How Education Technology Is Helping To Build Better Classrooms

The education technology sector brought in an estimated $1.4 billion in 2017. One of the companies that is doing well is Nearpod. They recently raised $21 million which helped them introduce over 300 new digital lessons in a deal they made wit Another company, Classcraft, is finding success by making successfully completing the school year a role-playing game.

In order for education technologies to succeed they need to have been thoroughly tested both inside and outside the classroom. They also need to solve a real problem that educators have. Classdojo is an education technology company that was founded in San Francisco in August 2011. Their app was designed and is updated by software programmers working with educators.

One of the founders of Classdojo is Same Chaudhary. He says that the key to his company’s success is honestly listening to teachers, students, and parent when deciding what goes into their mobile app. This app creates a solid classroom community by allowing teachers and parents to connect at any time, not just during a parent-teacher conference. This has resulted in this mobile app now being used in 90% of the school districts around the United States. The app is intended for grades kindergarten through 8th grade.

It’s been over the last 20 years that schools have been heavily modernized. Almost every school is online and almost 90% have high-speed internet. Companies like Classdojo have products that continue to be used in schools because they consistently support teachers and the education of children. If the product solves a problem and can be easily and effectively implemented than teachers are much more likely to want to use it in their classroom.

The team at Classdojo knows that no two classrooms are the same. They each develop their own character and community. Educators know that parents play a huge role in how well their children do in school. This app effectively brings parents into the loop so that they know through text, pictures, and video what is going on in the classroom so they can better communicate with the teacher and help their children learn.