How to Keep Your Hair Clean Without Shampooing

A new haircare trend is sweeping across the country. The name of the new trend is the No Poo Shampoo method. Basically, the No Poo Shampoo method is an alternative way to cleanse hair without resorting to using a shampoo. Health experts and hair experts state that the regular shampoos displayed in stores contain harsh ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate. This ingredient is responsible for the foaming action in shampoos. This ingredient is also responsible for drying the hair.

No-Poo Shampoos

No Poos Shampoos like the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner that was created by Chaz Dean are gaining great popularity. These products help the person applying the product to cleanse their hair without removing precious, natural oils. Hair experts believe that the No Shampoo movement is actually very healthy for the hair. The cleansing conditioners cut down on the trend to shampoo the hair daily. Now, women are able to wash their hair every other day or even once a week and still maintain great looking hair.

WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean is the name of the man that is behind the WEN Cleansing Conditioner system. This unique system cuts down on the need to apply several different products for hair. It is a system that replaces your shampoo, conditioner, detangler, intensive conditioner, and leave in conditioner.Women state that even after only one application, they feel that their hair is transformed and looks stronger and healthier, with added bounce. In addition, the product keeps their hair clean without resorting to using those harmful shampoos that dry the hair.

A Wen Cleansing Conditioner User Experience

Wen Cleansing Conditioner has satisfied many women over the years, helping them create gorgeous hair, strand-by-strand. This isn’t the average hair care product sitting on the beauty store shelf, however. This is a product designed by a stylist, with scientific proof that it works. And, it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, and requires no lather! Anyone can use the Wen Cleansing Conditioner if they want to improve the look of their hair.

Although it’s easy to find many reviews for the product online on YouTube, you won’t need to search because one user has shared her experience for the world to utilize.

This user has fine hair that is usually hard to care for. She said that her hair was lifeless and dull, but was unsure if Wen Cleansing Conditioner would give her results. Many women share in this doubt because so many products they’ve used in the past have failed them. She put Wen to the test for a 7-day period, keeping a journal of the experience. Reading this journal, she is excited to use the product, and eager to see the results. And, she certainly got what she bargained for, and a whole lot more.

After the first use of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, this user said that her hair felt softer and looked shinier. After the second use, her hair was also more manageable. This pattern of benefit continued for the entire 7-day period that she used the product. What is her final verdict of the product? She is satisfied with the results, and will use it again in the near future.

Visit or to purchase Wen products online.

WEN by Chaz: It Just Might Be Your Answer To A Bad Hair Day

Nobody likes a bad hair day, and when it happens it helps to have a shampoo, conditioner, or all-in-one product that can attack the mess and turn hair into something wonderfully smooth, soft, and shiny. Wen by Chaz is a line of hair care conditioners that can do just that, with different versions of their brand such as fig, sweet almond mint, and pomegranate. Bad hair days tend to go away for users who make regular use of it, and you can ask a friend who might use it, or you can take it from Emily, a girl who wrote about her experience with it at
Emily heard about the supposed magic that WEN could do for messy hair, as she herself states is something she deals with on a day to day. What she found out was that this product kept her hair together, made it softer, and shinier every time she used it. She gave it a test period of 7 days to see how things would vary each time she used it, and she found out that if she took the time each morning to shower and apply it, it had a great result. The downside is that it tends to wear off for those who might wash their hair at night and try to skip using it in the morning.

WEN by Chaz is a popular hair product brand that uses unique, organic ingredients in its conditioners and shampoos. The brand is named after Chaz Dean, a man who turned his love of capturing people in photography, to helping them improve their looks with beautiful hair. WEN by Chaz can be bought online from their store, but you may also be able to find the products at select retailers like Sephora and Guthy-Renker in the US.

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