George Soros Pushing His Agenda Across The World

According to an article posted in Forbes, Soros in September 2016 said that his foundation was investing $500 million in companies that have refugee founders and migrants especially those going into Europe. He has a soft spot for refugees and over the years have supported them mainly due to his background, for instance, George Soros contributed $3 million to PAC in March 2016 to mobilize Hispanic voters. Discover the Networks has also done a story on Soros, have indeed introduced him to the world in style. According to the article published on the Discover the Network website, Soros; is the world most powerful politician. The report attributes his influence to his wealth; 13 billion in personal finances and $ 25billion in investor assets. The article explores Soros’ beliefs expressed in his book The Alchemy of Finance and then it goes ahead to explore his political, philanthropic and social life.

George Soros makes headlines for his contributions toward political agendas, for his prose in business, for his investments and his contribution to the community. He was born Budapest Hungary on August 12, 1930, making him 86 years old and he lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944-5. After the war, Soros left Budapest in 1947 for London. In London, he worked as a porter and a nightclub waiter and was able to support his studies at the London School of Economics. It was in the year 1956 that he moved to the US and went to the world of finance and investment on In 1970 he launched Soro Fund Management a hedge fund. He made a fortune and according to Forbes magazine, he is worth 25.2 billion USD (2017).

George Soros’ political life is equally impressive, and he is back on the frontline of this decade’s ideological struggles. He knows too well the struggles against authoritarianism having gone through the nationalist pro-Nazi Hungarian regime. The main reason for setting up the Open Society Foundation was to give libraries, civil society and native groups copy machine to reprint their publications in the then Soviet-dominated Hungary. His foundation continued to work with local; politicians and some of the achievements was the overthrow of Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic in 2000 and the Ukraine’s up rise against authoritarian leaders in 2004 and 2013-14.In American, the funneling millions to the Democratic Party and in Europe is pushing his agenda through his foundation that works with over 100 countries in the world.

He is not all about, politics and investments, Soros’s is also a philanthropist who began his philanthropic journey in 1979 where he gave scholarships to black students under the South Africa apartheid regime. During the cold war, he supported the creation of more accountable, transparent and democratic societies in Africa, Asia, and America. Soros is one of the people who fought for same-sex marriages and continues to fight for an open society. He supports paralegals and lawyers representing those unlawfully held and continued to support students from marginalized groups on He supports other organization such as New Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group. He believes in an open, more just and a more equitable for all.

Adam Milstein on IAC’s Third Annual Conference

In November, the IAC (Israeli American Community), held the biggest conference in the community’s history, in the nation’s capital. The third national conference brought together over 2,100 Jewish-Americans and Israeli-Americans of all backgrounds and ages. They were alongside their dynamic leaders, lawmakers across the political divide and the thinkers to change the Jewish life conversation. The three-day conference was proof that this community is getting stronger than before. In 2014, total attendance was 650, in 2015 it was 1,300 and over 2,000 this year.

What is Fuelling the Rapid Growth?

According to Adam Milstein, the conference has not been building an organization but rather a movement that is entirely rooted in the new identity of Israeli-American. Before the IAC was founded, this identity was lacking but it exists now and members proudly embrace it. It shows that the members are proud of their new home America and remain deeply connected to their Jewish homeland (Israel).

IAC Growth

IAC has over the last three years grown from only Los Angeles to ten regional councils that have activities in about 27 states and engage over 250,000 Americans with a Israeli descent in the nation. The Israeli-Americans are slowly becoming a bridge between the American and Israeli people. They are part of a pillar of the Jewish American community’s strength and no longer at its fringes. Adam believes that the IAC is creating a movement that will last for many generations to come to change the Jewish future.

About Adam Milstein

Adam is the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation’s co-founder where he offers philanthropic and charitable services to a number of organizations. This is meant to strengthen the Israel state, Jewish people and relationship of US-Israel. These philanthropic services include partnership development, fund raising and consulting to offer support to programs in areas of Jewish continuity, Pro-Israel advocacy and Jewish education.

Milstein’s philanthropic operation philosophy is made up of three principles. Active philanthropy; where the foundation and staff invest time and expertise and not just financial resources alone in every project, organization and program. Life path impact; Adam seeks, funds and develops the organizations that help their targets through the many stages of life. Philanthropic synergy; he provides guidance and funding to help philanthropic organizations in amplifying their impact by forming partnerships with other non-profit entities.