Eric Lefkofsky Hopes for a Cure For Cancer with Data

Tempus, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, seeks to allow for data-driven medicine. With electronic health records, most would assume how patient information is stored and accessed has kept up with the rest of the advancements in medical technology. Unfortunately, it has not and there are significant gaps in accessible information that has already been collected but has not been made easily attainable.

Tempus is an operating system for everything relating to patient care. It makes traditional information able to be read and cross-referenced and also encourages the collection of less traditional data like individual genetic sequencing. While at one time costing millions of dollars, the process of sequencing one’s entire genome is around $5,000 and dropping thanks to projects like Tempus. By knowing someone’s genetic makeup, doctors can not only find the best treatments suitable to your body’s makeup, but they can also prevent disease by knowing what you are genetically predisposed to. Being able to collect and analyze this data on a world wide basis could lead to better treatments and potentially cures for not only cancer, but almost possibly every disease.

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Groupon who stepped down from position of CEO to Chairman to invest more time into Tempus, did not think about how medical information was stored and processed until his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer. He witnessed first hand how much information was lost between visits and specialists. With around 40 percent of adults being diagnosed with cancer within their lives, he knew he needed to fix the system and streamline it.

A graduate of University of Michigan Law School, Lefkofsky and his wife have vowed to donate over half of his earnings over his lifetime by joining the Giving Pledge. In recent years he has already donated millions to different cancer-related causes. He also co-founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife in 2006. It has four areas of focus: human rights, education, the arts, and medical research. The foundation has a particular interest in initiatives that improve the lives of the children in the area the charity serves.

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Bob Reina: He’s An Inspiration

It is not every day that someone comes along someone like Bob Reina, as he is a true inspiration to each and every person out there. He is living proof that dreams do come true for people, and they are not out of reach for anyone. After all, this man started out as a police officer and now over a decade later, he is the CEO and founder of an award-winning technology company that really gets it. They know what is important and they know what matters in the grand scheme of life. It might sound simplistic, but it is true in every sense: being happy.


Too many people in life, they are unhappy and they are feeling like they are getting the short end of the stick. Bob Reina does not want people to feel that way anymore. He wants them to feel like they are getting the most out of life. He does not want them to feel short changed. With Talk Fusion, they can feel like they are getting everything and more out of the company. They are going to find a company that understands them and all of their hopes, dreams, and desires. They truly get “it.” Learn more here:


As the old expression goes, “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.” For those who don’t understand, no explanation is good enough.” The people over at Talk Fusion, they understand and they get it. They know what people are going through and they know how they are feeling. They don’t want them to feel that way anymore. They want them to feel happy and like each and every day is a blessing for them. When they start using Talk Fusion, they see the way it changes their life and how it makes such a positive influence on how they think.


People talk a lot about positive thinking, and it is very important in today’s world. People need to think positive, act positive, and go after what they want in life. They don’t need to hold back. If they are holding back, they are only hurting themselves in the long run. They need to see what they are capable of and they need to test themselves. When they do that, they see the world in a whole new way. They see that those who told them they couldn’t do something; it was because they were afraid to try it out themselves. They don’t need to listen to the naysayers. They are not worth their time in the long run. They are just going to drag them down.


They need to listen to the people that truly understand them without them having to explain themselves.

Who is Michel Terpins?

Michel Terpins come from a sports-oriented family. His brother Rodrigo Terpin is a rally driver and a fellow member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Their father Jack Terpins was a former basketball player who played at club and national level and later on getting appointed by the Brazilian president to chair the commission of sports in Brazil. He was able to grow sports significantly during his tenure and by the time he left and ventured full time into business the sports industry in Brazil was doing incredibly well. This passion for sports by their father motivated the Terpin brothers to join in.

Michel Terpins would join the Brazilian cross country championship at a relatively tender age. He received a lot of support from his father and this propelled him up very fast. He would rise to become the cross country champion in a few years a position he held till he left the same to join the rallying circuit. His brother Rodrigo had been essential in this move as he had always encouraged him to join him in rally. On joining him they founded the Bull Sertões Rally Team, this would be the team that they would grow to one of the best teams in rallying today.

They have taken part in various circuits, but the most frequent is the Sertões Rally. Considered one of the hardest in Brazil they were able to take part in the 24th edition with the Bull Sertões Rally Team represented by Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo in the T1 prototypes category. The team went ahead and won the second stage of the edition and were able to come in fifth overall in the entire circuit. On board the T-Rex, developed by MEM team, Michel Terpins was taking part in this circuit for the seventh time. Michel Terpins and Justo were taking part in the 24th edition as teammates for the first time, and it was vital for them to get their rhythm fast as a lot was riding on it. There car #322 had been certified carbon free and thus was part of the team that had chosen to be aware of the environmental impact of rallying.

How Education Technology Is Helping To Build Better Classrooms

The education technology sector brought in an estimated $1.4 billion in 2017. One of the companies that is doing well is Nearpod. They recently raised $21 million which helped them introduce over 300 new digital lessons in a deal they made wit Another company, Classcraft, is finding success by making successfully completing the school year a role-playing game.

