“Brazil’s Manaira Mall:The Most Fun Destination for the Entire family!”

Roberto Santiago is one of Brazils leading architects that is responsible for the beloved Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Mall is widely regarded as one of the largest malls rivaling many worldwide. This shopping and entertainment destination is sought by countless travel and thrill seekers from all over the world every year for the wide array of things to do, see, eat and explore. The mall in fact, was designed by Santiago to mimic an entire community or town. There is a police station, Division of Motor Vehicles, banks, attorney’s offices, gyms, a post office, parks designed for all walks of life, ball rooms, mega theatres, game rooms, every genre of food or retail shopping store you could ever dream of. There is even a university for those looking to enhance their education or skill set, located in the Manaira Mall. The picturesque waterfront mall’s setting around the aesthetically pleasing architecture was first built in 1987. Since then, because of its great success, it has seen five separate growth spurts.


Santiago is widely regarded not just for the Manaira Mall, but for his acumen in venture capitalism, as well as local town politics. Roberto has acquired many affluent titles and has had many different highly successful careers throughout his lifetime and this includes many philanthropic works as well. He has been an affluent screen play writer, author to beloved children’s books and produced a score of famous movies known the world over. Some of his most well-known works, both in books and films are listed below in the following outline.


Children’s Books

  • The Protectors
  • Strangers in Time full children’s book series
  • John and the Machine of Fear
  • Los Futbolisimos


Screenplays and Cinema

  • The Happiness of Women
  • The Other Side of the Bed
  • Naked
  • Lady Chatterley’s Mole
  • Sexual Perversions in Chicago
  • To Say No
  • The Adolescent
  • Topos, Based on Real Facts


The Brazilian economic infrastructure in the city of Manaira has been greatly enhanced as a result of the many Jobs and opportunities the Manaira Mall has afforded both of its local residents and abroad citizens. There have been literally thousands of paying jobs created for people due to the mall’s establishment. Roberto Santiago, aside from this wonderful fact, has also worked tirelessly in the past to bridge the gap between politicians, business owners and citizens to raise the Brazilian working wage. Santiago has positively impacted so many lives throughout his many contributions and talents to the Brazilian culture and way of life. Despite his great success, he continues to give of himself for his country and local community that fosters the lives of all of its residents.


A Look At What Highland Capital Management Offers To Investors

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a registered investment advisory company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They specialize in alternative investments. It is a privately held company that was founded in 1993 by two individuals in the financial industry, James Dondero and Mark Okada. It now has almost $19 billion in assets under management. Read this article at PR Newswire.

The types of investments that Highland Capital Management manages includes distressed investments, hedge funds, and structured investments. The types of alternative assets they make money on include public equity, both domestic and international, as well as fixed income and market hedging. They specialize in assets such as high yield bonds, leveraged loans, collateralized loan obligations, and long-only funds.

Many different types of entities buy the funds that Highland Capital Management makes available. This includes other financial institutions, corporations, foundations, public pensions, endowments, and government entities. Additionally, individuals with high net worth amounts will buy the funds that Highland Capital Management makes available. Read this article at Dallas News.

Over the years Highland Capital Management has developed into a global company. They now maintain offices in Dallas and New York in the United States. Internationally they have offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Seoul. The Seoul office, operating under the name Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd., has been busy lately managing a new private equity fund that is focused on healthcare. It invests in healthcare companies in South Korea, the United States, and China. It started trading with $147 million in capital commitments. The biggest investor in the fund is the South Korea National Pension Service. This fund is worth about $500 billion and invested in this new fund in order to diversify their holdings.

The new South Korean fund that Highland Capital Management created is co-managed with a South Korean investment company. This company, Stonebridge Capital, provides its years of experience in investing in South Korean healthcare companies. Highland Capital, too, has years of experience in this industry. Over the last 15 years, the largest industry that the company has invested in has been in the healthcare field. The focus of this new fund will be on mid-sized companies in this important sector of the economy.

