Online Gaming More Popular Than Consoles?

You might be familiar with your early days of gaming when you used a console machine and had discs of the games you wanted to play. While console gaming is still going strong, online gaming is definitely becoming the new most popular way to game from home. Consoles have a tendency to be quite limited when it comes to playing games, and this is why so many gamers are switching to the Internet when it comes to finding great games at cheaper prices. Just go into any gaming store locally and you’ll be shocked at the ticket price for new games. Playing the same game online or a similar game is a lot less expensive because you’re not paying the middle man or for the packaging.

The truth of the matter is that more people who are into gaming are going online to find what they want. Jason Halpern suggests that it’s easier to download a game online than to find a local store that happens to have it ( Online games also tend to be cheaper in the long-term because you’re not paying that hefty fee for when a game is first released. Many people are still very dedicated to their console games and will absolutely never give them up, but more people are finding that downloading and playing games online enables them to have more interaction with other players and have more games available to them as well.

Beckham on Madden 16 Cover

Madden 2016, a video game made by Electronic Arts that appears on multiple video game systems, has announced the player who will be on their cover for the 2016. On the cover will be Odell Beckham Jr. who is a wide receiver on the New York Giants.

Odell Beckham Jr. was a rookie wide receiver who came out of LSU and was the 12th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Odell was injured during the preseason of 2014 and missed the first four games of the year. Once he started playing his performance was incredible eventually leading to rookie of the year honors. Despite missing the first four games, Odell was able to amass 91 catches for over 1,300 yards and 12 touchdowns. An highlight reel one handed touchdown catch over the Dallas Cowboys has been dubbed “The Catch” and has shown his dexterity and abilities.

Odell Beckham Jr. is only 22 years old which makes him the youngest player to ever be on the Madden cover. The second youngest was Vince Young who was 24 when he was on the cover of the game.

Christian Broda, Wikipedia page here, has said there is a Madden curse with some notable players gracing the cover being injured or having a down year after appearing on the cover of the game.

Odell beat out Patrick Patterson, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski to grace the cover of the game.

Russia Moves towards Computational Independence with New CPU

It seems that Russians are finally one step closer to computational independence. The new Elbrus-4C processor, created by Moscow Center for SPARC Technologies (MCST), was recently released providing some relief from the CPU supremacy of the United States.

While the company is named for SPARC technologies, the instruction set of the Elbrus-4C is completely proprietary and not SPARC based. It is not capable of processing x86 binaries directly but can make use of a virtual machine to run x86 programs and operating systems.

WordPress reported that the Elbrus-4C is quad-core processor built on 65nm technology. It tops out around 800MHz, hardly a speed demon. The specs claim the processor has close to a billion transistors making it rather large.

MCST plans to sell entire computer packages with the Elbrus-4C running the show. They have developed their own distribution of Linux and support Windows based operating systems through a virtual machine.

The price of the CPU is not known but is said to be competitively priced compared to offerings from US based chipmakers like Intel and AMD.

Even China plans to get in on the action. They are developing MIPS-based processors and building their own supercomputers with homegrown technology.

It’s nice to finally see some worldwide competition among CPU makers. This will certainly help increase innovation in the market and drive the price of technology even lower.

New ‘Mega Man’ Game in Development

New ‘Mega Man’ Game in Development

‘Mega Man’ was one of the most popular video games on Nintendo consoles. ‘Mega Man’ was released in the late 80s on the original NES system. The game quickly became a favorite among players, but the long history of the ‘Mega Man’ series has since been erased. However, there is some extremely good news for fans of the critically acclaimed game franchise, including those at Amen Clinics.

It was recently announced that one of the head developers of Capcom decided to leave the company. His name is Keiji Inafune, and he is one of the original creators of the ‘Mega Man’ video game. Keiji has been listening to the fans for years, and he has always wanted to create a new ‘Mega Man’ game that lived up to the hopes of players. Keiji Inafune decided to leave Capcom so he could do just that.

A Kickstarter fund was created for Keiji’s new game, and the fund astonishingly reached $3 million dollars. Keiji Inafune was amazed at the level of love and loyalty that the ‘Mega Man’ fans showed him. Keiji and his team have been hard at work on the new game, which is titled ‘Mighty No. 9.’ The game will be released this September, and ‘Mega Man’ fans will be truly ecstatic when they play the new platformer. Gameplay videos of ‘Mighty No.9′ have received tremendous praise, and gamers can’t wait to get their hands on the new game. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

Tesla to Introduce battery For Home Use

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is set to announce a compact battery for home use. Tesla Gambles on New battery Technology The official announcement is scheduled for May 1, 2015 but analyst in the sector are already debating whether Musk’s gamble will spur growth in the innovative new technology company or whether it will derail the company. Many people believe in the company, which is known primarily as a car company. Tesla stock end the day at about $225 a share. Analyst, however, are unsure how the company’s stock will perform once the battery is introduced and when the battery is finally put into production.

The prospects of a battery powered home could open a whole new world for urban and rural development. Reifler can’t wait to hear more details. The technology proposed by Musk would enable areas that are beyond the power grid to be brought into the current century regarding technical capabilities, internet access as well as a cleaner source of energy.

Many understand the limitations of fossil fuels and know that new technologies, such as what is being proposed by Musk, will be essential to the future development of the world. Investors also know that the bet on Tesla is not a short term bet, but a much longer hold before the benefits and need as a result of the proposed technologies are played out.

Many believe in the vision presented by Musk and have faith that he is laying the ground work for the world that is to be.

