Norka Luque Tells us that She Believes in Miracles

Emilio Estefan, the King of Midas, is here to present to us his project Norka Luque. Norka is a Venezuelan based in the United States. She was named Norka in honor of her loving mother. She has an emotional attachment to her. Her mother is the reason why she knew about music. Therefore, she holds real value in the name. Unlike other musicians in the industry, she never changes her name.

Norka was born in one of the most blessed families in the country. She considers herself to be lucky. For this reason, she got an exclusive opportunity granted by her parents to study music at a tender age. Her parents loved her so much. They cared about her career and future life. For this reason, they took her to a music school after regular classes.

While she was a baby, her mother says that she couldn’t afford sleep before listening to music. This was a revelation to them that their beloved daughter had a talent. She was born with a purpose. She believes in miracles. While she values her music career, she wants to use it to pass messages of hope to the hopeless in society. Her main aim is not to divide her nation. However, she intends to unite the people using the great art granted to her by God.

While she was eight, she made her first production in music. She got opportunities to represent her local school in music talent shows in the country. Her reputation in music preceded her. “Shakira Ankara” was her first recording as a child. She never knew how great she would be at this age. She stuck to her dreams. Norka did all she could to get to the top.

The desire to excel in her music career took her to the United States. Before landing here, she went to France to further Norka of studies in Business Administration after graduating from high school. While in the country, she kept wondering how her career in music would end. She decided to join a local band in France. The Bad Moon Rising gave her a chance to service her talent as a soloist. However, the people in France do not value talent. She decided to come back to the United States.

He met the legendary producer in a meeting and showed her what she had. Emilio Estefan, the well-known producer, liked her music and invited her to a vocals practice at the studio.