In order for education technologies to succeed they need to have been thoroughly tested both inside and outside the classroom. They also need to solve a real problem that educators have. Classdojo is an education technology company that was founded in San Francisco in August 2011. Their app was designed and is updated by software programmers working with educators.

One of the founders of Classdojo is Same Chaudhary. He says that the key to his company’s success is honestly listening to teachers, students, and parent when deciding what goes into their mobile app. This app creates a solid classroom community by allowing teachers and parents to connect at any time, not just during a parent-teacher conference. This has resulted in this mobile app now being used in 90% of the school districts around the United States. The app is intended for grades kindergarten through 8th grade.

It’s been over the last 20 years that schools have been heavily modernized. Almost every school is online and almost 90% have high-speed internet. Companies like Classdojo have products that continue to be used in schools because they consistently support teachers and the education of children. If the product solves a problem and can be easily and effectively implemented than teachers are much more likely to want to use it in their classroom.

The team at Classdojo knows that no two classrooms are the same. They each develop their own character and community. Educators know that parents play a huge role in how well their children do in school. This app effectively brings parents into the loop so that they know through text, pictures, and video what is going on in the classroom so they can better communicate with the teacher and help their children learn.

Women Being Inspired by Susan McGalla

Susan Mcgalla has not only run successful businesses, she has also been a great example of what a good woman leader is. She has studied the business that she is getting involved in and has worked in an honorable fashion in order to make sure that she earns her wages. She is also a creative individual who thinks about solutions to challenges that can get in the way of goals of growth. When she has joined companies, she has thought about ways that they can grow so that people can enjoy all of the benefits of the industry.

One of the industries that Susan McGalla has been involved in the most is the fashion industry. One of the attractions to the fashion industry is that people are always going to need new clothes. Another factor in the popularity of the fashion industry is that there are the types of people that are always interested in what unique styles they can find. These types of people are often going to be the most loyal customers to the brands that have their favorite products. Susan McGalla has used her understanding of the fashion industry to help open up more lines of clothing in companies that she has worked for.

Susan McGalla’s example is what inspires women. Women who have felt that rising to the top was a battle that was not worth fighting are seeing through Susan that it is possible. Susan has shown that all it takes to rise to the top is to be cooperative and respectful. Self respect is also important to the occasion. Susan has kept from falling into a victim mentality. While she is aware that women have unique challenges in the workforce, she has found ways to rise above to each goal without alienating certain groups of people.

Dr Walden and Your Plastic Surgery

There are a lot of places that offer plastic surgery for those that want to do it. They may not know what to do or what to ask when they have their first appointment, but Dr Walden has some tips that can help anyone.

Know The Procedure

Anyone that is getting anything should know what it is they are getting and how it can be a good fit for them. They should know what is going to happen before and after the surgery as well as what to expect while they are under. If there are things they don’t know, they should consider asking questions and getting the information they need.

Know the Doctor

Dr Walden has always thought patients should know their doctors in some way. This will help them feel cloe and comfortable when the surgery happens and they won’t have any issues with it after. If they don’t know and trust the person that is helping them, then they will have a higher likely hood of not returning or not healing as well as they could because they weren’t calm when the surgery was taking place or after.

Ask Questions

The best thing a patient can do is to ask questions about anything they don’t know. This way they will be informed and know excatly what will hapen for them. This can change everything for patient because they will be better prepared

There are a lot of things to consider when patients are looking at this kind of surgery. They only need to make sure they know what they want and how well the doctor can help them with it. Dr Walden is a great doctor and may be just what they are looking for. Give her a call and see how she can help.

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Ian King, King Of Crypto

“Smart money” is going to change the way people send and receive money. No one understands this better than Ian King, a top expert in digital currencies. King is known for advising people on various digital currencies. From crypto that have been on the top for a while, such as Bitcoin, to those like Ripple that are appearing to be very promising, King’s name is highly respected in the investment world, and King has proven himself to be a very valuable employee in business.

Ian King began his career as a desk clerk at a mortgage bond trading department before specializing in credit derivatives. When he moved on from there, King began trading options. Trading options proved to be an area of special interest for King, and he remained in this line of work for 10 years.

How did this king of crypto discover digital cryptocurrency, however? By accident. King was working with a startup company that was marketing digital money to banks. Because this particular e-currency involved banks, it wasn’t decentralized, so it wasn’t the same as the popular coins that most of us know to be digital currency according to However, this pitch showed King that digital money had potential and a place in the modern world.

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Ian King currently works for Banyan Hill Publishing. A weekly contributor for the company’s Sovereign Investor Daily, Ian regularly pumps out information that is geared towards keeping crytpo investors in-the-know of every new development in cryptocurrency. This means that if any currencies are dropping in value, increasing or value, or have just been created, Banyan’s readers will be the first to know.

