Achievements By Stephen Murray At CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a New York-based private equity and buyout investment firm. The name of the company, CCMP, is a reflection of its heritage, Chase capitals, Chemical Ventures, Manufacturer, and Partners. CCMP Capital combines the strength of their deep industry expertise and the proprietary resource operations to drive it to operational efficiency and growth. The investment professionals of the firm manage the private equity portfolio. The company was founded in 2006.


The expertise of CCMP Capital is a direct product of transaction experience in four main sectors: the retail, energy, healthcare and industrial sectors.

Healthcare and energy

The firm has invested over $1 billion in Medicare companies over the last three decades. Besides, the CCPM Capital invests handsomely in other health subsectors like medical and specialty product businesses and distributors, healthcare organizations, and payers. The firm has $ 1.5 billion worth investment in energy companies and subsectors such as production and exploration, oilfield and midstream services, and power.

Retail and Industrial

Over the last three decades, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has invested $7 billion in the retail industry and other subsectors such as mass channel marketing, multi-channel supply, information services, and specialty retail. CCMP Capital boasts of over $5 billion investment in industrial firms and sub-sectors such as distribution, manufacturing, chemicals and industrial services.

The company has continually invested in more broadly varying market conditions and multiple business cycles. It routinely selects a group of dealmakers, popularly known as key men, who act as the central investments plans of the firm. If one or more of the dealmakers are unavailable, the company temporarily halts the investment plans until it decides on the way forward. The company has several offices in London, Texas, New York, and the woodlands.

Enhancement Operations

The proprietary operating resources of CCMP Company consists of full-time partners with C-level and additional seasoned and operation histories. The companies’ portfolio benefits from the extensive resources, which are managed by extra seasoned executive advisors with more than 20 years of experience. The firm’s approach to operational enhancement positions its portfolio at a greater height of achieving value creation in the shortest time possible

Understanding Stephen Murray

In 1984, Stephen Murray graduated with a degree in economics from Boston College. Five years later, he earned a master’s degree from Columbia Business School. He then joined Credit Analysts Programs, which was offered by a manufacturing corporation. In 2005, Mr. Murray was appointed the head of the buyout enterprise at JP Morgan Company. He served as the board member of major companies such as AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, and Warner Chilcott just to mention a few. He was also a member of the Make a Wish Foundation based in metro New York City.

Try Out FreedomPop’s International Calling Plan

International calling is something that can cost a person a lot of money, especially if they call unpopular international destinations. Even if a person called an international destination that’s popular, such as the UK, it’s possible that cell phone companies will fleece them for their money. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to hear of a cell phone company charging $5 or even $10 per minute to call an international destination, especially the person didn’t have a plan in place. This was a way that they were able to cheat people out of their money because they needed to make an international call in an emergency.

If the person made a call to another country without a plan, then they were charged the highest amount possible. Nowadays it’s easy to get a plan to call an international destination, but the plan still may cost a lot of money. Even picking up a phone card can get a person half an hour or an hour for a few dollars, but it can be annoying to have to dial so many numbers before getting to the actual person. It’s not unusual to have to dial 20 or more different numbers in order to finally get a hold of someone on the phone.

Imagine having to call an access number, then entering a pin code, and then having to enter at least a 10 digit phone number, by then the person is already dialing over 20 numbers. It can be a pain to go through all this to make an international call, or the person can join FreedomPop and use their international plan. There are over 50 countries available to call on the FreedomPop international plan, and it’s free of charge. If the country is not within the International calling plan, then it’s possible to get a plan with global minutes that will allow the person to call another country.

There are very few cell phone companies that are as interested in saving a person money when it comes to international calling, other than FreedomPop. FreedomPop on has plans that can be free of charge, which gives 100 global minutes, or it’s possible to get 300 minutes for only five dollars. There is also an amazing deal of 1000 global minutes, which only costs $10. It may also help to get a virtual number, which means it’s possible to call someone in another country free of charge if the other person has the FreedomPop cell phone plan too. FreedomPop has great international services that can be very helpful to anyone who is looking to save money on any type of international calls.

Not Your Grandmother’s Cosmetics!

