Arthur Becker Is a Man of Many Talents

Arthur Becker made his fortune and as a Bear Stearns stockbroker who bought and sold tech companies in the early 2000s. Now, he has turned his genius for business into real estate forays in Florida and New York. His recent investments include the backing of Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney in their 111 West 57th Street development. His ex-wife is also well-known. Vera Wang and he were husband and wife for 20 years before making the decision to go their own way.

Arthur Becker is nothing short of a business mogul, with mega dealings that include finance, art, tech, and real estate. No doubt Becker will get more involved in real estate going forward. He says he feels lucky for having entered the real estate market at just the right time. Consider anyone with massive achievements in life, look at their past, and it will become obvious why they achieved.

According to The Real Deal, Becker graduated from Bennington College with mixed majors in photography and ceramics. He definitely had a flair for art. He entered business school at Amos Tuck, Dartmouth, where he honed his financial knowledge and skills. He began his creative business career in New England by moving 18th century American homes.

In a report by Curbed, one has to assume Becker made a ton of money in this adventure. After all, only people with money could afford to buy an 18th century vintage home. He later went on to become the CEO of two tech companies. His type of genius has always been able to see the next trend and to turn it into personal profit. He has the right knowledge and drive to turn everything he touches into gold.

Having resumed his love for photography in the 1990s, Arthur Becker set out to create photographic images that had texture, and introduced a visual component that is common to paintings. His recent work of art deals with currency which is something he knows a great deal about. He seems intent on exploring the meaning of money and the relationships that people are willing to experience to that end.

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