“Brazil’s Manaira Mall:The Most Fun Destination for the Entire family!”

Roberto Santiago is one of Brazils leading architects that is responsible for the beloved Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Mall is widely regarded as one of the largest malls rivaling many worldwide. This shopping and entertainment destination is sought by countless travel and thrill seekers from all over the world every year for the wide array of things to do, see, eat and explore. The mall in fact, was designed by Santiago to mimic an entire community or town. There is a police station, Division of Motor Vehicles, banks, attorney’s offices, gyms, a post office, parks designed for all walks of life, ball rooms, mega theatres, game rooms, every genre of food or retail shopping store you could ever dream of. There is even a university for those looking to enhance their education or skill set, located in the Manaira Mall. The picturesque waterfront mall’s setting around the aesthetically pleasing architecture was first built in 1987. Since then, because of its great success, it has seen five separate growth spurts.


Santiago is widely regarded not just for the Manaira Mall, but for his acumen in venture capitalism, as well as local town politics. Roberto has acquired many affluent titles and has had many different highly successful careers throughout his lifetime and this includes many philanthropic works as well. He has been an affluent screen play writer, author to beloved children’s books and produced a score of famous movies known the world over. Some of his most well-known works, both in books and films are listed below in the following outline.


Children’s Books

  • The Protectors
  • Strangers in Time full children’s book series
  • John and the Machine of Fear
  • Los Futbolisimos


Screenplays and Cinema

  • The Happiness of Women
  • The Other Side of the Bed
  • Naked
  • Lady Chatterley’s Mole
  • Sexual Perversions in Chicago
  • To Say No
  • The Adolescent
  • Topos, Based on Real Facts


The Brazilian economic infrastructure in the city of Manaira has been greatly enhanced as a result of the many Jobs and opportunities the Manaira Mall has afforded both of its local residents and abroad citizens. There have been literally thousands of paying jobs created for people due to the mall’s establishment. Roberto Santiago, aside from this wonderful fact, has also worked tirelessly in the past to bridge the gap between politicians, business owners and citizens to raise the Brazilian working wage. Santiago has positively impacted so many lives throughout his many contributions and talents to the Brazilian culture and way of life. Despite his great success, he continues to give of himself for his country and local community that fosters the lives of all of its residents.