Lori Senecal Looks Good In Black

Lori Senecal is the CEO of an ad company that is behind many familiar ad campaigns, such as Target’s “Bullseye,” “The Snapple Lady” and BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine” in 2009. According to Ad Week, she has worked on campaigns for brands such as Coca-Cola and Xbox. She claims that she gets inspiration from Apple for the sleekness of its products. This taste in sleekness can be seen in the types of places that she goes to eat in New York City. She is currently a resident of New York City, and lives in Tribeca.


Lori Senecal is the youngest of four daughters. She grew up in the city of Montreal, in Canada. In high school, she fostered a sense of responsibility and leadership within herself by being a gymnastics coach. After being a leader in high school, she could no longer go back to being a follower. Lori Senecal shows leadership every day, doing what she can to come up with the best ideas. Just like every other human being, there are times when she feels doubt about a project or an idea. However, she focuses on how a given idea can succeed—she doesn’t dwell on whether it will succeed. To give you an idea about how she makes her money, think of it this way: she makes her money whenever someone else makes money. Her success is based upon the success of her previous ad campaigns. To energize her mind and body, she engages in exercise in the beginning of the day. Taking care of herself is just another way that she shows leadership. She is in good shape, fit and beautiful. Lori Senecal wears the color black all the time—and looks non-mistakenly good in it. She is also fluent in French, due to the fact that she is a Montreal Native. Watch her full speech at the 3% Conference.




The Positive Impact Of End Citizen United In Changing The State Of The American Politics

Having been established in 2015, the End Citizen United has constantly been working to ensure that the American citizens get what they rightfully deserve from the politicians. The state of politics in the United States is very tricky. Some rich people fund the political campaigns with the intention of influencing the decisions of the politicians. In the end, the citizens fail to get what rightfully belongs to them because of the greedy deals by the politicians. To change this system, the End Citizen United has come up with an interesting program that would improve the accountability of the elected leaders and reduce the influence of the cartels.

What does the organization do?
The End Citizen United has its main agenda as bringing leadership back to the people. For several decades, people have had the least influence on matters which affect them directly. Because of this, corruption and insecurity have formed a major part of the government systems. From their website, the End Citizen United asserts that money and power control the politics of today. The rich influence the decisions of the voters such that real policies are not discussed. To end this selfishness, End Citizen United has decided to sponsor some of the good leaders to both the senate and the congress to help the people to gain from their leaders.

Why the End Citizen United is trusted
Unlike any other organization, the End Citizen United does not accept funding from anywhere else. No organizations or influential individuals are allowed to fund the organization. The organization only gets its contributions from the willing people from the grassroots so that they can be held accountable by the public. If a leader that is sponsored to the congress or senate fails, the organization would give answers to the public and recommend ways of changing the poor leaderships. The main reason why the organization does not accept funding from powerful people is that the sponsors would want to control the operations of the organization. There will be too much dependence, and this will affect the effectiveness of the operations.

The $35 million target has reached $4 million already
For the next congressional elections set to be held in 2018, End Citizen United planned to raise about $35 million. The organization has currently made a step as it has raised more than $4 million. The raised amount is expected to go up since there is still time to mobilize the people. More than 100000 people have contributed for this course. The most encouraging news is that slightly over 41000 people made their contributions for the first time. As more contributions are expected in the near future, the influence of the organization is rapidly increasing.

Matthew Autterson, the Economic Propellant

Whenever the names of the high and mighty are mentioned, his name will always pop out. In Colorado, he is the business community liaison; he has held an envious position in some highly reputable institutions. His career is one groomed with success and eminence. Matthew Autterson boasts of over 25 years in the financial industry and goes without saying he is a financial brain of his country.

Matthew Autterson’s initial milestone career-wise began at First Trust Corporation which is an auxiliary department of Fiserv. Following his desire to grow and developed he resigned from First Trust Corporation to become a partner at a newly formed State chartered company in Colorado. Therein, the company would offer financial services just like the parent company in New York. His strong leadership skills lead him to be given the oversight role as the President of Resource Trust Company in 1986. His star continued to shine brightly in the managerial position he held increasing capitalization and market base gradually.

Resource Trust Company due to its performance would attract investors and partners who would share in the profits and roles. Resource Trust Company initially under AIG got acquired in again by the Fiserv in 2001. From the funds vested in, the company would optimally avail custodial and depository services through a network of about 15,000 registered company representative advisors. Currently, the company has over $21 billion asset valuation both for deposits and other assets. The clientele is approximately 200,000, making the company rank top among state chartered trust companies.

