Lori Senecal Looks Good In Black

Lori Senecal is the CEO of an ad company that is behind many familiar ad campaigns, such as Target’s “Bullseye,” “The Snapple Lady” and BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine” in 2009. According to Ad Week, she has worked on campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola and Xbox. She claims that she gets inspiration from Apple for the sleekness of its products. This taste in sleekness can be seen in the types of places that she goes to eat in New York City. She is currently a resident of New York City, and lives in Tribeca.


Lori Senecal is the youngest of four daughters. She grew up in the city of Montreal, in Canada. In high school, she fostered a sense of responsibility and leadership within herself by being a gymnastics coach. After being a leader in high school, she could no longer go back to being a follower. Lori Senecal shows leadership every day, doing what she can to come up with the best ideas. Just like every other human being, there are times when she feels doubt about a project or an idea. However, she focuses on how a given idea can succeed—she doesn’t dwell on whether it will succeed. To give you an idea about how she makes her money, think of it this way: she makes her money whenever someone else makes money. Her success is based upon the success of her previous ad campaigns. To energize her mind and body, she engages in exercise in the beginning of the day. Taking care of herself is just another way that she shows leadership. She is in good shape, fit and beautiful. Lori Senecal wears the color black all the time—and looks non-mistakenly good in it. She is also fluent in French, due to the fact that she is a Montreal Native. Watch her full speech at the 3% Conference.