Ian King, King Of Crypto

“Smart money” is going to change the way people send and receive money. No one understands this better than Ian King, a top expert in digital currencies. King is known for advising people on various digital currencies. From crypto that have been on the top for a while, such as Bitcoin, to those like Ripple that are appearing to be very promising, King’s name is highly respected in the investment world, and King has proven himself to be a very valuable employee in business.

Ian King began his career as a desk clerk at a mortgage bond trading department before specializing in credit derivatives. When he moved on from there, King began trading options. Trading options proved to be an area of special interest for King, and he remained in this line of work for 10 years.

How did this king of crypto discover digital cryptocurrency, however? By accident. King was working with a startup company that was marketing digital money to banks. Because this particular e-currency involved banks, it wasn’t decentralized, so it wasn’t the same as the popular coins that most of us know to be digital currency according to banyanhill.com. However, this pitch showed King that digital money had potential and a place in the modern world.

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Ian King currently works for Banyan Hill Publishing. A weekly contributor for the company’s Sovereign Investor Daily, Ian regularly pumps out information that is geared towards keeping crytpo investors in-the-know of every new development in cryptocurrency. This means that if any currencies are dropping in value, increasing or value, or have just been created, Banyan’s readers will be the first to know.

Although there are many innovative happenings in this modern area, the value of cryptocurrency is not on the back burner. Seasoned investors as well as average joes who heard about crypto and are interested in investing in crypto and crypto, alone, keep digital currencies on their minds as they go about their day. King knows this. He understands that there is a market for cryptocurrency and that buying cryptocurrency is an attractive move for many because it doesn’t involve any banks or other centralized forms of control on banyanhill.com.

What is life currently like for Ian King? When he isn’t pumping out steady articles for Banyan Hill, he’s hard at work on a project. His most recent project is the development of a trading service: an investment advisory and crypto trading course that will only be available to Banyan Hill readers.

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