The Evolution of Regional Banking

Regional Banking has come along way throughout the years and some of the most advanced techniques, equipment, and strategies are currently being used in regional banking. International or well-known mainstream banks are no longer the favor in today’s society as many people have begun using smaller, less prominent institutions for service. Just like big mainstream institutions, regional institutions offer you many of the same services at better rates.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is the perfect example of this discussion. This Dallas, Texas Regional Bank offers a host of services and specializes in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking. Yes, some of the exact same services of the bigger institutions such as commercial lending, credit services, warehouse lending, treasury management, real estate advisory services, and many more. NexBank is a prominent figure in the Texas Area and has over $3.5 Billion in assets thanks to it’s successful leadership. NexBank along with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity teamed up this year for a great cause. The Affordable Housing Loan Program provided individuals of certain city zip codes, affordable mortgage coverage. This progressive movement has laid the blueprint of modern day mortgage services and is being talked about nation wide. With so advancements in technology over the past decades, smaller more regional banks can keep pace with the other huge institutions. How does NexBank stay on top of it’s business affairs so well?

Thanks to The Texas Bankers Associations, regional bank professionals can come together and discuss the latest in banking trends. Tom Holt,(CEO) and President of NexBank, attended the conference and served as a panelist. Consultants, bank leaders, and advisers discuss industry growth measures, branching, and organic growth. The event’s concept is “Reinventing Community Banking.” M$A activity are being explored strategic opportunities by the panelists and participants. Held over the past five years, this conference demonstrates progressive action to the fullest within the regional banking sector.

Hair Care Line of Products by Wen by Chaz Dean

The winter months are fast approaching. It is the time of year that all women dread. It is the time of the year where you have to take extra time in the morning to get ready for a day’s worth of work. In order to make sure that your hair looks better and is healthier, you need to practice a beauty regimen that will leave your hair in better shape without adding any harsh chemicals. During the summer months, your hair is exposed to many things that can cause damage to your hair. Some of those things include the UV rays from the sun. If you are someone who has hair that is damaged and you are looking for a way to reverse the damages, Wen hair care products by Chaz should be worth considering.

During the winter months, many women are faced with icy chills that send a tingle down their spines as well as very dry hair. Your hair reacts to heat and to cold. When you go outside from being inside where it is toasty warm, your hair in a sense goes into shock. This same type of shock is also bad for your hair. While there is not much you can do about the outside temperatures, there are some things that you can do that will help you to eliminate any more damage caused to your hair. With the Wen Re-moisturizer hair treatment, you will help to combat all the dry hair that is caused by these types of conditions.

There are times in life that you have to be prepared for things and unruly hair should not be one of those things. The intense moments that are caused by unexpected wind storms and rain storms are enough for someone to handle let alone adding more stress to your hair. If you want a product that is going to be easy to use and that is highly recommended, the hair care line product by Wen is one that most women will encourage and recommend. If you start using it right away, you will begin to notice a difference in your hair fairly quickly.

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Talk Fusions Marketing Strategies

Talk Fusion is a leader in marketing videos and selling directly. They have announced an amazing vacation, as an incentive to residents living in Milan Italy. The vacation is being called Destination Milan, and should be quite the push for independent businessmen who are growing their businesses.


Milan Italy has one of the top industries in fashion worldwide. They are famous for cutting edge fashion, spectacular cuisine and beautiful destinations focusing on Milan’s cultures and their history. The vacation being sponsored by Fusion includes airline tickets and hotels that are first class. The packaged will also include the winners spouses. Talk Fusion has offered many decadent items before. Including, rings set with diamonds, Rolex, Mercedes, and vacations to fantastic locations.


Fusion’s CEO is Bob Reina, he states they just want to supply their customers with the best of everything. The trip to Milan is available to Fusion’s associates, the people who are currently with the company, and any new future associates as well. The companies instant compensation program is located in one-hundred-forty different countries. Falling into the companies ranking system, any associate who achieves diamond status is going to Milan.


