New Approach US Health

Since modern healthcare alone has changed drastically in the last 15-20 years, more than has ever been seen before, it has now likewise become more crucial than ever for leaders to stand up and promote their product and why it is better than all others out on the marketplace – and that, speaking from experience, is no easy challenge though it is still highly doable altogether. Many modern insurance providers have risen like never before and made their case for why they are the best; among them stands USHEALTH Group, a top provider to billions across the USA.


US Health Group has a long standing for providing quality levels of family care and coverage, honest solutions and everything else that the modern American needs in the way of basic insurance or even supplementals: It is considered by many as the go-to guide for all things modern healthcare. You will find no other PPO provider or network quite like it anywhere else. US Health delivers.


Here were a couple of top questions that many have had, all of which US Health Group answered:


Why is the industry in such reTorts with all the information presented to us about the Affordable Care Act?


Will things happen during the Affordable Care Act?




It was almost 1,300 pages of legislation of which hardly anybody knows anything about, but it brought about a huge change to the way individuals in the United States handled their health insurance now that the ACA corrected it; it has been fantastic for a lot of families, but, on the flipside, some families have a have found it’s been a little bit more difficult to handle their health coverage since then. I think a lot of things are changing; yeah, well, that’s been expressed, so it’s good to get a lot of talk about what’s going to happen. So, what are US Health’s thoughts on the fact that the new industries will have a much bigger impact?


Well, US Health thinks the new administration would have a huge impact on this. What I can tell you is what they’re going to know. They’re looking at several different bills replacements ideas to kind of change off the health coverage marketplace and help a lot of people out. What I can conclude is this: Whatever is working for you now is probably going to continue working for at least the next 18 months; if you don’t like what you’ve got going on, then you probably should get at least 18 months of this because, regardless of how quickly the administration makes a move, you know the results are still going to take a long time. follow them on their twitter account for more details

Jim Tananbaum’s Forsite Capital: Making a difference in Healthcare

Foresite Capital provides growth capital to young healthcare leaders who are struggling with their businesses. It provides various products and services and aims to bring revolution in patient healthcare. It is an investment company that initially invests a small amount in public and private securities increasing it to a significant capital. It helps smaller companies go big by providing valuable insights, creativity, innovation and critical thinking along with a network of highly trained professionals.



Jim Tananbaum is the mastermind behind Foresite Capital who is linked to this industry for more than twenty five years. His prime goal is to build healthcare businesses. He graduated from Harvard University and attained the degree in sciences. He is an extremely hardworking and focused individual who works to make his company one of the leading companies in the competitive market. He utilizes his knowledge and experience of medical and finance fields to make his company one of a kind.



Jim Tananbaum is exceptionally talented who believes in continuous learning and growth in his field. This dedication has proved fruitful for Foresite Capital. He has worked with a wide range of clients belonging to the field of healthcare. The company’s brilliant portfolio is the proof of Jim’s honest commitment towards his work.



According to Bloomberg, numerous healthcare companies have taken help from Foresite Capital to grow their businesses. One such company is Mindstrong Health. Mindstrong Health attained a handsome amount of fourteen million dollar investment from Foresite Capital. Mindstrong Health Company aims to provide research and treatment on various neurological disorders and ailments. This funding from Foresite Capital will help Mindstrong Heath to expand its research and bring advancements in its treatments for patients suffering from neurological disorders.



Besides Mindstrong Health, Foresite Capital has helped a lot of other companies. Arcus Biosciences, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Akari Therapeutics, Ambit, and Intarcia are among them. These companies also took initial investments from Forsite Capital and now they have grown into major companies in the healthcare field. This shows the success of Foresite Capital as it has managed to grow smaller businesses to larger and successful ones.

Cassio Audi Leaves Heavy Metal Behind For A Career In Finance

The work of former Viper member Cassi Audi has seen the man responsible for the development of a range of investments designed for use by everyday people who wish to take their first steps into the financial markets has taken many twists and turns over the years. Before becoming one of the best known financial experts in Brazil with a career spanning companies including J.P. Morgan Chase and many of the leading financial companies in the world, Cassio Audi was one of the best known heavy metal drummers in Brazil.

After the Brazilian dictatorship began making moves towards democracy in the late 1970s the music and popular culture of the nation began to change for the better as the influence of U.S. and U.K. based bands and movies began to take over. The heavy metal band Viper was formed in 1985 as the flood of heavy metal bands from the U.K. hit Brazil and proved themselves to be an influence on a group of teenagers, including Cassio Audi who took up the role of the drummer with the band.

