Expand your Social Horizons with Magnises

Have you ever wished you were able to easily gain access to the exclusive social events? Get into the hot new club in the city? Or maybe you would just like a nice private dining experience with that special someone. According to Business Insider, Whatever you are looking for, Magnises founder Billy Mcfarland has created a way for you to achieve it.

Magnises is a unique social club that provides its members a card–a high quality “black” card, specifically, that allows them to transfer their own debit or credit card information from a separate banking institution.

The new black card is then used for purchases in place of the original card. In turn, members are able to get discounts at restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. For members who prefer the finer things in life, the black card can also be used to secure luxury vacations and even private concerts.

With only a $250 per year annual fee and no spending requirements, becoming a Magnises member will save you much more money than you will spend by joining.

Though Magnises is a relatively new company, having been founded by Billy Mcfarland in 2013 and officially becoming open to membership in 2014, Magnises already boasts over 10.000 members with plans to expand to every major city. The target demographic, mostly young professionals, live a fast paced life and want to be able to easily schedule events and other entertainment from a smartphone, and Magnises makes this even easier for them.

Through revenue raising and the fees for member services, Magnises has been able to offer some truly unique services such as a trip to a New Jersey track to race Tesla cars, and a cruise for members in the New York Harbor.

For members that aren’t always party animals, the “home base” of Magnises is a penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington in the Lower East side of Manhattan where members can work or hold meetings during the day.

Upgraded club memberships are also offered for only $65 to members who want guaranteed access toexclusive, hard to get into clubs such as 1 Oak and Up & Down.

As you can see, there are nearly limitless perks to becoming a Magnises member, so if you are looking to take your life to the next level, go to http://www.magnises.com/apply.