From the ancient Middle East to Victorian London, the cosmetic fashion of the day has risen and fallen like the tides. From crushed berry rouge to belladonna rinses to make the eyes appear bright, women did anything and everything to appear fashionable. Thankfully, unlike our grandmothers and their mothers before them, these days we have safe and reliable options when it comes to choosing our make up.

But what if instead of just covering up flaws, our makeup could be an outward expression of our inner selves? What if, instead of thinking of ourselves as “flawed” we think of ourselves as a canvas upon which any number of moods and dreams can be painted? By and large cosmetics came into popularity in order for us to cover flaws and make our skin seem perfect. Lucky for us, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

Cosmetics have evolved beyond the cover up, and have the ability to be show stopping, eye popping, look-at-me-world enhancements to our natural beauty. The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, saw this truth and as a result founded a cosmetics company dedicated to the beautification of the human canvas.

Lime Crime offers us a dazzling array of eye catching palettes. Whether your look is Earthy and natural, or rainbow bright, there is something for everyone. From matte lip glosses to stage worthy eye shadows, to lush nail color, Lime Crime is completely cruelty free. There is no animal testing, and all of their products are vegan-worthy.

The Venus Grunge Palette offers up Earth tones for lips, eyes, and cheeks in an artful box adorned by an image of Venus herself. The Velvetine line offers fourteen different shades of liquid-to-matte lipstick. In addition to being cruelty free cosmetics, Lime Crime is affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to look runway ready.

Our foremothers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries may have had to settle for the same old mauve and beige lipsticks, but in the twenty-first century, we don’t have to! You are a canvas. Paint your story. Live unapologetically.

The Importance of Investment Bankers

Investment Banking has been as much a part of American history as Apple Pie and Baseball. To tell the truth, those two things most likely wouldn’t be such juggernauts of the American society if it weren’t for Investment Banking. That’s because investment banks and bankers exist to raise capital for businesses and large corporations to help them grow and expand into new territory.
One company that should be on everyone’s mind who plans on either working with or collaborating with an investment bank is Highland Capital Management. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management has been a part of the investment banking industry since 1993. They also have offices in New York, London and Singapore. Their primary focus has been largely hedge funds and distressed investment.
This company would not have been possible without Co-Founder and President James Dondero. Mr. Dondero is a Beta Gamma Sigma from the University of Virginia, where he attained a bachelor’s degree in commerce with concentrations of accounting and finance. Prior to his work with Highland, he worked as the Chief Investment Officer for Protective life. During this time he was able to raise the company from its beginnings to being worth over two billion between 1989 and 1993.
Many people associate investment banking with money hungry people who are only there to make them self’s richer but look James Dondero. The man has dedicated his life to helping others and allowing businesses to grow, not because of the money but because he is a man that understands the importance of raising others up in order to build a stronger economy.
There is so much to the world of Investment Banking but let this be a stepping stone for you to get your feet wet and send you in the right direction. There are many places on the internet that can teach you more about the subject. although your best bet to understand the intricacies of the subject would be for you to choose it as your major in college. Afterwords you could be the next James Dondero

Bruce Levenson, the co-founder of the Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson on is best known for being an American business and the former NBA team co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. to a Jewish family in 1949. He is married to Karen Boyarsky and he has three sons. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Washington University and attended the American University School of Law. At American University, he studied law and graduated with a law degree. However, while studying law, he also started a career in journalism for the Washington Star, a daily newspaper. Levenson is a member of the National Basketball Association Board of Governors, a co-founder of the Board of Directors of TechTarget, and the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

As a businessman, Levenson was one of the co-founders of the business information company, United Communications Group. It was launched in Washington, D.C. above his father’s liquor store in a storage room. Today, it is one of the largest business information companies that are privately owned. Levenson then went on to be one of the founders of the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004. The Atlanta Hawks owners included Levenson, managed by Atlanta Spirit, LCC. Levenson along with other businessmen became the owners of the Atlanta Hawks, which is a professional basketball team. In the same purchase, the Atlanta Trashers, were included as well. However, in 2011 the NHL team was sold.

