Kabbalah Centre Helps to Make the World a Better Place

Attaining life’s fulfillment is what everyone yearns for. This is because everyone at some points of their life feels that there is something they are either lacking or and tends to make their lives miserable. Here is where Kabbalah come to apply. The word Kabbalah means receiving. Kabbalah, therefore, is an ancient wisdom interested in teaching people how the universe and life work together. In the real sense, it is more of losing oneself than becoming more other-centered and less ego-centered.

The principles of Kabbalah are made relevant and understandable in a non-profit organization called the Kabbalah Centre. Their students are provided by their teachers all the spiritual tools they need based on the Kabbalistic principles. When the course ends, learners are expected to apply these principles to better their lives by helping them make better decisions, in turn making the world much better.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the Kabbalah Centre in 1922, but the candle continues to light throughout the world so many years after. The Centre has brick-and-mortar locations in over 40 cities and online as well. Since then, it has immensely developed in meaning among people. However, this Centre supports and accommodates all those meanings globally.

Being a non profit organization that believes in giving and reaching out to the world, the Centre has been involved in a lot of charity initiatives and other projects.

Kabbalah’s Centre Charity Work and Projects


This is Kabbalah Centre’s charitable giving program that targets people in need by offering them both spiritual and physical support. People affected by gender inequality, human-made and natural calamities and poverty get financial relief through this charitable program, KCCC. Her role was felt during the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Haiti Earthquake and even on Hurricane Katrina


Kabbalah teaches that pain, suffering, and death can only come to a stop if only people would acquire the secrets of the wisdom of Zohar. For this reason, the Zohar movement comprising of volunteers and donors reach anyone including organizations willing to share and learn this knowledge. They do it through printed Zohar and donations. More than 200,000 Zohar have so far been distributed throughout the world.


This one will provide scholarships to anyone willing to learn or further their Kabbalah studies. That is made possible through online materials, audio books, offline classes, and print.

The center also supports other charitable organizations around the world like Spirituality for Kids (SFK), Kids Creating Peace (KCP), and the Kabbalah Children’s’ Academy (KCA).