The dream of being well set financially, and being able to travel with your family is a good one. Talk Fusion is making many of those dreams come true. The are starting to fill their employees passports with stamps. Fusion has been offering two vacations per year not including the trip to Milan.


Talk Fusion dedicates themselves to helping businessmen rise above their competition, experience growth in sales, and obtain loyalty from their customers. This is accomplished by improving marketing with the aid of video. Fusion’s line of products are marketed by individuals across over one-hundred-forty countries. Additionally, a free trial period of thirty days is available to anybody who would like to try their services before presenting a credit card. Fusion was founded in 2007 and has been moving forward ever since.

Norka Luque Tells us that She Believes in Miracles

Emilio Estefan, the King of Midas, is here to present to us his project Norka Luque. Norka is a Venezuelan based in the United States. She was named Norka in honor of her loving mother. She has an emotional attachment to her. Her mother is the reason why she knew about music. Therefore, she holds real value in the name. Unlike other musicians in the industry, she never changes her name.

Norka was born in one of the most blessed families in the country. She considers herself to be lucky. For this reason, she got an exclusive opportunity granted by her parents to study music at a tender age. Her parents loved her so much. They cared about her career and future life. For this reason, they took her to a music school after regular classes.

While she was a baby, her mother says that she couldn’t afford sleep before listening to music. This was a revelation to them that their beloved daughter had a talent. She was born with a purpose. She believes in miracles. While she values her music career, she wants to use it to pass messages of hope to the hopeless in society. Her main aim is not to divide her nation. However, she intends to unite the people using the great art granted to her by God.

While she was eight, she made her first production in music. She got opportunities to represent her local school in music talent shows in the country. Her reputation in music preceded her. “Shakira Ankara” was her first recording as a child. She never knew how great she would be at this age. She stuck to her dreams. Norka did all she could to get to the top.

The desire to excel in her music career took her to the United States. Before landing here, she went to France to further Norka of studies in Business Administration after graduating from high school. While in the country, she kept wondering how her career in music would end. She decided to join a local band in France. The Bad Moon Rising gave her a chance to service her talent as a soloist. However, the people in France do not value talent. She decided to come back to the United States.

He met the legendary producer in a meeting and showed her what she had. Emilio Estefan, the well-known producer, liked her music and invited her to a vocals practice at the studio.

Businessman And Philanthropist Bruce Levenson And AHBE Sue AIG

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks former ownership group, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, have sued the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The lawsuit was filed in Fulton County Superior Court on September 13 alleging insurance in bad faith and breach of contract regarding the settlement agreement with former general manager Danny Ferry. It alleges the insurance company, known as AIG, failed to fulfill their responsibility to pay the settlement costs even though the policy covered some employment practices related losses including workplace torts and wrongful termination.

Bruce Levenson is a talented journalist, successful businessman and long-time philanthropist ( After graduating from St. Louis’ Washington University and earned his law degree by attending American University at night while working as a journalist at the Washington Star. After obtaining his law degree in 1977, he and business partner Ed Peskowitz co-founded the United Communications Group. UCG published Oil Express, a newsletter focused on oil industry developments. The company acquired several other newsletters and launched Oil Price Information Service and other databases. The company also provided news and analysis for numerous industries including banking, energy, healthcare, technology and telecommunications.

A Washington D.C. native raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Levenson has been involved with philanthropic activities for decades. He worked with the Washington D.C Community Foundation, the Hoop Dreams Foundation and is a U.S. Holocaust Museum founding donor. He was also president of the I Have Dream Foundation Washington chapter. The organization helps children from low-income families get higher education. He also supports Seeds of Peace, the SEED Foundation, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute and other Jewish causes. Levenson and his wife helped develop the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership on the campus of the University of Maryland in 2010. The organization teaches students how to work with and run non-profit and philanthropic organization.


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