Levenson sold his interest of ownership of the Atlanta Hawks in late 2014. The sale terms had to be finalized by the NBA. Levenson informed NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver of his desire to sell the franchise. In order to sell his share, Levenson hired bankers, Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to sell the Atlanta Hanks team. Levenson’s share was sold to Ares Management led by Anthony Ressier for $850 million. Initially, it had been reported Levenson could have sold it anywhere ranging from $700 million to $1 billion. It is presumably believed that bankers tried to oversell in the beginning. Previously in the year 2013, it had been announced that the Atlanta Hawks were worth only $435 million. After the sale of the Bucks and the Clippers, that amount changed drastically. The value went up, because of the new television deals that surged. With the sale, Levenson gave up his rights as governor and controlling owner of the Atlanta Hanks to CEO Steve Koonin. Shortly after Levenson announced he was selling his share, his co-founder, Michael Gearon Jr., made a similar announcement. It is estimated Levenson in conjunction with Ed Peskowitz were the majority owners, owning around 50% of the Atlanta Hawks franchise. Respectively, Levenson sold his 24% share of the franchise.

Skout Helped Me Cure My Loneliness

Skout has been a really great site for me. I had the opportunity to sign up, and it has been not short of wonderful. I don’t know why, but I really struggled to make friends and meet people on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Those sites seem to be more of a place to post pics and indulge in small talk. I have not been a fan of most of these sites because I am not into that small talk scene where everything is abbreviated for the sake of 160 characters. I like real conversations, and the people that I found on Skout have this same longing. This has made it one of the most helpful sites in the world. I don’t use any of the other social apps. I put all of my free time into Skout because this app, in my honest opinion, is better than everything else that is out there.

I could be a little bias because I met the most wonderful person online. There has been some chatting and a couple of messages back and forth. I think that I may even be at this stage where I would like to meet in person. This is what has made the Skout experience cool for me. I meet a lot of people in person all the time. They flirt, we talk and before I know it I am in a bad relationship. With Skout I had the chance to really make a friend first. I have been using the site for over a year, and we have had conversations on politics, our dreams, our fears, school and family. We have talked about serious stuff and mundane things. This has been the coolest experience ever, and it has all happened because we both happened to be on Skout. I cannot express how wonderful that seems to me. There are obviously people that have never heard of Skout, but these people are really missing something special. It has changed my life, and Skout can probably change the lives of a lot of other people.

I am a person that is on the go. I never stay in one place long. In fact, I have been known to be away from home longer than I am at home. I loved hanging out, but I still felt lonely. It was when I discovered the Skout app that I began connecting with people that I could talk to. It was like having access to one of the best sites for establishing relationships that was also free.

It may be the largest network on the Internet. That alone is reason enough to at least consider the potential that the site has. That is what hooked me. I know I may not be the coolest person in the world, but there was no way that I was going to come out friendless with millions of potential contacts at my disposal. It has been a very good decision to sign up.

Joseph Bismark Believes that Everyone Should Do Great Things


When you and I are living the life that we think that we should be living, we need to be open to opportunities to do great things. I know that life can be hard, just living each day in the way that it needs to be lived, and sometimes it can be tough to strive for greatness, but I think that Joseph Bismark has it right when he says that everyone should try for greatness. Through a post on We Don’t Love These Hogues, I read about how Joseph Bismark mixes spirituality with the rest of his life, and how he feels that everyone has the ability to do great things – and that everyone should strive for greatness.

I think that we all could benefit from trying a little harder with the lives that we are living. If we took our lives a little more seriously, we could become better people and affect the world in a better way. Joseph Bismark believes that one’s spirituality should affect all that they are, and he thinks that individuals should all strive to do great things and to live great lives. This man is a good example of just how we should be living, and I hope that I follow him in some small way.

Mobile Wireless Services For Any User’s Needs

The phone used to be simply a means of communication. In recent years, many people have found that a phone isn’t just a machine that is left at home. The use of cellphones has become increasingly complex. Today’s cellphones can allow users to do amazing things. Someone can use their cellphone to map out a trip in a city they have never visited before. Another person can use their cellphone to make new connections with others in their hometown or find out which restaurants offer kosher meals within a ten mile radius of any destination they have in mind.

