Diamond Dew by Lime Crime a make-up must have!

Lime Crime has just released a brand new product just in time for the holidays and you must have it! What is this fabulous new product you ask? Diamond Dew is a lid topper that will give your eyes the sparkle and shine of a million diamonds. Diamond Dew has lots of small reflective particles in it that make your make-up shimmer and shine. Diamond Dew lid topper can be worn on bare eyelids or on top of your favorite eye shadow. Diamond Dew dries quickly and won’t crease, smudge, fall-out, or otherwise ruin your eye make-up.

Diamond Dew comes in 10 eye catching colors, but don’t worry if you can’t pick just one they are sold in a bundle as well. You can wear Diamond Dew on more than just your eye lids too. You can also apply it to your cheeks, or body for that all over sparkle! Pair the Diamond Dew eye color with Diamond Crusher lip color for a look that shines all over!

All Lime Crime products are made with vegan free ingredients, and they are all certified by PETA as cruelty free. Lime Crime has a large variety of colorful beauty products to give you that unique color and sparkle you desire. Their beauty product line includes hair color, high lighter, lipstick, eye shadow, press on nails, and make-up brushes. Lime Crime also offers bundle deals on a variety of their products for when you just can’t decide on. You should definitely check out Lime Crime and their brand new Diamond Dew eye topper today!