Wengie DIY vs. Buy Lip Tattoos Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie does another “DIY vs. Buy” test with lip tint tattoos. She begins by making the DIY lip tattoo with glue and food dye. She mixes them together in a jar and then brushes it onto her lips with a lip brush. She emphasizes that using a brush is important because if you get the product on any other skin, that skin will be dyed the color of the tint. She notices that she made a different color than the store-bought version.

Wengie applies the DIY lip tint to one half of her lips and then puts the store-bought version on the other half. She notes that the store-bought kind is runnier and easier to put on her lips. She then waits for both lip tattoos to dry. She peels off both of the tattoos and seems to have more trouble with the DIY one. She notes that both versions worked at tinting her lips but that her lips now feel dry, so she suggests putting on lip balm afterwards.

Wengie then compares the two lip tattoos. She says she is impressed by the DIY version because it actually tinted her lips and stayed true to the color she mixed. She also notes that it is inexpensive to make, especially because you can make any number of colors with food dye.


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