View: https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2017/05/31/highland-capitals-nexpoint-fund-raises-269-million.html

Talos Energy – The Oil and Gas Firm Mandated to Operate the Zama Well

According to the article published in the WorkBoat.com, for the first in more than seven decades, a firm that is privately owned sunk an offshore oil well that was new in the Mexican waters. That was the most innovative move in the nation’s drive to let a foreign competitor make comeback in its energy markets.

Various oil companies have partnered and started to drill the well on May 21. They include the Premier Oil Plc (based in London), Sierra Oil and gas (based in Mexico), as well as the Talos Energy LLC ( based in Houston). That is according to the statement recorded by the Premier. Note that that was the first well that is an offshore assessment to be launched by the state-managed monopoly company called Petroleos Mexicanos from the time state municipalized its oil industry, which was in 1938.

As per the Premier’s reports, the Zama-1 well that is situated in the Sureste Basin in Tabasco has an estimated of 100 million containers of crude oil. According to experts, the drilling process is anticipated to take up to three months to complete, and the project will cost $16 million. The three oil firms were granted the project in 2015. That was during the first round of behest after Mexico decided to offer its collapsing oil business to the private sector.

Given that that was the first well that is non-Pemex that has been drilled since the launching of the waters of Mexico as part of the energy reform procedure of the state, the well is going to be inspected by the industry. Note that the impeccable structures of the basin indicate that the project has an extraordinary ecological chance of success. Since there is some implication in the Mexican market, Zama-1is one of the most exciting wells that are an exploration to be drilled this year.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy LLC is a privately owned upstream oil and gas firm that focuses on the survey and the exploitation of oil and gas chattels with a major concentration in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast.

The oil company enjoys financial support from investment funds associated with the Apollo Global Management. The headquarters of Talos Energy LLC is located in Houston; this is the company that is mandated to operate the Zama well where it owns a stake of 35% in the project.

To Know More : www.facebook.com/talos.energy/

Anti-Semitism Highlights The Backlash Against George Soros

There are few 86-year-olds who attract as much ire as hedge fund manager and billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Soros himself remains silent about many of the conspiracy theories about his role in the global political situation created by conservative news media outlets, particularly those found in the U.S. who have created an image of George Soros as some form of “puppet master” intent on imprinting his own liberal beliefs on the people of the world, according to Business Insider.

Business Insider has sought to explain much of the criticism aimed at George Soros and places it firmly in terms of anti-semitism against a man born into the Jewish community of Hungary in the years preceding World War II. Much of the wording and imagery used to describe George Soros in the 21st-century has been linked back to the viewpoint expressed by fascist supporters of the Nazi German regime Soros faced in the 1940s. The Open Society Foundations reports the Soros family only survived the murder of more than 500,000 followers of Judaism in the Holocaust of World War II by hiding their true identity using forged papers to live through the mass murder of so many people seen as somehow different from the white Christian majority in Germany and what George Soros knows.

Writers and broadcasters from some of the best-known conservative news media in the U.S. have devoted much of their time to discrediting the philanthropic and political work of the founder of The Open Society Foundations. Soros has been an important backer of many groups dedicated to bringing social and criminal justice reform to almost every inhabited continent of the world as the man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 believes those not given a voice in their community must be battled for by wealthy individuals such as himself and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

One of the recent claims made against George Soros is his organizing of the protests on behalf of women and science passing through Washington D.C. in the days following the election of Republican President Donald Trump; the truth behind these protests is George Soros has been backing many liberal groups since the 1980s when The Open Society Foundations was created who came together in the Washington protests of early 2017. Claims such as those made against George Soros come from a fear of a billionaire political donor who does not sit on the right-wing of politics but wishes to break down the system separating the rich from the poor. Tweets, articles, and television programmes have all dedicated time to disparaging George Soros as both an “octopus” and “puppet master” in terms often used by Nazi’s during the 1930s and 40s. The success of George Soros in building a fortune of more than $25 billion is a natural reason for Soros to be seen as a threat to the traditional system in the U.S. which has kept white males in control of the government and major financial institutions for the majority of the last three centuries and more information click here.