As cellphones have become an increasingly essential tool, people have come to realize that it is also essential to have reliable cellphone services that they can depend on no matter where they are at any given moment. A reliable network and access to wifi hotspots can help any customer make sure that they are able to use their cellphones as effectively as possible at any given time. The user who knows that they wil be able to travel anywhere they need to go and still have a working cellphone is a user who can relax and be happy with their mobile wireless services.

This is one many reasons why customers who know the importance of having such as network on hand will often turn to companies such as FreedomPop for help in making sure that they have the best possible mobile wireless services for their needs and plans. FreedomPop has been able to help customers get access to wifi hotspots that make it possible for the user to stay in touch with others no matter where they are and to access all aspects of their cellphone fully without a problem. This can be enormously helpful to those who need such access at all times.

FreedomPop is an ideal mobile wireless service provider for users who may only use their cellphone now and then. Service is free for users who are not heavily reliant on their phones in any given time frame. Customers who want to have more heavy usage because they frequently away from home and on the road a lot during any given period find that it also makes sense for them to work with this company. The company’s minor fees are quite affordable even for those who may be facing a temporary cash flow or other minor credit problems.

It is important to find out what kind of cellphone plan suits any given user. People should take the time to think about the kind of mobile wireless services they need to be able to go about their businesses effectively and stay in touch with others. Users who are savvy enough to understand this are users who will do well when working a mobile wireless services provider. The user will out that that there are many such companies that can help them do well and allow them to have access to most reliable network no matter where they are.

FreedomPop’s $30 Million Dollar Funding Deal

To some, Freedompop may not ring any bells in terms of what ii actually is, however lately the mobile service carrier has been making big waves in the communications industry. Not only has Freedompop had a successful first year of business, but it is continuing to thrive and recently announced its launch in the UK. It seems that while other big name mobile carriers are shaking in their boots, Freedompop is secure that with its affordable service, and ever growing list of features, it stands a chance at sticking around and changing the way people use their mobile devices. There were talks that Freedompop was on the market, and while the company received some tempting offers, CEO and co-founder Stephen Stokls insisted that “It just seemed premature to sell.” With a pretty $30 million in new funding, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Freedompop has decided against selling.

At it’s core, Freedompop is a mobile service carrier that offers their customers free and low cost voice, text, and data plans. Current plans include 200 voice minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data, these are all included with their free plans and the only thing customers need to buy is their phone. The way Freedompop is able to offer such a sweet deal, is by up-selling extra features, and additional services like extra minutes and data for low costs that add up in the bigger picture.

While Freedompop is not for sale at the moment their market continues to grow, it is predicted that in a year’s time, the company will be worth nearly four times what it is worth today. Anyone in the market for affordable mobile service, should think about striking while the iron is hot, because great deals like this don’t come around often, keep your eyes on this company it isn’t going anywhere.

Source: Recode

Technology Needs More Smart People Like Eric Pulier

To be able to work with computers and technology you have to be a smart person. They don’t hire just anyone to work for the Computer Sciences Corporation, or places like that. It takes a smart human to be able to do all of the things that need to be done in the technological world. And Eric Pulier is one of the best at what he does.
Eric Pulier is the CEO for a big technological company that focuses on cloud use. He is someone who is passionate about his job and the work that he does, and he has the brains to do it all well. He wants to be able to make a difference with technology, and he has been doing that through the work that he has done. He is having a huge success in his career, and he is changing technology for years to come as he works hard to make things better for everyone. He is doing all that he can to make a difference in the technological world, and he is succeeding at doing that.
So, there are many smart people who work in the technological industry. As mentioned above, you have to be smart to be able to get a job like that. But, there are just some people who stand out above all of the rest as being more technologically smart. There are some people who are more innovative, and who are more driven to succeed. There are some people who seem like they were just born to do this. The Computer Science Corporation can use all of those kind of people that they can get to help them to make the technological world a better place for everyone. The more smart people who decide to get into this industry, the better it is for them and all that they are trying to do.