Jorge Moll: The Importance of Giving Donations

The Christmas holiday is almost here. People are looking forward to spend a good time with their loved ones and friends while enjoying good food and drinks. However, for the individuals who are sick, this season has very little meaning if they are not given any special treatment. Jorge Moll Neto, one of the leading businessmen in Brazil believes that people can take advantage of the holiday so that they can engage in voluntary services in helping the less fortunate in the society. According to Jorge Moll, giving your time and resources to a stranger will give you a lot of peace and satisfaction. The gesture doesn’t have to be grand. Having a tiny attitude that is done generously with a heart that is open will have great benefits, especially to the people who are sick. Watch this video on

Apart from being a very successful entrepreneur, Neto is a respected physician and neuroscientist who say that giving out donations to the less fortunate gives the brain some reward, making it better and healthier. This person will experience the same pleasure just like the people who have taken a piece of chocolate, those who have been given money as appreciation or those who have been given a compliment. Listening to music will give you the same experience.

Jorge Moll says that in his career as a doctor, he has learnt that when an individual has given a donation, they tend to activate two special regions in the brain. These sections are related to the great feeling of belonging and attachment. In most cases, these parts of the brain are responsible for the attachment a mother feels with their child. This is also the attachment that is experienced by couples who love each other. Apart from helping the society, the simple gesture will have huge benefits to your health. Visit Wikipedia to know more about Jorge Moll.

Jorge Moll Filho has earned his fame for being one of the most reputable entrepreneurs and cardiologists who are found in Brazil. The businessman has founded several healthcare centers in the country, and most of them have been doing very well. As the founder of the largest medical facility in the country, the businessman has been focusing on giving patients the best medical care whenever they are forced to stay away from home.