Cassio Audi played an instrumental role in the development of the early sound created by Viper that led to them becoming one of the first superstar groups in the Brazilian heavy metal landscape. The majority of fans became aware of the drumming skills of Audi when the demo recordings from Viper began to circulate as bootleg copies, in the 21st-century these songs are available as “The Killera Sword” release from Viper; following the success of those early demo recordings the band were given the chance to record their debut studio album on the Rock Brigade label. Cassio Audi and the teenage members of Viper recorded “Soldiers of Sunrise” album in around a week with the band performing the music background as live to show their skills as musicians.

José Borghi’s Meteoric Rise in the Advertising Industry

One of the greatest challenges faced by advertising agencies and professionals is designing an ad that appeals to the emotions and the cognitive abilities of the targeted audiences. Such an ad must have the right mix of features extending beyond colors, words or pictures to achieve the desired outcome. Essentially, such a balanced ad requires high levels of ingenuity, commitment and a sprinkle of the innovative dust. It is such an almost impossible fete that José Borghi has pulled off countless times. In testimony and recognition of his ingenious and innovative ad creation skills, José Borghi has won dozens of awards by different organizations and industry awarding bodies. He has also managed to build an impressive portfolio of customers. His excellent services and impeccable skills have been sort by some of the world’s largest corporations cutting across several industries.

Professional Profile

José Borghi is the brain behind some of the most eye catching and impressively designed ads not only in Brazil but globally. His ads exude confidence in the designer’s abilities and the client’s product being advertised while also appealing to the senses of the masses targeted. He started out in the industry as an editor at Standart Ogilvy in 1989. Despite having freshly graduated from college and with no professional experience, he quickly grasped the ropes of trade in the industry and was soon making waves as an entrepreneur after partnering with Erh Ray to cofound their advertising firm, BorghiErh.

At BorghiErh, José Henrique Borghi brought a solid academic background on the table. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Pontifical Catholic University where he studied Advertising and Propaganda for Bachelor’s degree. He displayed his creative ingenuity at the firm, which attracted the interest of Lowe. Upon partnership with Lowe, Mr. Borghi spearheaded the new entity towards yet another merger with Mullen Group to form Mullen Lowe Brazil. He was appointed to serve as the new entity’s creative director to learn more: click here.

Awards and Clientele Profile

José Henrique Borghi has won some of the highest accolades in the advertising industry globally. His innovative and eye-catching ads have seen him honored seven times with the London Statutes at the prestigious London Festival Awards. He has also won a staggering 14 Cannes Festival Lions Awards in addition to eleven New York Film Festival awards. He has also won numerous Clios awards and over a dozen April Awards. Such an impressive resume has seen numerous multinationals such as Parmalat, Unilever and Fiat hire him to develop their ads. He has also developed ads for Mitsubishi and Procter among others.

For Troy McQuagge: People Are His Business

People-person is a great description on your resume, but for US Healthcare CEO Troy McQuagge, it just might be his calling card. The awards continue to roll in for this “Man with a Plan.”


Health Care for All


Some are arguing that health care is a right for all citizens of Planet Earth. How can you argue with that? Medicine is a requirement and doctors are some of the most esteemed professionals in the world.


The United Health Group, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota was ranked as #6 in the 2017 Fortune 500. This is the #1 health insurer in the United States. Started in 1974, the company had 2016 revenue of $184.8 billion dollars and profits of $7.0 billion dollars.


The United Health Group provides pharmacy services and prescription drugs to its members. It has about 230,000 employees.


CEO Troy McQuagge Impresses All


For more than three decades, Mr. Troy McQuagge has been discovering the best ways to promote, market and deliver health care to the masses. Finally, he is being rewarded for his diligence as the recipient of the Gold One Planet Award for “CEO of the Year.” Mr. Troy McQuagge has gradually developed his experience in the insurance industry. He joined US Health Advisors in July 2010.


McQuagge Proprietary Agency Platform


Effective February 1, 2014, Mr. Troy McQuagge was promoted to President of the US Health Group, partially due to his potent, proprietary Agency Platform. US Health Group Chairman Ben Cutler had said, “Troy brings a vast amount of insurance industry experience on both the sales and administrative side.” Under his direction, US Health Advisors, enjoyed growth rates of 500% from 2010 to 2014.


The awards keep on piling up for Mr. McQuagge and the US Health Group: “Most Innovative CEO of the Year,” “Field Sales Team of the Year” and “Company of the Year, Insurance.” What else is left for the company to earn? A Super Bowl Ring?


