The Evolution of Regional Banking

Regional Banking has come along way throughout the years and some of the most advanced techniques, equipment, and strategies are currently being used in regional banking. International or well-known mainstream banks are no longer the favor in today’s society as many people have begun using smaller, less prominent institutions for service. Just like big mainstream institutions, regional institutions offer you many of the same services at better rates.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is the perfect example of this discussion. This Dallas, Texas Regional Bank offers a host of services and specializes in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking. Yes, some of the exact same services of the bigger institutions such as commercial lending, credit services, warehouse lending, treasury management, real estate advisory services, and many more. NexBank is a prominent figure in the Texas Area and has over $3.5 Billion in assets thanks to it’s successful leadership. NexBank along with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity teamed up this year for a great cause. The Affordable Housing Loan Program provided individuals of certain city zip codes, affordable mortgage coverage. This progressive movement has laid the blueprint of modern day mortgage services and is being talked about nation wide. With so advancements in technology over the past decades, smaller more regional banks can keep pace with the other huge institutions. How does NexBank stay on top of it’s business affairs so well?

Thanks to The Texas Bankers Associations, regional bank professionals can come together and discuss the latest in banking trends. Tom Holt,(CEO) and President of NexBank, attended the conference and served as a panelist. Consultants, bank leaders, and advisers discuss industry growth measures, branching, and organic growth. The event’s concept is “Reinventing Community Banking.” M$A activity are being explored strategic opportunities by the panelists and participants. Held over the past five years, this conference demonstrates progressive action to the fullest within the regional banking sector.