Coworking Spaces Provide an Environment for Creativity

Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces
Coworking spaces are becoming more and more common and can help spur workers to come together as a community and share ideas. The idea behind Coworking spaces is that they provide an area for freelance workers to do their work around other freelancers with different skills. A study done by Harvard Business Review found that people who work at Coworking spaces rate their jobs a 6 on a seven point scale, which is above the average of a normal employee at a classic office setting.

Big businesses are also starting to adopt the idea of Coworking spaces to help improve their employee’s productivity and morale. When employees from different departments are sharing ideas and tips with each other it helps solidify the workforce and can bring about new techniques for their respective job. For example, if a salesman is working with an advertising specialist they can both learn a lot from each other. The salesman has to interact with the customer base each day and can tell the advertising specialist what approaches work best on customers for him, and in turn the advertising specialist can give the salesmen tips on how to better snag the attention of a potential customer. This can increase sales and also create a bond between the two departments.

If you’re looking for Manhattan offices for rent, consider a shared office space. One such Co-working space is WorkVille located in New York city. They offer move in ready office spaces, open work areas for individual freelancers to network, and also private spaces for people to work in quite. It is located near Times Square and Bryant Park, and is a stones throw away from many central transportation hubs.

WorkVille has three terraces so that people can work outside and get a break from the monotony of indoor office spaces. It also has a cafe lounge where people can mingle on a break and share their ideas and trade with people who are interested in learning and sharing as well. With conference rooms for only 100 dollars an hour, this space also provides a reasonably priced option to hold meetings in a space with a great view.

If you’re a freelancer looking for a place to meet other freelancers to work around, a small business trying to find office space, or you just need a way to break up the monotony of office life, a Coworking space may just be the thing you need. If you’re in the New York City area check out WorkVille and enjoy the view and comfortable atmosphere that comes with a Coworking space.

Wengie DIY vs. Buy Lip Tattoos Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie does another “DIY vs. Buy” test with lip tint tattoos. She begins by making the DIY lip tattoo with glue and food dye. She mixes them together in a jar and then brushes it onto her lips with a lip brush. She emphasizes that using a brush is important because if you get the product on any other skin, that skin will be dyed the color of the tint. She notices that she made a different color than the store-bought version.

Wengie applies the DIY lip tint to one half of her lips and then puts the store-bought version on the other half. She notes that the store-bought kind is runnier and easier to put on her lips. She then waits for both lip tattoos to dry. She peels off both of the tattoos and seems to have more trouble with the DIY one. She notes that both versions worked at tinting her lips but that her lips now feel dry, so she suggests putting on lip balm afterwards.

Wengie then compares the two lip tattoos. She says she is impressed by the DIY version because it actually tinted her lips and stayed true to the color she mixed. She also notes that it is inexpensive to make, especially because you can make any number of colors with food dye.


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Understanding How to Grow Wealth While Living Comfortably

When you think about the personal finance world, there are a million and one ways to save money, grow money, invest, or use hacks to stretch your dollars. However, one of the most effective ways about having your money go farther instead of needing to figure out tips and tricks to make it is simply to change your mentality. As long as you can curb your habits and change the way you think about spending money in general, then you can instantly see why it can be a much easier life full of less stress for the same amount of effort.

One of the top organizations that has helped to teach and to preach changing your mentality about how you think of money is The Midas Legacy. And, when you think about The Midas Legacy, you will instantly start to see that they aren’t just trying to teach about money and wealth management. While getting your money together in general is a very good thing overall so that you don’t have financial issues and stress, you need to be able to understand how money fits into the bigger picture. That’s exactly why it makes so much sense work with The Midas Legacy in order to learn about money as well as more.

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Best Business Blueprints

Turning the millennial mindset into easy income

The thing about The Midas Legacy is that they teach you tools you can use for your everyday life and that can actually help you to become happier. It isn’t until you fully understand what you want that you will be looking for actual solutions to your quest for happiness instead of filling the voids with things. Chasing temporary fun is never the answer. That being said, if you can learn to balance what you are really after in the long run with what will make you feel comfortable and happy currently, then you are able to operate in a completely different way from day to day.

And, while you need to enjoy your current life and have a reason to get out of bed each and every day, you also need to be aware of the idea that if you aren’t saving for the long term you might never be able to retire. Listen to what people such as The Midas Legacy are able to teach and you will be set.

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