Eric Pulier’s Innovative and Interesting Career

Is it easy being a tech innovator? Probably not, but Eric Pulier has seemingly made a career out of doing so. Eric Pullier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and published author who has worked in several different fields as a venture capitalist. Let’s take a look at a few of the major marks that Pulier has managed to hit during his career as an innovator in the tech world.


If you are going to start with Eric Pulier then you need to look into his entrepreneurial work. Pulier has founded at least 15 different start ups in the tech world, ranging in a variety of different genres and technologies. Pulier is probably most well known for his work with XPrize — a program that focuses on doling out prizes in competitions for people who push their potential to the limits. The XPrize Foundation has a host of big names on the Board of Trustees which includes Larry Page, James Cameron and Arianna Huffington. Amongst the largest of prizes given out was the Ansari X Prize which was awarded back in 2004 for advancements in spacecraft development.


Pulling back from Pulier’s work with the XPrize Foundation we can take a glance at his educational upbringing. Pulier studied at Harvard where he wrote for the Harvard Crimson while studying as a journalist. Pulier didn’t stick in Harvard upon graduation, instead moving into Los Angeles where he would go on to become the business prodigy that he is today.


Outside of the business world we have seen Pulier make a real difference, saving lives across the planet with his dedication to philanthropy. Pullier jumped into the philanthropic world by dedicating himself to fighting MS through the Multiple Sclerosis society. Pulier would go on to found his own educational platform that was designed to help others learn about the damaging effects of multiple sclerosis, and the medical options that existed today to fight it. Pulier has also done a bunch of work to help fight childhood diabetes, even creating a game to help young children understand their disease even more. These are just some of the strong choices that Pulier has made in the realm of philanthropy.