Open Society Building by George Soros

George Soros went through the London School of Economics, but he was born in Hungary. Before beginning his finance work in a merchant bank, he worked as railway waiter and a porter. Some years after that, he moved to New York and started his hedge fund. In 1984, he happened to set up an open foundation for the society. He helped his countrymen on their step to democracy and a market that is free. Soros is the symbol of potent of some kind. People admire him as a national fringe of right. He decided to monitor the European economic situation. This will help in returning active trading. In addition to that Soros is the great support of Clinton.

As a CEO, president, chairman, and founder of Open Society Foundation, Soros has written a philanthropy that is aiming at building an open society. According to this philanthropy, Soros it gives a concept that aims at opening the society. He uses some concepts that he calls the cornerstones. These include having a democratic thinking, freedom and human right. This philanthropy aims at eliminating all types of dictatorship and giving a free world. From his work, he has led to many desirable results. Through him, communism has been toppled in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. He also tried to improve civil society in china.

The philanthropy also urges global and local organizations to fight and overcome all types of war that are driven by diamond and oil corruption. He also helped the people of Sarajevo to survive three years of the Bosnian war. If that was not enough, he fought the spread the TB resistant strains from being spread to major cities from Russia’s jails and mountains of Lesotho. Europe benefited a lot by receiving his advice to lift themselves from segregation and poverty.Fighting poverty is one major thing that is addressed in Soro’s philanthropy. He introduced many ways of doing away with it and living a free life. He insists that living a democratic life is the gateway to living a free life. He did this by supporting Burma democratic resistance.

This was done by building Haiti rough slums.Applying news methods was his order of the day always. He could at all times try to reform all systems that are not justice. Drug addiction in Baltimore and US was also addressed. He believes that a drug-free world is developing the world. His thoughts were always inclined to a healthy future. George Soros believes that every bad thing can change. If the society changes the way it people live, everything will change. Poverty, drugs, dictatorship, and corruption are pillars that can make a nation collapse. If the society fights all these acts, the economy will grow.