Securus Technology reaches peak form, nabs Stevie Award

Securus Technologies, the nation’s foremost provider of inmate communications services, has taken their place at the top of U.S. business by entering the finals of the Stevie Awards. These awards are handed out to the top performers in various industries for customer service and overall customer satisfaction with the product. Securus has earned its place among the most reputable and respected providers in the prison communications space.



Much more than just a phone company for prisons


Securus Technologies has become famous for its many wildly popular inmate communications solutions, such as video visitations and VoIP calling. However, Securus’ product line is much deeper than just telephone service provision.


With over 600 patents and having spent hundreds of millions on research and development, Securus is the unquestioned industry leader when it comes to innovation and new product rollout. Securus was first to market with its beloved video visitation system. But it has also been first in many other areas.


Securus offers full-featured prison management systems which reduce staff workload, freeing up guards to do what they’re best at, keeping order in the cell blocks. Automated prison management systems can handle too many tasks to mention. But some, like automated inmate prescription management, not only reduce the time staff needs to spend on menial tasks but also reduce the incidence of potentially fatal mistakes. Likewise, automated head count systems can produce similar efficiency gains. These things also tend to reduce to exposure of guards to potentially dangerous situations, such as patrolling alone in low-light or out-of-sight conditions, when rogue inmates may launch an attack.


Other products include automated time cards and advanced lock systems that use biometric and RFID technologies to make unauthorized access or egress virtually impossible.


These are just a few of the advanced technologies offered by Securus that make prisons safer.



Securus Promoting Video Visitation Just In Time For Holidays

Imagine a childhood Christmas with one of your parents missing. It is not that they have died or even divorced your other parent, but they have ended up in prison. Over 2 million children face this dilemma every Christmas in the United States. Studies show that losing a parent to prison has a terrible psychological effect akin to the death of a parent.


That is why it is so heartwarming to see Securus really step up to the plate this holiday season. Securus is a telecommunications company that deals exclusively with prisons and jails across the country. This company has really joined the 21st century with its video visitation technology.


Today, inmates have to deal with very corrupt telecommunications companies running their prison’s telephone system. These telephone companies, including Global Tel-Link, provide terrible telephone services to the inmates in exchange for incredibly high telephone rates. Global Tel-Link forces each customer to open an account that carries punitive fees for just about every action, including per call fees, deposit fees, closing account fees, and everything else you can think of.


Securus, on the other hand, provides their inmates with video visitation technology. The technology works much like a video chat. You simply sign in to their website, schedule an appointment, and logged in to start the video chat. This can save families hundreds of dollars per month and communication costs.


Securus is now initiating a multi-state advertising campaign trying to promote the benefits of video visitation. They want the world to know that they make over 2 million connections per year using this technology. This keeps families, especially children, connected with their loved ones in prison. It also saves children the embarrassing or intimidating experience of visiting a prison in person. Securus should be proud of the work that they are doing for the criminal justice system.


Securus Technologies Dedicated to Quality Service

Since 1986, Securus Technologies has been working towards excellence in the field of public safety, and this is yet another step in that journey. From providing new ways to ease the demands of communications in the corrections facilities around the country to superior GPS monitoring devices, Securus has proven to be the standard in trust and service.

One way they provide such outstanding service is the exceptional training of their techs. Adding another facet to this spectrum, Securus announces the impressive “BICSI Installer 1 Certification” accomplishment of an eleven person team. Specializing in communication and information, this certification is one of the most thorough training courses, ensuring the techs have the most complete knowledge of the available systems possible. The techs are also required to keep to a rigid “Code of Conduct” and follow through with any further education of new technology to maintain their certification. With a higher level training also comes a higher level of trust. Securus provides systems to inmates which allow them to file their own complaints, log requests, and communicate with families. When creating and maintaining these systems, the techs now have the latest and most advanced tools to ensure the success and quality of this service.

The “BICSI” certification is another way Securus Technologies is working towards client satisfaction. All the attention to detail has earned them an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau making them the best choice for all law enforcement and corrections needs.