How End Citizens United Is Tackling The Use Of Big Money In Campaigns

The decision that was made by the Supreme Court in 2010 with regards to F.E.C versus Citizens United changed the political and the electoral landscape of the United States almost entirely. Additionally, it created the notion that people can be considered to be corporations, therefore, leading to a situation where the richest individuals in the American society, especially those who had particular personal interests with regards to the outcome of the election could invest a lot of money to ensure that the electoral outcome favored them.


End Citizens United, which is Political Action Committee, is funded by donors who are focused on eliminating the dangerous effects of investing untraceable and corruption money in the election process by the wealthy. End Citizens United aims to make sure that the political system in America is reformed.


By investing in the power of numbers, the pioneers’ of End Citizens United intend to prove one fact, which is that the electorate will take the day rather than the billionaires who expect to tip the political landscape in their favor by literally buying the entire electoral process. Big money is disastrous in the campaign and election processes, and this is basically what End Citizens seeks to rule out in the course of advancing its objectives. Some of the primary goals of End Citizens United include promoting the election of candidates who support reforms, fighting the use of big money in the political landscape, and make use of the voters’ financial power to voice their grievances.


By staying true to its course, the Political Action Committee has managed to raise over $4 million which is meant to be used for the campaign process and end up pushing for the election of a higher number of Democrats into Congress. Initially, the PAC had managed to raise over $25 million, but it now seeks to raise an additional $10 million, so that it has $35 million in total.The money will help to ensure that it has sufficient funding to promote the campaigns for more Democrats. Additionally, the move will make sure that the campaign bids for Democrats who are already in office end up being boosted so that they can retain their positions.


Tiffany Muller is the Executive Director of the PAC, and she seeks to ensure that the number of donors increases from the previous 100,000, where about 40,000 were individuals who wanted to support the activities of the PAC for the very first time. End Citizens United majorly helps Democrats who specifically support its objectives and most importantly those who want better reforms to be adopted in financing campaigns.