Get The Quality Control Benefits Of Securus Technologies Today

Securus is a top leading professional regulatory inmate communication provider. Thousands of friends and family members rely on the phone to stay connected with inmates. There are over 2.5 million calls processed through the largest independent inmate communication providers in a year and Securus aims for quality control. Federal law requires law enforcement officials to monitor inmate calls. Securus ensures that monitoring and quality assurance regulations are being met. Friends and family are guaranteed to get the allotted amount of time that they’ve paid for without the threat of service interruptions that occurs with other providers.

If you’re looking for more features from an inmate phone provider try video chatting services. You can see your loved ones while you talk and use zoom in and out fearures. All video chat calls come in high definition with clear audio. Video chatting first became popular in the court during proceedings including preliminary hearings. Your loved ones save by not having to spend money by commuting to the jail. Download the app and take your phone anywhere you want and chat live.

Securus strives to regulate prepaid services to ensure customers get what they pay for. An Advanced Pay Program allows customers and inmates to purchase phone time. Surprisingly, inmates can now purchase phone credits from their commissary. There is a small one time processing fee for prepaid services. Inmates are able to save their friends and loved ones money. Inmate communications has never been more cost effective and convenient. Find out more details by visiting the official Securus Technologies for more details. Never miss another phone call from your loved one that is incarcerated in a facility.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.