Well, the 2018 Super Bowl is in Minneapolis, so maybe the US Health Group can add that award to its trophy case too. “People are the Business” of US Health Group CEO Troy McQuagge. The Super Bowl will have plenty of people watching, so maybe Mr. McQuagge will rock that event too! Watch the half time show and don’t say, we didn’t warn you.

Recent Report Highlights The Importance Of Water Management

Water is a precious resource, and a recent report written by Felipe Montero Jens highlights the Brazilian government actions that will conserve water in Brazil. The way a village, town, or city is designed will have a big impact on how water waste is managed. Because of this, it is important to analyze the infrastructure in place before figuring out what can be improved. The Brazilian government has partnered with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development in order to go into Brazilian locations and figure out what is working in terms of water management and sanitation, and what is not.


This initiative is only one aspect of a plan that has been put in place in order to improve sanitation in Brazil. The government relies heavily on public, government run sanitation companies in order to meet the citizens sanitation needs. However, this change will bring the private sector into the mix. Trata Brasil, a privately owned sanitation company, will begin working with the public programs in order to provide sanitation measures. Both private and public companies hope to cut down on wasted water resources when it comes to sewage management and drainage infrastructure.


Felipe Montoro Jens reported on the sanitation situation in Brazil. Montoro Gens is a business man with a strong background in administration and leadership roles. He has worked in the financial sector, as well as within public communications, often reporting on events and policies that effect the Brazilian population.


Although Felipe Montoro Jens has spent much of his career within Brazilian based companies, his work has also taken him to other parts of the globe. He holds his masters in International Management from The American Garvin School of International Managment, which is a program based in the US. He has worked and traveled internationally, including the UK and Singapore.

How End Citizens United Is Tackling The Use Of Big Money In Campaigns

The decision that was made by the Supreme Court in 2010 with regards to F.E.C versus Citizens United changed the political and the electoral landscape of the United States almost entirely. Additionally, it created the notion that people can be considered to be corporations, therefore, leading to a situation where the richest individuals in the American society, especially those who had particular personal interests with regards to the outcome of the election could invest a lot of money to ensure that the electoral outcome favored them.


End Citizens United, which is Political Action Committee, is funded by donors who are focused on eliminating the dangerous effects of investing untraceable and corruption money in the election process by the wealthy. End Citizens United aims to make sure that the political system in America is reformed.


By investing in the power of numbers, the pioneers’ of End Citizens United intend to prove one fact, which is that the electorate will take the day rather than the billionaires who expect to tip the political landscape in their favor by literally buying the entire electoral process. Big money is disastrous in the campaign and election processes, and this is basically what End Citizens seeks to rule out in the course of advancing its objectives. Some of the primary goals of End Citizens United include promoting the election of candidates who support reforms, fighting the use of big money in the political landscape, and make use of the voters’ financial power to voice their grievances.


By staying true to its course, the Political Action Committee has managed to raise over $4 million which is meant to be used for the campaign process and end up pushing for the election of a higher number of Democrats into Congress. Initially, the PAC had managed to raise over $25 million, but it now seeks to raise an additional $10 million, so that it has $35 million in total.The money will help to ensure that it has sufficient funding to promote the campaigns for more Democrats. Additionally, the move will make sure that the campaign bids for Democrats who are already in office end up being boosted so that they can retain their positions.


Tiffany Muller is the Executive Director of the PAC, and she seeks to ensure that the number of donors increases from the previous 100,000, where about 40,000 were individuals who wanted to support the activities of the PAC for the very first time. End Citizens United majorly helps Democrats who specifically support its objectives and most importantly those who want better reforms to be adopted in financing campaigns.


Bruce Bent II’s Contributions to the Investment Sector

Money Market Funds (MMFs) are common in the investment sector. They’re a type of mutual funds that focuses on gaining profits from debts and bonds. Many people have a misconception about this kind of funds. They believe that MMFs are safer than regular mutual funds. Investing in money market mutual funds doesn’t guarantee you profits. However, you can use various strategies to increase your ROI. Money market fund providers offer several investment options, including commercial paper, debt securities, and treasury bills.

MMFs give investment options to many people. Although the returns are low, investors still prefer money market mutual funds because they have other benefits, aside from profits. The risk of investing in MMFs is low. Also, it’s easier to identify investment opportunities when dealing with these mutual funds. Individuals, corporations, investment groups and financial institutions can benefit from money market funds. Investors can buy shares in the MMF market via banks and brokerage firms. They’ll earn returns in the form of dividends. The amount of profit depends on the number of shares you buy.

About Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is the son of the Bruce Bent II the founder of MMF. He is one of the most popular investment managers in the world. He has served as a CEO and manager in many large corporations. Bent is the president of a leading financial technology firm called Double Rock Corporation. The company offers innovative business solutions to retail markets, brokerage firms and banks. As the senior-most executive at Double Rock, Bruce Bent II oversees investment operations and offers financial advice to clients. He also manages Intrasweep LLC., Access Control LLC., LIDs Capital and Landing Rock Group.

Mr. Bent II was the founding father of the money market fund. He created the first MMF in 1970. Originally, this mutual fund was known as the Reserve Fund. Bruce bought Brown stocks and started operating the company alongside his sons. The MMF industry is now valued at $3 trillion. Other key industry players respect Bent for his contribution towards the financial market. He holds talks at top learning institutions such as Harvard University. Bruce Bent II attended St. Johns University. He’s currently based in New York, where he lives with his wife and two sons.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Facebook and Twitter.

Bruce Bent II Is Bent on Success

Bruce Bent II is a people person who likes to be out of the office making things happen. He believes performance is more important than degrees. He believes in learning as much as possible and having faith in your own vision. He says that it’s also essential to bring value to your customers.

With these precepts in mind, Bent served as CEO of money market mutual fund The Reserve, leading it through 17 years. His tenure included difficult times in 2008, when he guided the company’s course by liquidating some of its assets. In the wind-down, investors received either 99 cents or 100 cents on the dollar. Before the financial crisis, The Reserve’s assets grew from $4 billion to $130 billion in its 17 years.

Today, Bent is vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corp., a financial services and technology company. Double Rock has six wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company grew from the invention of money market mutual funds in the 1970s, which became a multi-trillion dollar industry. Double Rock manages over $130 billion in assets and gives Americans of average means a way to earn interest and grow savings.

Two of Double Rock’s subsidiaries are Access Control Advantage, LLC and Island Intellectual Property, LLC. Access Control Advantage produces a complete loan automation program that makes loan processing easier. Island Intellectual Property manages patents and other intellectual property for Double Rock and its subsidiaries. Double Rock holds over 60 financial services patents.

With all this, Bruce Bent II is not one to let the grass grow under his feet. He belongs to the Young Presidents’ Organization, a group of savvy worldwide business leaders. He’s been a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan and the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson, which is devoted to restoring the Hudson River’s riverfront. Bent is also a member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association.

Bruce Bent II shows his real entrepreneurial spirit with some unusual advice. He says take out your lawn and plant a garden. “Everybody loves a fresh garden tomato,” he says. “You’ll make a small fortune.”

For more information on Bruce Bent II follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Paul Mampilly Offers Investment Advice Through Banyan Hill Publishing

Paul Mampilly is a successful American investor. He is the former manager of a hedge fund as well as the winner of Templeton Foundation, an investment competition. Paul Mampilly has consistently received public recognition on CNBC, Bloomberg Television as well as Fox Business News. Presently, he prides himself on being the founder of Profits Unlimited. In this book, he uses his talent and skills, experience as well as knowledge to offer guidance to his subscribers who rely on the investment of stocks.


Paul Mampilly became part of Banyan Hill Publishing in early 2016. He serves as the senior editor who specializes in Main Street Americans. His major focus is on wealth development, growth, and investment as well as cap stocks in addition to exceptional opportunities. Paul’s career began in the Wall Street Journal in 1991. He was the assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. Paul later advanced his career when he landed a prominent position in Deutsche Bank as well as ING. He was in charge of managing a multimillion dollar account.

Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter


Paul’s extensive experience in his general field played a key role in his appointment at Kinetics Asset where he was appointed as the asset manager. He was in charge of the entire hedge fund. Paul’s guidance and leadership in the company led the company to garner over $25 billion in asset management. The company ranked top as the world’s best hedge fund firm with an average profit of 26%. Paul was invited to be a participant in a prestigious competition held by the foundation of Templeton. His initial investment was $50 million. He generated the returns in a year by garnering $88 million. Even better, Paul achieved that much in his financial crisis.


Paul Mampilly finally retired to spend more time with family and friends. He left Wall Street. He is an investor who offers financial advice to prospective investors. Currently, he has shifted his focus to assisting people who are ready to retire. He does this by providing strong investment skills to individuals. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited as well as Extreme Fortunes. Both programs aim at helping investors to reap maximum yields.