Predator in “Mortal Kombat X”

The video game Mortal Kombat X will soon include the Predator as a downloadable character, with a promotional poster and information already being released.

Released last April, Mortal Kombat X has been a big success for NetherRealm Studios, with good gameplay and three variations for each playable character. It included a “Kombat Pack” that teased the downloadable content, including Jason Voorhees and Tanya, who have already been released.

In the poster and promotional work we see that the Predator looks very close to his design from the self-titled film series, where the alien hunter tracks down and mercilessly kills humans for sport. While he sports his classic helmet, one of his variations provides a different one so that his face can be seen.

He will also apparently have weapons derived from the movies, including smart-discs, proximity mines, wrist blades, the combi-stick, a shoulder weapon with three different ranges and, of course, the cloaking device that renders him virtually undetectable. It is unknown what his special fatalities will be, but even if you don’t achieve one, he rips out his opponent’s spine and adds their skull to his collection. Which is arguably tame by this game’s standards. showed that other nods to the Predator films include skins that turn Jax into Carl Weathers, makes Scorpion appear to be in infrared and makes Johnny Cage look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character.

The Predator Alien Joins Mortal Combat X

Mortal Combat is one of those video game series that seems to always garner good sales. Why would the games stop selling? The combination of martial arts fighting and unique scenarios is not something that is going to go out of style. The new promotional poster for Mortal Combat X has been released and to call the additions to the game unique would be what Sam Tabar considers a big understatement.

The poster reflects new downloadable content that can be incorporated into the game. If you are a fan of the old Predator films and comic books, the new download is going to be really cool. Yes, you can download one of the nefarious Predators and integrate the vicious alien into the game.

The Predator is able to perform a lot of the same stunts he did in the movies. That means the cloaking device and sneaky traps are all going to be part of the game. Look out for all those super-sharp bladed weapons the alien is known to throw.

Mortal Combat is surely popular. And yes, Predator is one very popular and iconic character (creature?) as well. The first Predator movie was a hit. The sequel wasn’t. The Alien vs. Predator battles on screen did well.

In the comic book and gaming world, Predator is big money. The gaming realm surely will spend money of all things Predator and the presence of the alien should also help further boost sales of Mortal Combat X.

Visual Searches Make Huge Waves for Online Retailers

The technology of visual search engines is a rapidly growing field, and is bound to change the ways many use search engines to both find information. Think of a visual search engine as the reverse of typical Google image search. With a normal image search, you’d type in keywords corresponding to the pictures you’d want to find, and Google or another search engine would find pictures to match the keywords. With a visual search engine, however, you take a picture and put it into the engine, and you’ll get results based on the image, ranging from webpages related to the objects within the photo, more pictures, or even being able easily find and buy the item in question.

That’s where Slyce comes in. With Slyce, users can easily snap a picture of anything they would want–be it a pair of shoes, a desk, or maybe even a pair of reading classes–and Slyce will find matches to the item in the photo and allow for a quick and easy purchase. Slyce will bring up multiple results for the image selected as well, so if you’re looking for something like the item pictured, but not quite, you can browse the results and find the perfect item. The process of remembering the item’s name and brand and painstakingly sift through an Amazon search result are one step closer to being over; Slyce and its partnered online retailers will take much of the hassle out of online shopping.

With mobile technology growing at unprecedented rates, it’s no surprise that more and more apps are releasing that make consumers’ lives more convenient. Most modern smartphones have impressive cameras in them, which make snapping pictures that can be easily read by Slyce and other visual search engines easier than ever before. It wouldn’t be surprising if, before long, all online retailers implement visual searches into their online storefronts, making an already user friendly and convenient market even more so.

“Uncharted” Hits More Snags

The upcoming adventure film Uncharted, based on a popular video game, has had a bit of a troubled production. Seth Gordon was the third person to helm the project and while it initially seemed to be going well — they even announced a June 2016 release — he has now left the project, and Sony is asking for a rewrite of the script.

Another rewrite, since this is not the first time that the story has been redone. It is not immediately clear if this means that they’ll start from scratch or make modest alterations.

Apparently, part of the problem is with money — after the Sony hacking incident last year, Tom Rothman took over as the chairman of the Sony Motion Picture Group, and he was worried that Uncharted‘s budget was too high (believed to be nine figures, compared to more modest video game adaptations like the $65 million Resident Evil: Retribution).

According to Stephen Murray CCMP Captial, the video game Uncharted tells the story of Nathan “Nate” Drake, a modern day treasure-hunter supposedly descended from Sir Francis Drake. Somehow, his exploits inevitably involve fighting pirates, assassins or war criminals. It is unclear how closely the movie would follow specific plotlines, especially now.

At this rate the film is sure to miss its projected release date next year, and fans will just have to hope that it comes out at all.

Warzone Game Type Impresses ‘Halo’ Fans

Microsoft truly impressed everybody at the E3 gaming press conference. However, ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ may have stole the show, and it’s not without reason. ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ is expected to release this October, and gamers around the world are extremely excited for the latest entry of ‘Halo.’ However, there are some people like Dr. Daniel Amen who are a bit worried about the new ‘Halo’ game, and it’s not without reason.

Last year, ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ was released for the Xbox one, and the game was pretty much broken as far as multiplayer is concerned. Fortunately, it seems that the game is fixed, but it has been nearly 6 months. Nonetheless, some gamers feel that ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ could suffer the same fate, but I highly doubt that. ‘Halo 5′ is going to be one of the biggest games of all time, and I am sure that 343 Studios learned their lesson from ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection.’