Although there are many innovative happenings in this modern area, the value of cryptocurrency is not on the back burner. Seasoned investors as well as average joes who heard about crypto and are interested in investing in crypto and crypto, alone, keep digital currencies on their minds as they go about their day. King knows this. He understands that there is a market for cryptocurrency and that buying cryptocurrency is an attractive move for many because it doesn’t involve any banks or other centralized forms of control on

What is life currently like for Ian King? When he isn’t pumping out steady articles for Banyan Hill, he’s hard at work on a project. His most recent project is the development of a trading service: an investment advisory and crypto trading course that will only be available to Banyan Hill readers.

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“Brazil’s Manaira Mall:The Most Fun Destination for the Entire family!”

Roberto Santiago is one of Brazils leading architects that is responsible for the beloved Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Mall is widely regarded as one of the largest malls rivaling many worldwide. This shopping and entertainment destination is sought by countless travel and thrill seekers from all over the world every year for the wide array of things to do, see, eat and explore. The mall in fact, was designed by Santiago to mimic an entire community or town. There is a police station, Division of Motor Vehicles, banks, attorney’s offices, gyms, a post office, parks designed for all walks of life, ball rooms, mega theatres, game rooms, every genre of food or retail shopping store you could ever dream of. There is even a university for those looking to enhance their education or skill set, located in the Manaira Mall. The picturesque waterfront mall’s setting around the aesthetically pleasing architecture was first built in 1987. Since then, because of its great success, it has seen five separate growth spurts.


Santiago is widely regarded not just for the Manaira Mall, but for his acumen in venture capitalism, as well as local town politics. Roberto has acquired many affluent titles and has had many different highly successful careers throughout his lifetime and this includes many philanthropic works as well. He has been an affluent screen play writer, author to beloved children’s books and produced a score of famous movies known the world over. Some of his most well-known works, both in books and films are listed below in the following outline.


Children’s Books

  • The Protectors
  • Strangers in Time full children’s book series
  • John and the Machine of Fear
  • Los Futbolisimos


Screenplays and Cinema

  • The Happiness of Women
  • The Other Side of the Bed
  • Naked
  • Lady Chatterley’s Mole
  • Sexual Perversions in Chicago
  • To Say No
  • The Adolescent
  • Topos, Based on Real Facts


The Brazilian economic infrastructure in the city of Manaira has been greatly enhanced as a result of the many Jobs and opportunities the Manaira Mall has afforded both of its local residents and abroad citizens. There have been literally thousands of paying jobs created for people due to the mall’s establishment. Roberto Santiago, aside from this wonderful fact, has also worked tirelessly in the past to bridge the gap between politicians, business owners and citizens to raise the Brazilian working wage. Santiago has positively impacted so many lives throughout his many contributions and talents to the Brazilian culture and way of life. Despite his great success, he continues to give of himself for his country and local community that fosters the lives of all of its residents.


People Love White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a Digital marketing agency that provides an incredible solution to their customers. Businesses flock to White Shark Media because of their powerful business approach to every marketing need there is. Their main focus is primarily Google Adwords and PPC throughout all media avenues. eCommerce brands, local, and even enterprise brands can all utilize the different solutions that White Shark Media can provide. If you are a small or medium-sized brand, then you know for sure that this company can give you what you need the most. Everything from guidance to a complete marketing solution that is going to catapult your company forward, this company can give it all to you.

One thing most people love about White Shark Media is that they are very pro-active and can increase performance. With up to date knowledge on every aspect about advertising, they know how to look at all directions and paths to make sure your brand is being lifted in the search results and being seen by all your possible customers. White Shark Media is totally one of the best to work with because they are very forward and love to see what avenues to go for. They work for you in hopes that they can lead your brand to the right place for the future.

Another thing that people love about White Shark Media is that they strive to work with brands and companies of all sizes, whether online or offline. Dating companies, local attractions, and other brands are using White Shark Media to discover how to get their company seen online and get the most effective marketing possible through Google. White Shark Media knows what is constantly changing in the industry, so they want to give you what they know will best benefit your brand for the future effectively.

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Barbara Stokes’ Career At GSH Of Alabama

Barbara Stokes has had a successful career as a CEO. She has helped GSH of Alabama to grow. In addition, she has helped to manage other businesses.

Her Education:

Barbara Stokes has a degree in physics and biomedical engineering from Mercer University. There were other subjects that she studied at the university as well. She studied the science of the structure and chemistry of materials, business management, and thermodynamics. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Her Career Prior To GSH Of Alabama:

She worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation before she became the CEO at GSH Of Alabama. Both of these jobs provided her with the experience that she needed to succeed as the CEO at GSH Of Alabama.


Homes Made By GSH of Alabama:

GSH Of Alabama builds homes that are far more appealing than most manufactured homes, and home buyers have written good reviews of the company. GSH Of Alabama uses luxurious materials in some areas of their homes, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Some of their homes even feature marble countertops. Marble countertops are quite durable.

Durability And Disaster Resistance:

GSH Of Alabama always ensures that the homes that they produce are capable of withstanding serious disasters. Their homes include wind resistance technologies, and they have wind resistance up to 130 miles an hour. Their homes also include protection from water damage and rodents. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

What Organizations Have Accredited GSH Of Alabama?

Several organizations have accredited the company:

  • The AIA
  • The NFPA
  • The NSPE