Highland Capital Management- Leading financial adviser

Highland Capital Management is a financial investment adviser based in Dallas, Texas. They also have offices in other cities across the world. There are offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, New York and Singapore. Highland Capital management was established about 20 years ago by the duo of James Dondero and Mark Okada. As of today, the firm is among the biggest and the most experienced alternative equity and credit fund managers. Highland Capital has played a key role in providing alternative means of investments for the over 20 years it has been in operation. Highland capital offers various types of investment strategies such as hedge funds, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), special situations and distressed private equity, mutual funds and ETFs. Highland Capital strives to offer low-cost strategies that fit their clients’ needs.

Highland Capital started off as a partnership between James, Mark and Protective Life. Mark and James later bought the stake owned by Protective Life and established the Ranger Assessment Management, L.P. This was a financial adviser registered with SEC. Ranger Assessment Management would later change to become Highland Capital Management. Mark Dondero and Mark Okada steered the firm by establishing commingled bank loan as well as alternative investment funds.

Highland Capital Management later went on to purchase two floating funds under Columbia Asset Management. In 2008 and 2011, Highland Capital established their offices in Singapore and Seoul respectively.
Highland Capital Management then started their first investment in the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market in 1996 when they launched the first non-bank CLOs. The firm has proceeded to record substantial growth since then having an over $30 billion CLO fund.

In 2000, Highland Capital launched their first total return strategy for distressed assets. Still in 2000, Highland acquired for the first time 2 bank loan separate accounts. These were for big pension plans both in Canada and U.S. Ever since the company has continued to invest in alternative strategies that help their clients have risk-free investment options. Some of their new strategies include oil & gas funds, long-only credit funds, credit hedge funds, long/short equity funds and emerging markets credit funds. Over the years Highland Capital has run their market value to over $250 million.

Cassio Audi Leaves Heavy Metal Behind For A Career In Finance

The work of former Viper member Cassi Audi has seen the man responsible for the development of a range of investments designed for use by everyday people who wish to take their first steps into the financial markets has taken many twists and turns over the years. Before becoming one of the best known financial experts in Brazil with a career spanning companies including J.P. Morgan Chase and many of the leading financial companies in the world, Cassio Audi was one of the best known heavy metal drummers in Brazil.

After the Brazilian dictatorship began making moves towards democracy in the late 1970s the music and popular culture of the nation began to change for the better as the influence of U.S. and U.K. based bands and movies began to take over. The heavy metal band Viper was formed in 1985 as the flood of heavy metal bands from the U.K. hit Brazil and proved themselves to be an influence on a group of teenagers, including Cassio Audi who took up the role of the drummer with the band.

Cassio Audi played an instrumental role in the development of the early sound created by Viper that led to them becoming one of the first superstar groups in the Brazilian heavy metal landscape. The majority of fans became aware of the drumming skills of Audi when the demo recordings from Viper began to circulate as bootleg copies, in the 21st-century these songs are available as “The Killera Sword” release from Viper; following the success of those early demo recordings the band were given the chance to record their debut studio album on the Rock Brigade label. Cassio Audi and the teenage members of Viper recorded “Soldiers of Sunrise” album in around a week with the band performing the music background as live to show their skills as musicians.

Bruce Bent II’s Contributions to the Investment Sector

Money Market Funds (MMFs) are common in the investment sector. They’re a type of mutual funds that focuses on gaining profits from debts and bonds. Many people have a misconception about this kind of funds. They believe that MMFs are safer than regular mutual funds. Investing in money market mutual funds doesn’t guarantee you profits. However, you can use various strategies to increase your ROI. Money market fund providers offer several investment options, including commercial paper, debt securities, and treasury bills.

MMFs give investment options to many people. Although the returns are low, investors still prefer money market mutual funds because they have other benefits, aside from profits. The risk of investing in MMFs is low. Also, it’s easier to identify investment opportunities when dealing with these mutual funds. Individuals, corporations, investment groups and financial institutions can benefit from money market funds. Investors can buy shares in the MMF market via banks and brokerage firms. They’ll earn returns in the form of dividends. The amount of profit depends on the number of shares you buy.

About Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is the son of the Bruce Bent II the founder of MMF. He is one of the most popular investment managers in the world. He has served as a CEO and manager in many large corporations. Bent is the president of a leading financial technology firm called Double Rock Corporation. The company offers innovative business solutions to retail markets, brokerage firms and banks. As the senior-most executive at Double Rock, Bruce Bent II oversees investment operations and offers financial advice to clients. He also manages Intrasweep LLC., Access Control LLC., LIDs Capital and Landing Rock Group.