Say Goodbye to IE, Say Hello to Microsoft’s New Browser “Edge”

Though those that work on the net for a living don’t elect to use Internet Explorer as the preferred browser, still a large force of pleasure users on IE. However, whether they will stay with the new Edge browser that will debut as the default browser for any new units sold with Windows 10 operating system, may be a surprise. The new logo is somewhat reminiscent of the IE window pane, only in a new circular form, (which indecently resembles the AT & T logo) doesn’t resemble your old IE user experience.

Perhaps the largest change, and certainly forefront of the promo video ad released by Microsoft, the new touch screen tech has led to the installation of a user-friendly digital annotation ink, a suggested reading list relating to search results a right click integration feature to Cortana.
Microsoft projects that Edge will reach the 1 billion device mark within 24-36 mos of it’s release of Windows 10. While the conference that Microsoft held to describe the many features of Edge was a three-hour presentation, there is a nine-minute cliff note version of the Microsoft Edge browser capabilities. It highlights new Windows 10 focus on Office applications working seamlessly with partners, which pleases Brian and many other users. So if Windows 8 brought Office up to the Cloud capability, Windows 10 goes on to bring in the reality that Microsoft applications need to integrate to maintain usability and market share.

‘Gears of War’ Remake Likely

‘Gears of War’ was one of the most successful video game franchises of the last decade, and fans of the game are waiting for a sequel. However, ‘Gears of War’ was released in 2006, and many people believe that the game will be remade for the Xbox One console. ‘Gears of War’ fans were extremely excited when they heard the news about the possible remake, but there are those that believe that a sequel is more important. Luckily, we may be getting both. It was recently announced that ‘Gears of War 4′ will be coming to the Xbox One. However, the game’s original developer has departed from the project, but Black Tusk game studios promises to continue the success of the iconic game.

‘Gears of War’ is the second most successful franchise in the history of the Xbox brand. The ‘Halo’ series is Microsoft’s greatest franchise ever, but ‘Gears of War’ is just as popular among gaming fans. Microsoft plans on finishing the year off strong. ‘Halo 5′ will be released this fall, and the ‘Gears of War’ remake is rumored to drop in the winter. Xbox One users are excited, and the future of gaming has never been so promising. You can share your gaming experiences, with fellow gamers, for free with FreedomPop wireless services. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

Product Ownership Rights

Traditionally, whether a person buys an appliance or a car, he/she owns the product once they have a receipt. As pointed out by Wired writer Kyle Wiens on Monday, April 21, John Deere is attempting to change the definition of ownership based on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

As more products contain computer parts and proprietary software used to make those parts work, manufacturers have decided that the only way to protect software and hardware from copying and hacking is by claiming that product “owners” only receive a “license” for use of a product during its lifetime instead of an actual transfer of ownership. Personal computer manufacturers already advise owners that they have purchased the right to use software and not the right to modify, hack or copy it.

SuperLawyers says that the United States Copyright Office has agreed to consider these arguments further in July during a hearing. If the manufacturers get their way, they could be allowed to sue consumers who hack or even repair their products.

On one hand, their arguments are valid to protect their software and hardware designs. On the other… If they really wanted to take it too far, they could require that only technicians certified by them repair those products, which could shut down many small mom and pop repair shops and prevent product “life hacks” being performed by users. It could even prevent derivative product creation by users.

Guitar Hero Will Return!

‘Guitar Hero’ was a game that everyone loved, but it hasn’t seen a sequel in five years. However, the legendary game is making a comeback. When ‘Guitar Hero’ first came out, fans raved about how awesome it was. Sadly, ‘Guitar Hero’ would fall off the map because of the release of the next generation consoles. The video game world would soon replace ‘Guitar Hero’ with ‘Rock Band.’ However, fans said that ‘Rock Band’ could never replace ‘Guitar Hero.’ Game designers tried to spice up ‘Rock Band’ with new music, but eventually it got old. After the departure of ‘Guitar Hero,’ music simulation games became a thing of the past.

Gamers at Anastasia Date have learned that, after five long years, game developers have announced that a new ‘Guitar Hero’ will be coming this fall. Information on the game has been leaked, and it appears that the guitar for the game is different. However, the guitar’s design seems better and more realistic than its predecessor. Also, the graphics have been upgraded to an unbelievable new level. The game designers have also revealed that there will be several different views to play from in the new ‘Guitar Hero.’ This means that gamers can look out into a realistic crowd in first-person mode. Fans cannot wait to get their hands on the new game and guitar. For more information on ‘Guitar Hero,’ visit Rollingstone.

Guitar Hero Returns After 5 Year Break

Everyone who knows anything about the world of video games knows the great impact that the Guitar Hero games have had on the world of gaming. This new style of gaming has brought a whole new aspect of interactive gaming to individuals all around the world. The famous guitar hero controller that looks just like a guitar gives individuals the chance to really feel like rockers. This new style of gaming has been very popular on many different consoles.

Lately it really has seemed as though Guitar Hero has been down and out. For 5 years there have been no new games out for the Guitar Hero series. However, Rolling Stone reports that there is a new game to be released soon. With the first person style of gameplay, gamers will feel more like they are actually rocking out to adoring fans. This is something that is very new to this game. There is also 24 hour access to a live music video channel as well, so feel free to bust out the caffeine and rock it with your Bulletproof Coffee. Activision is really pushing it to the next level with this new release of Guitar Hero.

Players will now be able to challenge other individuals all over the world in head to head guitar battles. Also, the game now recognizes how close you are to the TV. This will result in hearing the crowd more when you are closer to the TV, and hearing the drums more when you are farther away from the TV.