Highland Capital Management- Leading financial adviser

Highland Capital Management is a financial investment adviser based in Dallas, Texas. They also have offices in other cities across the world. There are offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, New York and Singapore. Highland Capital management was established about 20 years ago by the duo of James Dondero and Mark Okada. As of today, the firm is among the biggest and the most experienced alternative equity and credit fund managers. Highland Capital has played a key role in providing alternative means of investments for the over 20 years it has been in operation. Highland capital offers various types of investment strategies such as hedge funds, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), special situations and distressed private equity, mutual funds and ETFs. Highland Capital strives to offer low-cost strategies that fit their clients’ needs.

Highland Capital started off as a partnership between James, Mark and Protective Life. Mark and James later bought the stake owned by Protective Life and established the Ranger Assessment Management, L.P. This was a financial adviser registered with SEC. Ranger Assessment Management would later change to become Highland Capital Management. Mark Dondero and Mark Okada steered the firm by establishing commingled bank loan as well as alternative investment funds.

Highland Capital Management later went on to purchase two floating funds under Columbia Asset Management. In 2008 and 2011, Highland Capital established their offices in Singapore and Seoul respectively.
Highland Capital Management then started their first investment in the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market in 1996 when they launched the first non-bank CLOs. The firm has proceeded to record substantial growth since then having an over $30 billion CLO fund.

In 2000, Highland Capital launched their first total return strategy for distressed assets. Still in 2000, Highland acquired for the first time 2 bank loan separate accounts. These were for big pension plans both in Canada and U.S. Ever since the company has continued to invest in alternative strategies that help their clients have risk-free investment options. Some of their new strategies include oil & gas funds, long-only credit funds, credit hedge funds, long/short equity funds and emerging markets credit funds. Over the years Highland Capital has run their market value to over $250 million.