Vincent Parascandola: A Safe Pair of Hands in Financial Advisory

For over three decades, Vincent ‘Vinny’ Parascandola has provided a safe pair of hands when it comes to financial advisory. His financial and investment advisory acumen is born out years of experience, strong academic background and a strong commitment to helping investors realize returns on their treasured investments. The high profile clients he amassed over the years is as a result of his ability to help his clients grow their portfolio while also helping his employers attain financial success. Over the years, he has developed excellent financial analysis skills, which is also reinforced by his academic qualification. He has also developed strong knowledge base on financial industry operations and excellent management skills.


Academic and Career History


Parascandola’s excellent and long career as a topnotch financial advisor in the greater New York Area has been on a strong academic foundation. The New York-based financial advisory specialist graduated from Lubin School of Business; one of the campuses of the prestigious Pace University. He graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Science in computer analytics.


Armed with computer analytics, which is crucial in financial markets and industry analysis, Vinny Parascandola began his long career in the industry with appointment as a system analyst at Irving Trust Company. He left the company after two years in 1986 to join Prudential Insurance. He worked for Prudential as an insurance agent for two years before taking the next step in his stellar career. In 1990, Mr. Parascandola joined The MONY Group in a career move that marked the beginning of his 16 year association with the company. He initially joined the company as a financial specialist but later joined the company’s management as a sales manager. He was later appointed as a managing director. He served in the position up to 1998 before rising even higher to become the company’s vice president.


His sixteen-year working relationship with The MONY Group ended in 2005 when AXA Equitable sorted for his services as the company’s executive vice president. His meteoric rise to top management in the industry continued in 2008 when he moved to Advantage Group. He worked at the company as president before moving back to AXA US’s Continental and Northern divisions. His tenure as president of these divisions ended following his appointment as senior executive vice president at AXA US in 2014.