Mr. Bent II was the founding father of the money market fund. He created the first MMF in 1970. Originally, this mutual fund was known as the Reserve Fund. Bruce bought Brown stocks and started operating the company alongside his sons. The MMF industry is now valued at $3 trillion. Other key industry players respect Bent for his contribution towards the financial market. He holds talks at top learning institutions such as Harvard University. Bruce Bent II attended St. Johns University. He’s currently based in New York, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

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Bruce Bent II Is Bent on Success

Bruce Bent II is a people person who likes to be out of the office making things happen. He believes performance is more important than degrees. He believes in learning as much as possible and having faith in your own vision. He says that it’s also essential to bring value to your customers.

With these precepts in mind, Bent served as CEO of money market mutual fund The Reserve, leading it through 17 years. His tenure included difficult times in 2008, when he guided the company’s course by liquidating some of its assets. In the wind-down, investors received either 99 cents or 100 cents on the dollar. Before the financial crisis, The Reserve’s assets grew from $4 billion to $130 billion in its 17 years.

Today, Bent is vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corp., a financial services and technology company. Double Rock has six wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company grew from the invention of money market mutual funds in the 1970s, which became a multi-trillion dollar industry. Double Rock manages over $130 billion in assets and gives Americans of average means a way to earn interest and grow savings.

Two of Double Rock’s subsidiaries are Access Control Advantage, LLC and Island Intellectual Property, LLC. Access Control Advantage produces a complete loan automation program that makes loan processing easier. Island Intellectual Property manages patents and other intellectual property for Double Rock and its subsidiaries. Double Rock holds over 60 financial services patents.

With all this, Bruce Bent II is not one to let the grass grow under his feet. He belongs to the Young Presidents’ Organization, a group of savvy worldwide business leaders. He’s been a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan and the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson, which is devoted to restoring the Hudson River’s riverfront. Bent is also a member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association.

Bruce Bent II shows his real entrepreneurial spirit with some unusual advice. He says take out your lawn and plant a garden. “Everybody loves a fresh garden tomato,” he says. “You’ll make a small fortune.”

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The Famous Database Technology of NuoDB

Structured Query Language, better known as SQL, a technical standard for both the International Organization for Standardization and the American Standards Institute that has been used in various manners of programming most notably in regards to databases. Since 1986 SQL has been the standard for many databases and programs but it might soon to be replaced by a brand new language that seems to be a more efficient version of it developed by a company called NuoDB. Founded in 2008 and originally called NimbusDB, NuoDB is a database company that also has been delving into cloud technology. In April of 2012 NuoDb first developed their elastic SQL database that was cloud application friendly resulting in a new language dubbed “NewSQL” being developed to accomplish such a task.

NuoDB has since been updating their brand new format with the current version being 2.6 that was released January 2017. The databases developed by the company use a “tiered approach — comprising multiple, redundant tiers of transaction engines (TE) and storage managers (SM).” Currently three versions of the system exist; a free version, a professional paid version, and an enterprise version.

NuoDB; Revolutionising Database and Cloud Computing

Among the most prominent names in the computing world is NuoDB. The database company was established nearly a decade ago and has its head offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Through the development of cutting-edge products for esteemed clients such as Kodiak and the UAE Exchange, the enterprise has earned multiple plaudits including acknowledgment by the respected Gartner Magic Quadrant.

NuoDB was established in 2008, by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. Back then, the institution went by the name NimbusDB. The present name was adopted three years after its inauguration.

Since its inception, NuoDB has appeared on numerous platforms, primarily due to excellent performance. Several business journals have recognized the firm, notably the Mass High Tec which identified NuoDB as an Innovation All-Star in 2014. These acknowledgments have been useful to NuoDB, as they have brought in substantial amounts of revenue.

NuoDB incorporates both Structured Query Language (SQL) and cloud technologies in their products. The technology supports scalability, which means that servers can be added to the database without compromising speed. This feature is achievable due to the use of a multi-level approach, where each tier is autonomous. Another salient feature of this exceptional product is its unreal speed, clocking over a million process per second.

The database is available both on free (with limited features) and premium. Several versions have been rolled out since 2008, with latest being version 2.6.

More information on NuoDB can be found on Wikipedia.

Cassio Audi Is Making An Impact In The Brazilian Financial Market

Investors have many different ways of looking at investments. Although investors usually have the same purpose related to making investments, which is to earn a profit on the investments, the approach taken by investors can be very different. One of the main ways that many investors look at making investments is to utilize the markets to invest in various investments that hinge on the performance of the markets and the companies that are in the markets.

With investors that look to the markets for investments, the approach taken is based in many ways on the level of expertise that the investors have related to the investments and the markets. Some investors understand the markets and the investments that they have very well. Therefore, the investors generally handle all or most of the aspects related to the investments.

