Drew Madden Is Passionate in All Areas

Drew Madden is a name that people know in healthcare consulting firms. He has carried his name through companies like Nordic and he is now working to build a name for his own venture with fellow partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. However if you were to look into his own personal accounts through social media sites like Twitter, there is more to him than just consulting.

Drew is very active on Twitter and much of his tweets are advice to others in the form of positive knowledge. Through various quotes and lyrics, Drew works hard to make sure that those who follow him are greeted with positive vibes day after day. He has more than 500 followers and follows over 700 people himself.

Drew has more than just love for IT and healthcare field. He is passionate about creating unique team members within the healthcare field. He hopes to bridge the gap between healthcare records and technology. Through the help of technology, healthcare records are able to be kept up to date more accurately through Epic systems.

Drew Madden first started out as acting president for Nordic in 2011 and stepped down in 2016. He resigned from the business and decided to help out by creating his own firm and business with fellow partners. It is their hope to not only help through consultations but to also have a hand in the technology used by healthcare providers.

Outside of work, Drew enjoys spending time with his family and he has passion for sports. His Twitter feed is more than just quotes. It showcases all of the things he is passionate about. Football, social media, videos and family are on display for everyone to see. He hopes to share his passions with others in hopes that they will become as passionate as he is about certain topics. What people do with their knowledge is what sets the bar high for others.


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New Approach US Health

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US Health Group has a long standing for providing quality levels of family care and coverage, honest solutions and everything else that the modern American needs in the way of basic insurance or even supplementals: It is considered by many as the go-to guide for all things modern healthcare. You will find no other PPO provider or network quite like it anywhere else. US Health delivers.


Here were a couple of top questions that many have had, all of which US Health Group answered:


Why is the industry in such reTorts with all the information presented to us about the Affordable Care Act?


Will things happen during the Affordable Care Act?




It was almost 1,300 pages of legislation of which hardly anybody knows anything about, but it brought about a huge change to the way individuals in the United States handled their health insurance now that the ACA corrected it; it has been fantastic for a lot of families, but, on the flipside, some families have a have found it’s been a little bit more difficult to handle their health coverage since then. I think a lot of things are changing; yeah, well, that’s been expressed, so it’s good to get a lot of talk about what’s going to happen. So, what are US Health’s thoughts on the fact that the new industries will have a much bigger impact?


Well, US Health thinks the new administration would have a huge impact on this. What I can tell you is what they’re going to know. They’re looking at several different bills replacements ideas to kind of change off the health coverage marketplace and help a lot of people out. What I can conclude is this: Whatever is working for you now is probably going to continue working for at least the next 18 months; if you don’t like what you’ve got going on, then you probably should get at least 18 months of this because, regardless of how quickly the administration makes a move, you know the results are still going to take a long time. follow them on their twitter account for more details

For Troy McQuagge: People Are His Business

People-person is a great description on your resume, but for US Healthcare CEO Troy McQuagge, it just might be his calling card. The awards continue to roll in for this “Man with a Plan.”


Health Care for All


Some are arguing that health care is a right for all citizens of Planet Earth. How can you argue with that? Medicine is a requirement and doctors are some of the most esteemed professionals in the world.


The United Health Group, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota was ranked as #6 in the 2017 Fortune 500. This is the #1 health insurer in the United States. Started in 1974, the company had 2016 revenue of $184.8 billion dollars and profits of $7.0 billion dollars.


The United Health Group provides pharmacy services and prescription drugs to its members. It has about 230,000 employees.


CEO Troy McQuagge Impresses All


For more than three decades, Mr. Troy McQuagge has been discovering the best ways to promote, market and deliver health care to the masses. Finally, he is being rewarded for his diligence as the recipient of the Gold One Planet Award for “CEO of the Year.” Mr. Troy McQuagge has gradually developed his experience in the insurance industry. He joined US Health Advisors in July 2010.


McQuagge Proprietary Agency Platform


Effective February 1, 2014, Mr. Troy McQuagge was promoted to President of the US Health Group, partially due to his potent, proprietary Agency Platform. US Health Group Chairman Ben Cutler had said, “Troy brings a vast amount of insurance industry experience on both the sales and administrative side.” Under his direction, US Health Advisors, enjoyed growth rates of 500% from 2010 to 2014.


The awards keep on piling up for Mr. McQuagge and the US Health Group: “Most Innovative CEO of the Year,” “Field Sales Team of the Year” and “Company of the Year, Insurance.” What else is left for the company to earn? A Super Bowl Ring?


Well, the 2018 Super Bowl is in Minneapolis, so maybe the US Health Group can add that award to its trophy case too. “People are the Business” of US Health Group CEO Troy McQuagge. The Super Bowl will have plenty of people watching, so maybe Mr. McQuagge will rock that event too! Watch the half time show and don’t say, we didn’t warn you.