Dr Walden Uses Plastic Surgery to Turn Back Time

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a formerly fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon and a board certified plastic surgeon on the American Board of Plastic surgery. Facial cosmetic plastic surgery, turn back time can help a person look younger by eliminating and dealing with issues such as sagging skin that makes people look angry, wrinkled and lined skin as well as sunburned facial skin.


With the passage of time there are a number of things including life stresses, gravity and the effect of the sun that take their toll on the face and neck skin areas. As a result, deep creases appear beside the mouth, jaw lines slacken and slowly become jowly and the neck may begin developing fat deposits and loose folds. All these are signs of ageing that can be counteracted by a facelift procedure, which tightens the muscles and trims the excess looking skin thus giving you a fresh look.

In some cases, patients look even ten to fifteen years younger after the procedure. With a facelift, the mid to lower sections of the face and neck get rejuvenated. In fact this is a surgical solution for patients who are looking to correct deep creases under the eye, midface sagging, fat areas that are sagging as well as lose skin and fat under the chin.


This is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. This is done to reshape, augment and reduce the nose of a person. Usually it is done to correct birth defects that could interfering with normal breathing. What is more, this is an outpatient procedure that is performed under local anesthesia.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer is a qualified, licensed and experienced plastic surgeon that helps people take a few years out of their real age. She uses 3D technology in her procedures, which makes her nasal outline accurate

She has a commitment to high safety and quality care standards. Her personalized approach combines a technique that focuses on precision, and sophisticated artistry. She conducts surgeries that suit both men and women.