However, for investors that participate in the markets with investments who do not have a good understanding of the markets and investments, they tend to use financial and investment professionals to help with some or all of the aspects involving their investments. For investors in Brazil as with any area, knowledge of the local markets is essential, and Cassio Audi has that knowledge. Sometimes investors make mistakes that affect their investments because they do not understand what makes local markets behave in certain ways.

Investment management professionals in Brazil are a great help to investors who either do not understand the local markets or markets as a whole. Cassio Audi is an investment management professional who understands the local markets in Brazil along with the markets as a whole. This knowledge allows Cassio Audi to approach investing from a variety of viewpoints.

Cassio Audi has been helping people with investments for a number of years. There are numerous reasons why Cassio Audi has been and continues to be successful as an investment manager. One of the primary reasons is the expertise and understanding of the markets that affect the investments that Cassio Audi oversees.


USAHEALTH Group, Inc,:Providing Innovative, Affordable Healthcare Coverage Plans

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a Fort Worth, Texas based insurance holding company that was founded in 1982. The company and its subsidiaries provides small businesses and self-employed individuals in the U.S. with affordable health insurance plans as well as supplementary products. Formally known as Ascent Assurance, Inc., the company changed its name to USAHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2005. In addition to individual health insurance the company also underwrites and sells dental insurance, fixed indemnity medical insurance, critical illness coverage, income and accident protection solutions and convertible term life policies for accident, life and illness protection sold through agents.


The company is led by Chairman and CEO Benjamin M. Cutler, CFO, principal accounting officer and treasurer Cynthia B. Koenig, Executive vice president and Chief Administration Officer Konrad H. Kober, Senior vice president of marketing Leo Toralballa and Texas regional marketing director Robert Byrnes. For providing efficient effective insurance services One Planet awarded USHEALTH Group, Inc. with the gold medal for Company of the Year for Accounting, Banking, Financial and Insurance as well as Business and Professional Excellence in 2016. The award speaks to the commitment of USHEALTH to providing affordable healthcare coverage for their customers.


The One Planet Awards is a prestigious accolade honoring large and small, non-profit and for-profit, public and private, start-up and established companies around the world for business and professional excellence in every industry. People can submit nominations from any company. Part of the reason USAHEALTH was chosen was because of its unprecedented growth, success and profitability in the marketing of its insurance products in today’s highly competitive health insurance market. The company’s innovative coverages change as customer’s healthcare needs changes helping to solve the problem of affordable healthcare. .


USHEALTH’s goal is to help its employees and agents work together to provide their customers with profitable and competitive insurance products. The company is also committed to providing the highest quality customer service in all aspects of their operations. The USAHEALTH family of companies offers great health coverage through a full portfolio of innovative, flexible, secure, affordable plans that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. They include life, vision and dental coverage, specified disease/sickness and accident coverage, critical illness and short-term accident disability income plans.


The mission of USAHEALTH is Helping Other People Everyday or HOPE. For the management, staff and independent agents it’s something they focus on every day. The hallmarks of their products are affordability and reliability. They can provide coverage for standard medical expenses or serious medical events. The USAHEALTH family of companies has more than 50 years experience in the industry and provides the over 15 million customers they serve with an unmatched combination of innovation and experience.

Doug Levitt Experience with the Greyhound Diaries





Doug Levitt is an American artist born in 1972. He is best known for The Greyhound Diaries. He graduated from Cornell University with an undergraduate degree. He then joined the London School of Economics for his Master’s Degree in international relations.



Levitt became a foreign correspondent while living in London. He then switched to become a singer-songwriter. He met with a fellow American by the name David Henry, a famous record producer. Together, they engaged in a long-term project called The Greyhound Diaries.



Doug Levitt and the Greyhound Diaries



The Greyhound Diaries is a program that has been existence for over ten years. The project is characterized by the use of Greyhound buses to travel. Levitt rides in the bus to collect stories, songs, and memories among others of struggling bus travelers. This program provides the riders with an opportunity to share their American experiences.



After collecting the different experiences, Levitt then shares with the various audiences. At the events, he performs songs, shares different pictures, and narrates stories of his experience.



Doug Levitt says what motivated him most to start the project was the high poverty levels in America that didn’t make headlines. He was also inspired by the Works Progress Administration era programs. He thought he could get on the roads, collect, and share the experiences of the struggling travelers.



Levitt says he was a broke artist when he started this program. Therefore, he did not get a lot of challenges when interacting with the bus travelers. His work also didn’t get the attention he was expecting at first. But he kept working hard.



He has learned that America is very evocative and populous. Also, he has identified areas of commonality despite the diversity of the country.



He also says that despite his mother being a Republican, she is more liberal on many issues. This has helped him develop an open mind and not to define a person depending on his or her affiliation. His experience on the bus has shown that people’s experiences are not tied to any affiliation.

Role of the Greyhound Diaries

It offers the Americans with a platform to share and know the shared experiences irrespective of one’s location or background.