The Midas Legacy actually run another organization, and this organization is dedicated to health. Therefore, experts at The Midas Legacy can help you with your investments, and they can also help you to improve your general health. There are articles posted on The Midas Legacy website, and you can subscribe to The Midas Legacy for more information.

The Midas Legacy website has up to date information on a variety of subjects. The site has a lot of advice related to investing. There are articles on the site that provide the most up to date investment advice that you can find. This advice can help you to build your portfolio, and it can also help you to avoid investment scams. In addition to investment advice articles, there are also articles on the website about general health and wellness. This can help you to be healthier, more productive, and feel better overall.

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This can help you to plan how much money you need to save and/or invest for retirement purposes.

In addition, you can subscribe to the Midas Legacy to get more information. It is very convenient to subscribe to The Midas Legacy. You can subscribe to The Midas Legacy right from the website. When you subscribe to The Midas Legacy, you can have access to The Midas Code. When you subscribe to The Midas Legacy, it’s yours for free! When you subscribe, you will have information from The Midas Legacy regarding real estate, early retirement, and a full range of issues related to personal finance. Furthermore, the natural treatments that The Midas Legacy can give advice about is capable of having an effect on a wide range of conditions, some very serious. Additionally, the contact information for the company is given right on the page. They provide both a telephone number and email address, and they can answer a variety of questions regarding their services.

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Successes Registered By Shaygan Kheradpir In His Career


Recently, Shaygan Kheradpir took over as the chief executive officer of Coriant from Pat DiPietro. Since the beginning of the year, Kheradpir has had a close working relationship with the senior management team at Coriant. Kheradpir is well known as a business and technology expert. Shaygan has rendered his services in the technology, telecom and financial services industries for more than 28 years.

Di Pietro is now the vice chairman of Coriant and operating partner at Marlin Equity Corporation. He said that Coriant is happy and fortunate to have Shaygan as part of its team. His focused operational execution have been highly valuable for the firm since the beginning of the year when he worked as an advisor for the Marlin Equity partners, a subsidiary of Coriant. The firm believes that his experience is set to ensure that Coriant surpasses its major competitors and increase revenue. This information was originally reported on Light Reading as seen in this link

Pat was appointed the president and chief executive officer of Coriant in 2014. He was in charge of integrating the different functions of Marlin Equity Partners, which includes Tellabs, Sycamore Networks and Nokia Siemens Networks. The change from Di Pietro to Shaygan indicates the completion of the portfolio development and integration phase of the company. In essence, the two executives have simply switched roles, as Shaygan was the operating partner at Marlin. This information was originally published on Light Wave Online as found in this link

Shaygan received his undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree in engineering from the esteemed Cornel University. His career started at GTE Corporation. He rose through the ranks to become the executive vice president and chief information officer of Verizon. Together with his team, he led in the innovation, modernization and introduction of product initiatives. FiOS, which is one of the largest infrastructure programs, ranks as one of his greatest projects. The project required a capital investment of over $20 billion.

Prior to joining Coriant, he was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He was in charge of technology and telecom investments. Shaygan sits on the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology. This information was originally reported on Shaygan Kheradpir’s website as seen in this link: 


Innovative Communication Platform ClassDojo Creates Ground-Up Change In The Classroom

ClassDojo, a communication platform connecting teachers and parents, recently raised $21 million in funding to further the ground-up change it has already started creating in classrooms across the country. ClassDojo promotes continual communication between teachers and parents. This eliminates the need for parent-teacher conferences and allows the opportunity for far more frequent communication. In fact, parents and teachers can speak on a daily basis when utilizing ClassDojo. Photographs, videos, and messages are shared through the communication platform, allowing parents to know what their child did at school any given day. Parents are able to stay up-to-date on their student’s success and needs. Cofounders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don created ClassDojo with the intention to help parents facilitate their child’s learning at home. In essence, the communication platform is connecting teachers and parents while empowering students to be able to receive a strong education in and outside of the classroom.
ClassDojo was created in 2011 when cofounders noticed the absence of a free app that focused around creating a positive culture within the classroom. At the time there were other digital tools used for planning, testing, and grading but nothing quite as unique or as special as ClassDojo. The small start-up company is based out of San Francisco and lends services to 2 in 3 schools in the U.S. The communication platform is often used for students ranging from kindergarten through 8th grade.  It is expected that the already impressive rates of the use of the communication platform will only grow larger. Not only is it likely that the use of it will spread, but also that the communication platform itself will grow. ClassDojo collaborators have brainstormed useful additions to the app. These additions could include social networking or even transactional features for student expenses.
The uniqueness of ClassDojo is changing the classroom in its entirety. Parents and teachers aren’t the only people utilizing it either. Students are able to become more active in their education and collaborate through the app.

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NutriMost: A Revolutionary Weight Loss Sytem

NutriMost is a revolutionary weight loss system that is quickly gaining popularity on twitter for those looking to drop fat from their body. What makes NutriMost different from other weight loss systems according to the NY Daily News is that it does not use any supplements, shots, hormones, or gimmicks to help the user achieve their weight loss success. Rather, the program relies on technology to help the client achieve the results that they are seeking.
The Nutrimost system uses resonant frequency technology which allows factors that regulate things such as the metabolism, fat storage, hormone balancing, fat burning, and detoxification to really be assessed. By assessing these factors in each individual, NutriMost is able to truly understand what is the cause of each person’s weight gain.

Under the supervision of a doctor,( a program is then created based on what each individual body needs. An assessment of what vitamins, minerals, and nutrients an individual is lacking will be done and a plan to replace them will be put in place. Many have found that once they have started NutriMost, they have seen a rapid drop in fat and a positive change in their lifestyle.

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