Drew Madden Is Passionate in All Areas

Drew Madden is a name that people know in healthcare consulting firms. He has carried his name through companies like Nordic and he is now working to build a name for his own venture with fellow partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. However if you were to look into his own personal accounts through social media sites like Twitter, there is more to him than just consulting.

Drew is very active on Twitter and much of his tweets are advice to others in the form of positive knowledge. Through various quotes and lyrics, Drew works hard to make sure that those who follow him are greeted with positive vibes day after day. He has more than 500 followers and follows over 700 people himself.

Drew has more than just love for IT and healthcare field. He is passionate about creating unique team members within the healthcare field. He hopes to bridge the gap between healthcare records and technology. Through the help of technology, healthcare records are able to be kept up to date more accurately through Epic systems.

Drew Madden first started out as acting president for Nordic in 2011 and stepped down in 2016. He resigned from the business and decided to help out by creating his own firm and business with fellow partners. It is their hope to not only help through consultations but to also have a hand in the technology used by healthcare providers.

Outside of work, Drew enjoys spending time with his family and he has passion for sports. His Twitter feed is more than just quotes. It showcases all of the things he is passionate about. Football, social media, videos and family are on display for everyone to see. He hopes to share his passions with others in hopes that they will become as passionate as he is about certain topics. What people do with their knowledge is what sets the bar high for others.