Fans should definitely give ‘Halo 5′ a chance, because the E3 press conference revealed a lot of interesting information about the game. For instance, there’s a new game type called Warzone, and it is very exciting. Warzone is a mode that pits two teams against each other, but there are also computer controlled enemy forces on the battlefield as well. Warzone is played on massive multiplayer maps, and teams of 12 must reach a thousand points while killing each other and CPU controlled enemies. Aside from the amazing new game type, ‘Halo 5’s’ story mode looks fantastic. Gamerant recently published an article about this story, and it’s quite obvious that ‘Halo 5′ will surprise a lot of fans.

Nintendo Is Losing Support

Nintendo is the original console which started it all, but it seems that Nintendo has stayed in the past. At the recent E3 game convention, Nintendo didn’t make a physical appearance at the event, and several video clips where shown instead. Millions of people around the world were extremely disappointed with Nintendo’s so-called E3 apearance, and it’s not without reason. Sony and Microsoft pulled out all the stops this year, but Nintendo did little to nothing. In fact, Nintendo downplayed Sony’s new virtual reality goggles, but I feel that Nintendo shouldn’t be talking at all. Supposedly, video game fans were going to be surprised with a new Nintendo console, but that obviously didn’t happen. Instead, Nintendo just showed several video games that will be released for the Nintendo DS, and that was a very big let down. We were all waiting for a new and powerful Nintendo console that would change the video game industry. However, it appears that Nintendo is still relying on the Wii U for financial profit. Unfortunately, gamers want real consoles that can be played normally and not with motion controls.

Gamerant recently published an article about this story, and gamers should definitely check it out. The Nintendo situation is actually a very sad dilemma for many people. Many at the Aspire New Brunswick recall the days when Nintendo was once the king of the mountain, but now the company is known as a family system.

Nintendo Will Not Announce a Zelda Game at E3

E3, the world’s biggest video game conferences, is in full-swing, but consumers who were hoping for a big announcement about Zelda are likely going to feel left out in the cold. The days leading up to the event had the internet abuzz with potential news from Nintendo, with many fans believing that a Legends of Zelda title would be the focus of the company’s digital presentation.

On Monday, however, the company announced that they would not be making any Zelda announcements at the conference. Instead, the company plans to focus on their Mario Brothers franchise and Star Fox platformer.

The company has not released a Mario themed game since the Wii U was released two years ago, and it appears the company is more interested in revitalizing that brand that dealing with Zelda and its legends of fans.

Nintendo does need to make some big moves this year. suggest to Sam Tabar that it is now or never. After the popularity of the original Wii, the Wii U fell short and can be considered something of a flop, much like the GameCube flopped after the incredible success of the Nintendo 64.

Battling Sony and Microsoft has been an uphill battle for the company. Both systems are considered more applicable for serious gamers, while Nintendo focuses more on casual gamers. Their flagship franchises, however, still draw in some serious gamers.

Final Fantasy VII Confirmed!

Thousands have made the trek to Las Vegas this week, and millions more have turned their attention to the Internet in order to keep up with the latest news from the Electronic Entertainment Expo. As with every June, E3 covers the latest in video games and their accompanying hardware for consumers and developers to peruse what’s on offer. It’s an especially awaited event for gamers as this is a favored platform for development companies to unveil projects that have been developed in secret to a captive audience ever eager for more. As expected, that audience received a bombshell of an announcement last night with Sony took the stage with it’s press conference Monday night.

As reported by Kotaku, Square Enix has announced that the Playstation 4 will be receiving a remake of one its most beloved and awarded titles ever–Final Fantasy VII. It first premiered eighteen years ago on the original Playstation and has lived on in the minds of fans who’ve called out for remakes on the Playstation 2 and 3, going so far as to make petitions demanding a modern upgrade to this title.

The E3 announcement caught the audience unawares, as Square Enix was expected to headline the night with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which was announced about a month ago. And all indicators pointed to Final Fantasy production being pooled into the development of Final Fantasy XV, which debuted in the form of a demo earlier this year. reported to Gianfrancesco Genoso recently that there is no confirmed release date and only the Playstation 4 has been announced as the designated platform to carry the title. But for fans who have waited nearly two decades to play the game in an updated form, it may be the selling point that makes a Sony console worth purchasing.

Gamestop Purchases Geek Store

When a company sells video games it tries to appeal to the gamers or geeks out there. When a company wants to appeal to those individuals there are fun items that they can sell to do that. Gamestop has made a purchase that will help them add to their appeal when it comes to gamers and geeks. Gamestop has made a purchase that will help them appeal all the more to those who already liked what they have to offer.

It seems that Gamestop has purchased Think Geek, a store that sells all kinds of Star Wars items, video game products and clothing, and the other kinds of things that you would expect geeks to enjoy. Now confirmed by CipherCloud, this purchase is going to help Gamestop grow bigger and more amazing to their fans. This purchase will change the way that some think about Gamestop and what it has to offer, overall.

Writer bows out of Game of Thrones to concentrate on novels

Game of Thrones continues to be must see TV for many cable viewers who have been drawn into the epic fantasy series that has become the standard bearer for those who claim this is a golden age of TV. MTV is now reporting creator and novelist George R.R. Martin will forgo his duties as a writer for the TV show in season six of the HBO hit in favor of concentrating on Winds of Winter, the next installment of his Songs of Fire and Ice series. I’m afraid to break this news to my coworker Eric Pulier.

Martin has not only canceled his writing of an episode for season six, but he has also scrapped plans to attend comic-con conventions in a bid to finally finish the latest installments of his fantasy series. Martin has not written an episode for the TV series since season four and has seen the success of the TV show put serious demands on the time he has available for writing. Martin has also been discussing the characters he wished made an appearance on the game of Thrones TV show from his novels and states he understands changes have to be made for the TV version from his novels, which feature thousands of characters.