Talk Fusion Is Winning Over The Critics and Fans

Talk Fusion is the company that has talked previously about striving to change lives and make them better. While those are lofty goals, it is important to set goals. When someone sets goals, they have to remember them and hold themselves to them. Once they have put that out there in the public, it is on the Internet and people are able to read it, hear about it, and see it. There is no turning back from it. It is there, and if they don’t deliver what they have promised to the public, they are going to remember it and they are going to use it against them.


That will never be an issue for Bob Reina or anyone that works at Talk Fusion, the video communications provider. They have gone out of their way to ensure that everything is running smoothly and swiftly. They have added things and made the things they have even better such as video newsletters, video emails, videoconferences, and video chats. This is for the 21st Century Businessman and Businesswoman. Times are changing and Bob Reina is changing with them. His company Talk Fusion always seems to be ahead of the curve, which is why their awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation should come as a surprise to no one out there in the business world or anyone that has been following Talk Fusion.


In regards to those awards, they won two of them in 2016, which is an even bigger accomplishment. It is difficult enough to win one award let alone two in the same year. However, this is a company that knows a truly special product when they see one. They are not blind to that fact and they were quick to give credit to Talk Fusion and praise them. No matter what field someone is in, they like to be praised. It lets them know they are doing a great job and people in the know can see it and they recognize them.


At this current moment, Talk Fusion has praise from both the critics and their audience, which is a win-win situation for them.

Securus Technology reaches peak form, nabs Stevie Award

Securus Technologies, the nation’s foremost provider of inmate communications services, has taken their place at the top of U.S. business by entering the finals of the Stevie Awards. These awards are handed out to the top performers in various industries for customer service and overall customer satisfaction with the product. Securus has earned its place among the most reputable and respected providers in the prison communications space.



Much more than just a phone company for prisons


Securus Technologies has become famous for its many wildly popular inmate communications solutions, such as video visitations and VoIP calling. However, Securus’ product line is much deeper than just telephone service provision.


With over 600 patents and having spent hundreds of millions on research and development, Securus is the unquestioned industry leader when it comes to innovation and new product rollout. Securus was first to market with its beloved video visitation system. But it has also been first in many other areas.


Securus offers full-featured prison management systems which reduce staff workload, freeing up guards to do what they’re best at, keeping order in the cell blocks. Automated prison management systems can handle too many tasks to mention. But some, like automated inmate prescription management, not only reduce the time staff needs to spend on menial tasks but also reduce the incidence of potentially fatal mistakes. Likewise, automated head count systems can produce similar efficiency gains. These things also tend to reduce to exposure of guards to potentially dangerous situations, such as patrolling alone in low-light or out-of-sight conditions, when rogue inmates may launch an attack.


Other products include automated time cards and advanced lock systems that use biometric and RFID technologies to make unauthorized access or egress virtually impossible.


These are just a few of the advanced technologies offered by Securus that make prisons safer.



ClassDojo: Parent-Teacher Communication App Penetrates Global Market

Since ClassDojo’s inception, the app has gained popularity among the education community. It has been downloaded in over 200 states with 180 states currently using the innovative platform. Records released by the company indicate that over 500,000 people had downloaded the app in just the summer period of 2015. The 500,000 downloads are combined downloads from both the Apple and Google store, from all over the globe.


Lindsay McKinley, head of communication at ClassDojo revealed that the app was received positively by the US market. The numbers indicate that the app has integrated well with both the education service providers and parents. ClassDojo is in 90% of all districts in the US and is used in 2 in 3 schools in those districts. Over 85,000 schools have benefitted from the convenience and practicality of the app.


Sam is still dumbfounded by those numbers since the EdTech startup had never spent a dime on marketing or advertising. ClassDojo’s success is a surreal experience for the two Brit Co-founders, Sam, and Liam who had initially traveled to the US with a 90-day visiting visa. Sam claimed that they had not planned for the app’s presence to grow as rapidly as it did and was quick to point out that development of the app came from noble inspirations, unlike some Silicon Valley products.


ClassDojo has heavily relied upon venture capital for sustenance having not generated a single cent from the app. In 2012, a year after its formation, ClassDojo generated $1.6 million as seed funding. In 2013, it received a further $8.5 million in venture capital and $21 million in 2016.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo was founded back in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The Class Dojo app is a communication platform that is used by millions of teachers, students, and parents. It allows interconnectivity between parents, teachers, and students. Usage of the app has been shown to empowerment its users. ClassDojo has led to the cultivation of positive values like persistence and teamwork among students.


ClassDojo, regarded as a startup has its headquarters in San Francisco, Ca and has less than 30 employees. The founders claim that despite being used globally, the app is yet to generate revenue. However, they are not concerned as they are focusing their efforts to distribute it to more schools, teachers, and parents. The app is readily available on the Android and iOS platform and can easily be downloaded from their respective stores free of charge.