Providing Love And Care To Those Who Need It The Most

Many people face mental health challenges that the rest of us could not possibly imagine. These people are struggling with something everyday that seems like it just might be impossible for them to overcome. Still, they manage to find a way somehow. However, it should not have to be such a difficulty on them. That is where Talkspace hopes to help people out.

The idea behind Talkspace is that today’s modern individual has a lot going on in their life. They do not have time to stop and set up an appointment with a therapist. This is not even to mention the fact that many people would not be able to afford a therapist in the first place. Those sessions can be very expensive, and if the person does not have the money to keep coming back, the therapy itself can be deemed rather worthless.

When one uses Talkspace, they pay a flat rate of $32 per week to have one session of therapy per day. They can pay a little more than that and have two sessions per day. Even more and they can also have a live session with their therapist via video conference once per month.

Magellen Health has seen the benefit in all of this, and they have partnered with Talkspace to offer up services to their patients that they hope will provide them with the help they need. This partnership is about to help bring Talkspace to a much bigger audience than it has been able to reach in the past.

While this type of therapy may be helpful to some, it is important to understand that it is not necessarily the Golden Key that unlocks everything for everyone. Traditional therapy may still have value to people, even those who use Talkspace to supplement regular therapist visits.