The Positive Impact Of End Citizen United In Changing The State Of The American Politics

Having been established in 2015, the End Citizen United has constantly been working to ensure that the American citizens get what they rightfully deserve from the politicians. The state of politics in the United States is very tricky. Some rich people fund the political campaigns with the intention of influencing the decisions of the politicians. In the end, the citizens fail to get what rightfully belongs to them because of the greedy deals by the politicians. To change this system, the End Citizen United has come up with an interesting program that would improve the accountability of the elected leaders and reduce the influence of the cartels.

What does the organization do?
The End Citizen United has its main agenda as bringing leadership back to the people. For several decades, people have had the least influence on matters which affect them directly. Because of this, corruption and insecurity have formed a major part of the government systems. From their website, the End Citizen United asserts that money and power control the politics of today. The rich influence the decisions of the voters such that real policies are not discussed. To end this selfishness, End Citizen United has decided to sponsor some of the good leaders to both the senate and the congress to help the people to gain from their leaders.

Why the End Citizen United is trusted
Unlike any other organization, the End Citizen United does not accept funding from anywhere else. No organizations or influential individuals are allowed to fund the organization. The organization only gets its contributions from the willing people from the grassroots so that they can be held accountable by the public. If a leader that is sponsored to the congress or senate fails, the organization would give answers to the public and recommend ways of changing the poor leaderships. The main reason why the organization does not accept funding from powerful people is that the sponsors would want to control the operations of the organization. There will be too much dependence, and this will affect the effectiveness of the operations.

The $35 million target has reached $4 million already
For the next congressional elections set to be held in 2018, End Citizen United planned to raise about $35 million. The organization has currently made a step as it has raised more than $4 million. The raised amount is expected to go up since there is still time to mobilize the people. More than 100000 people have contributed for this course. The most encouraging news is that slightly over 41000 people made their contributions for the first time. As more contributions are expected in the near future, the influence of the organization is rapidly increasing.

How End Citizens United Is Tackling The Use Of Big Money In Campaigns

The decision that was made by the Supreme Court in 2010 with regards to F.E.C versus Citizens United changed the political and the electoral landscape of the United States almost entirely. Additionally, it created the notion that people can be considered to be corporations, therefore, leading to a situation where the richest individuals in the American society, especially those who had particular personal interests with regards to the outcome of the election could invest a lot of money to ensure that the electoral outcome favored them.


End Citizens United, which is Political Action Committee, is funded by donors who are focused on eliminating the dangerous effects of investing untraceable and corruption money in the election process by the wealthy. End Citizens United aims to make sure that the political system in America is reformed.


By investing in the power of numbers, the pioneers’ of End Citizens United intend to prove one fact, which is that the electorate will take the day rather than the billionaires who expect to tip the political landscape in their favor by literally buying the entire electoral process. Big money is disastrous in the campaign and election processes, and this is basically what End Citizens seeks to rule out in the course of advancing its objectives. Some of the primary goals of End Citizens United include promoting the election of candidates who support reforms, fighting the use of big money in the political landscape, and make use of the voters’ financial power to voice their grievances.


By staying true to its course, the Political Action Committee has managed to raise over $4 million which is meant to be used for the campaign process and end up pushing for the election of a higher number of Democrats into Congress. Initially, the PAC had managed to raise over $25 million, but it now seeks to raise an additional $10 million, so that it has $35 million in total.The money will help to ensure that it has sufficient funding to promote the campaigns for more Democrats. Additionally, the move will make sure that the campaign bids for Democrats who are already in office end up being boosted so that they can retain their positions.


Tiffany Muller is the Executive Director of the PAC, and she seeks to ensure that the number of donors increases from the previous 100,000, where about 40,000 were individuals who wanted to support the activities of the PAC for the very first time. End Citizens United majorly helps Democrats who specifically support its objectives and most importantly those who want better reforms to be adopted in financing campaigns.


George Soros Pushing His Agenda Across The World

According to an article posted in Forbes, Soros in September 2016 said that his foundation was investing $500 million in companies that have refugee founders and migrants especially those going into Europe. He has a soft spot for refugees and over the years have supported them mainly due to his background, for instance, George Soros contributed $3 million to PAC in March 2016 to mobilize Hispanic voters. Discover the Networks has also done a story on Soros, have indeed introduced him to the world in style. According to the article published on the Discover the Network website, Soros; is the world most powerful politician. The report attributes his influence to his wealth; 13 billion in personal finances and $ 25billion in investor assets. The article explores Soros’ beliefs expressed in his book The Alchemy of Finance and then it goes ahead to explore his political, philanthropic and social life.

George Soros makes headlines for his contributions toward political agendas, for his prose in business, for his investments and his contribution to the community. He was born Budapest Hungary on August 12, 1930, making him 86 years old and he lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944-5. After the war, Soros left Budapest in 1947 for London. In London, he worked as a porter and a nightclub waiter and was able to support his studies at the London School of Economics. It was in the year 1956 that he moved to the US and went to the world of finance and investment on In 1970 he launched Soro Fund Management a hedge fund. He made a fortune and according to Forbes magazine, he is worth 25.2 billion USD (2017).

George Soros’ political life is equally impressive, and he is back on the frontline of this decade’s ideological struggles. He knows too well the struggles against authoritarianism having gone through the nationalist pro-Nazi Hungarian regime. The main reason for setting up the Open Society Foundation was to give libraries, civil society and native groups copy machine to reprint their publications in the then Soviet-dominated Hungary. His foundation continued to work with local; politicians and some of the achievements was the overthrow of Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic in 2000 and the Ukraine’s up rise against authoritarian leaders in 2004 and 2013-14.In American, the funneling millions to the Democratic Party and in Europe is pushing his agenda through his foundation that works with over 100 countries in the world.

He is not all about, politics and investments, Soros’s is also a philanthropist who began his philanthropic journey in 1979 where he gave scholarships to black students under the South Africa apartheid regime. During the cold war, he supported the creation of more accountable, transparent and democratic societies in Africa, Asia, and America. Soros is one of the people who fought for same-sex marriages and continues to fight for an open society. He supports paralegals and lawyers representing those unlawfully held and continued to support students from marginalized groups on He supports other organization such as New Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group. He believes in an open, more just and a more equitable for all.