Clay Siegall Talks about the Success of His Company, Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is the CEO and one of the founders of a leading biotech company, named Seattle Genetics which was founded in 1998. Recently he was interviewed by Inspirery, and he was quite open his professional life.


When asked about how he got the idea to start a biotech company, he was very elaborate about the idea behind it. He told the interviewer that he was always interested in medicine and the need for technology to be able to restore someone’s health. He first became interested in the treatment of cancer specifically after one of his close family members got cancer, and he saw how hard the treatment was on him. His family member almost died, but not because of cancer itself but from the chemotherapy that was being given to him. It was then that he learned more about radical surgery and amputation and wanted to discover some new treatments that weren’t this brutal. He was not shy to admit that money was also one of the reasons but it was not everything. When working in another company, he was not given autonomy on the projects and had to stand up for patents, ownerships as well as the profits that go entirely to the organization. It was then that he decided to be his own boss.


When asked about the reason behind his success, Clay Siegall said that it was his hard work. He stated that there is no basic difference in the intellect of the people. It is all about the work habits and how much passion does one have to remain focused and succeed. Everything else is just secondary.


Clay Siegall completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland in Zoology and then completed his Ph.D. from George Washington University in genetics. Since the inception of Seattle Genetics, the company has been successful in many areas. The company developed FDA approved antibody drug conjugate, it also developed a pipeline of about 20 drugs and had set up a partnership with many different drug manufacturing companies like Pfizer, Bayer, and others. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company has come a long way from a tiny start-up to a large biotech company.