Barbara Stokes’ Career At GSH Of Alabama

Barbara Stokes has had a successful career as a CEO. She has helped GSH of Alabama to grow. In addition, she has helped to manage other businesses.

Her Education:

Barbara Stokes has a degree in physics and biomedical engineering from Mercer University. There were other subjects that she studied at the university as well. She studied the science of the structure and chemistry of materials, business management, and thermodynamics. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Her Career Prior To GSH Of Alabama:

She worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation before she became the CEO at GSH Of Alabama. Both of these jobs provided her with the experience that she needed to succeed as the CEO at GSH Of Alabama.


Homes Made By GSH of Alabama:

GSH Of Alabama builds homes that are far more appealing than most manufactured homes, and home buyers have written good reviews of the company. GSH Of Alabama uses luxurious materials in some areas of their homes, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Some of their homes even feature marble countertops. Marble countertops are quite durable.

Durability And Disaster Resistance:

GSH Of Alabama always ensures that the homes that they produce are capable of withstanding serious disasters. Their homes include wind resistance technologies, and they have wind resistance up to 130 miles an hour. Their homes also include protection from water damage and rodents. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

What Organizations Have Accredited GSH Of Alabama?

Several organizations have accredited the company:

  • The AIA
  • The NFPA
  • The NSPE