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Fabletics Has Revolutionized The Sportswear Industry Thanks To Don Ressler’s Leadership

Its no secret that the women’s sportswear market has been lacking in the areas of fashion and functionality for quite some time now.


Being the astute businessmen they are, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to partner up and start a company that would create great looking athletic wear for women that was functional, fashionable, and most importantly, affordable.


By coming together the two men were able to come up with a revolutionary vision that has already had a major impact on the women’s sportswear market.


One of the biggest reasons Fabletics has been able to be so successful is because they chose to ignore the current market trends.


Ressler and Goldenberg knew the only way they could revolutionize the industry was by finding out exactly what women wanted.


They put together several focus groups and used consumer tests to determine the exact issues women were having with the current athletic wear on the market. They then took that information and used it to create a clothing brand that women all over the world have now fallen in love with.


Putting a Face To The Brand


Ressler understood that having a great product wasn’t enough. He also understood that one of the biggest reasons so many companies struggle in the sportswear marketplace is because they are unable to figure out a way to specifically target women.


That’s when he decided to tap Kate Hudson to be the face of the brand. With her on board Fabletics has been able to build relationships with consumers that otherwise would have never been impossible.


Ressler Wants More


Though Fabletics has been very successful in the last few years, for Ressler this is just the beginning. He’s not the type of entrepreneur to be comfortable with the status quo.


He is always looking for new and innovative ways to continue growing his companies. That’s why the company recently announced they will be expanding their market share and creating products that are aimed at the plus sized woman.


This of course is a huge opportunity as larger women tend to find it difficult to find fashionable clothes they can workout in.


Ressler believes that having access to comfortable, fashionable and affordable clothes may be the very thing larger women need in order to feel comfortable in the gym.


If a woman feels comfortable and confident it what she’s wearing, the odds of her sticking with a health and fitness program may greatly increase. http://hackronym.com/don-ressler-and-adam-goldenberg-establish-techstyle/


Meet Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the Brains behind TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler pride themselves for being the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group. The company boasts several successful membership-based beauty, accessory or clothing companies. Although Don and Adam were not well-conversant with the fashion industry, they demonstrated the possession of a keen awareness of consumer needs and a strong drive to succeed in all their efforts.


Background Story of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler


Adam ventured into the business world at 15 years through the inception of his first company called Gamers Alliance. In 1999, Intermix acquired the advertising network developed specifically for gaming websites. In turn, Adam quit school to join Intermix as the VP of strategic planning. By the age of 20, he was promoted to the company’s COO.


Don Ressler joined Intermix in a manner that was synonymous to that of Adam Goldenberg. In fact, Intermix bought FitnessHeaven.com, a website. According to Don, this endeavor significantly inspired him to venture into the fashion world. Working at Intermix led to the development of the friendship between Goldenberg and Ressler.


The growth of their friendship led them to launch of Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce venture, in 2006. In turn, the birth of Intelligent Beauty brought about the establishment of other successful brands. Dealing with these companies also sparked the idea for a new method of shopping online. Don and Adam knew that that trendy, comfortable clothing was in high demand and that most customers lacked an easy method of identifying personalized fashion.


The Birth of TechStyle


JustFab was TechStyle’s first company. It operates as a membership-based clothing company, which allows its members to get personalized athletic accessories and apparel on a monthly basis. A significant portion of JustFab’s financing came from Matrix Partners, a venture capitalist. Later in 2016, the company changed its name to TechStyle in a move to blend technology and fashion into one entity, considering the founders’ digital commerce background.


Why TechStyle is Unique


TechStyle’s headquarters are characterized by modern and colorful workplaces similar to those of most Silicon Valley startups. However, the focus on fashion is easily recognizable. As a company devoted to social responsibility, TechStyle provides clothing that makes customers feel confident about themselves. In turn, they make significant contributions to society. Additionally, TechStyle also gives back to the community, particularly through hosting charity events.


What is Next for TechStyle


Although TechStyle founders can create additional companies in the future, they intend to make TechStyle a leading global source of women accessories and clothing for now. This effort is all driven by the company’s mission to create activewear clothes that not only look great but also make wearers feel awesome. http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Adam_Goldenberg