About Matthew Autterson

Despite his remarkable career, he has great interests in philanthropy. He has been able to give back to the society through the Webb – Waring Foundation, Denver Zoo, and Denver Zoological Foundation. The leadership role he has held in these nonprofit organizations has helped him gain interest with the neighboring community and the disadvantaged lot. He is a valuable member of the Board of Directors of the Denver Hospice as the Chairman and Falci Adaptive Bio – system (FAB) director. Matthew Autterson at one time was a member of the World Presidents and the Young Presidents Organization. At the moment, Mr.Autterson is the Chief Executive Officer and President of CNS BioScience Inc.

Matthew Autterson has a rich educational background which has spied up him corporate positions. He is a Michigan University Graduate in Finance in the year 1980. He also undertook a Graduate Tax Program from the University of Denver. To top this up is 25 years of experience in finance industry.

Eric Pulier: Technologist, Entrepreneur & Investor

As the old saying goes, “facts are stranger than fiction.” This quote rings true to some degree. People who do great things for society never seem to get the credit they deserve. On the other hand, entertainers and professional athletes seem to get all of the credit while doing absolutely nothing for society. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? If you answered no then this very notion is absolutely true. Eric Pulier is a man of many talents. He’s known to be a philanthropist, a technologist, an investor and a speaker. The guy has a resume of successful that majority of the people in the world couldn’t match. He has attended two of the nation’s most prestigious colleges being MIT and Harvard University. The question is, why is this guy not a household name?

Fortunately, Pulier isn’t into being praised. This brilliant minded individual does a lot for society, but he doesn’t do this for attention. That’s a true winner and a true hero by any definition. This proud father of four has invested in the hundreds of millions of dollar range for start-up tech companies, and he’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. Some of his capital venture funds went to companies by the names of Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures. He’s founded numerous successful companies by the names of Akana Software, Desktone, US Interactive and Digital Evolution. Some of his technological ideas have helped chronically ill children as well as people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Pulier’s hands are into politics as he has participated in healthcare exhibitions for former Vice President Al Gore. He has helped build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” campaign for President Bill Clinton’s second inauguration and more.

You won’t find another forward thinking kind of guy with this much clout. Eric Pulier has done is part for mankind, but who knows what else the future may hold.

About Eric Pulier: www.xprize.org/about/innovation-board/eric-pulier

Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is A Force To Reckon In The Brazilian Financial Sector

There are only a few influential corporate executives in the Brazilian economy. Among the most famous executives include Bradesco, Brazil’s leading private banking organization. The leaders of these big organizations attract a lot of respect and attention as they handle credit operations of big financial projects in Brazil. As a result, they are closely followed by newspapers, politicians and business leaders.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was appointed to head Banco Bradesco SA, he joined the ranks of influential corporate executives. His appointment also meant that he is the fourth president of the bank. The other three presidents being Amador Aguiar, the founder of the bank, Lazaro Brandao, chairman of the council and Cypriano Marcio.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi joined Bradesco at the age of 57. He replaced Marcio Cypriano, who left the company after reaching 65 years, which is the ceiling age for the company’s presidents. Before leaving, Cypriano had steered the company to achieve significant milestones. For over ten years of his leadership, the company’s market value rose from $5 billion to $30 billion.

Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Was the Best Candidate for the Position

The DNA of Bradesco runs in the blood of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He joined the firm in 1969 and rose up through the ranks to hold several top positions in marketing and private pension, thanks to his hard work, determination and work ethics. He became significantly important to the firm when he was appointed to head Bradesco Seguros from 2003 to2009. During this time, the company’s market share skyrocketed from 23 percent to 25 percent. To date, that sector yields about 30 percent of total revenues of Bradesco. It was for this remarkable achievement that saw him get preferred as the best candidate.

As a manifestation of his love for Bradesco, he turned down an offer by President Dilma Rousseff to run the ministry of finance. Members of his inner circle indicated that he rejected the offer as he said he was born to serve Bradesco. They further argued that he is committed to staying at the firm even after reaching 65 years as he is thought to succeed Lazaro Brandao as the chairman of the board. Additionally, since Bradesco values continuity, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was fit for the position as he had stayed in the organization for 40 years as of 2009.

What Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Has For Bradesco

Given his proven track of records, there is no doubt that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has great plans for Bradesco. At the time of his appointment as the CEO, they biggest rival in the industry Itau Unibanco had just overtaken them with a gap of around R $150 billion. Although he said, customer satisfaction was his main agenda, narrowing the gap or overtaking Itau Unibanco was also a major consideration. To succeed in the industry, he hatched a plan to acquire small banks even though the market was experiencing acquisition scarcity. A plan to open 211 new branch offices was also laid down as well as reducing interest rates to gain more consumers. He also targets organic growth to boost the bank’s internal performance.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, a philosophy degree graduate from the University of Sao Paulo, will be remembered for acquiring HSBC at a value of $5.2 billion. As of 2015, this deal was the biggest deal in Brazil. This deal enabled Bradesco to surpass Itau Unibanco in three major areas including the number of accounts, branch network and the total amount of investment funds. Speaking to MONEY, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi revealed that acquiring the deal enabled the company to achieve what it could have achieved in six years of organic growth. This accomplishment couldn’t go unrewarded. DINHEIRO named him the Entrepreneur of the Year in the financial sector.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just visit istoe.com.br

Securus Technologies, The Largest American For-Profit Technology Company For Prisons in Dallas Texas

Securus Technologies is the leading and largest American for-profit technology situated in Dallas Texas. Securus Technologies offers prison facilities and agencies of law enforcement solutions for criminal and civil justice in North America.


Services Offered by Securus Technologies

Richard Smith serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. According to Mr. Smith, Securus develops new services and products weekly so that law enforcement officials can have innovative ways of preventing and solving crimes. Securus has come up with a system of redacting specific references to states, counties and facility names, in a bid to help protect civilians who are innocent civilians.


Comments from Selected Customers on the Advantages of Securus Technology

In October 2016, Securus Technologies published some selected comments from clients in prisons which were based on the benefits of using the technology company to prevent and solve crimes. Below are samples of formal communications received from officials in prison across the United States.


“I am writing to inform you that we managed to successfully use phone calls to obtain a search warrant. We had a corrupt staff member but we were able to arrest him with the help of a Securus staff. Thank you for the assistance with the case.”

“We monitored calls and found out that the inmates were selling and using alcohol and drugs within the facility. The inmates were also making threats and illegally using cellular devices to transfer drug payments.”


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies conducts operations from its headquarters which is located in Dallas Texas. However, the company serves over 3450 correction and law enforcement agencies who are in charge of more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America.


Kindly visit SecurusTechnologies.com to learn more about Securus and the technology solutions that they offer for the civil and criminal justice system.



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Why Madison Street Capital Reputation is Rising

Madison Street Capital is famed to be one of the fastest growing investment banking companies in the world. The company has been in the market for a while now, and it has changed the lives of so many customers in the international community. The professionals working at the institution are experienced, and they work round the clock to make sure that all the international assignments are completed in time. These professionals are also qualified, and they have the expertise needed to give customer’s the experience needed.


Madison Street Capital headquarters are found in Chicago. However, the company has managed to open branches in several parts of the world. Madison Street Capital reputation has been rising in the recent past. The company has registered a lot of growth in the modern times, and this means that it is serving the customers well. The company has helped several high net worth individuals, corporations and non-profit making organizations in the past, and most of them say that they only got the best services.


Managing corporate assets is a very challenging task. When an institution has to undertake this task, they have to look for a reliable investment banking form to take charge of the transactions (http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/16/08/r8401008/madison-street-capital-announced-as-finalist-for-the-15th-annual-m-a-ad). When most middle sized companies in the United States and other parts of the world are faced with this situation, many seek the services provided by Madison Street Capital. The enterprises that have worked with Madison Street Capital in the past say that all their financial needs were adequately met.


ARES Security is one of the companies that have partnered with Madison Street Capital. The leaders of both companies say that they enjoyed working with each other. AREAS Security management says that the leadership at Madison Street Capital played a fundamental role in the success of the transaction.


Last year, the investment banking company won several awards due to its accomplishments in the financial industry. The company was recognized as the boutique firm of the year due to the role it had played in the acquisition of an international company. Charles Botchway, the current chief executive director of the company, says that he was happy because his firm got the recognition. According to him, this is a positive sign that the firm is on the right track. The companies is looking forward to making more money and help more customers in the future. Madison Street Capital has also been helping the needy communities in the society over the years. Learn more: http://madisonstreetcapital.org/about-madison-street-capital.html


Jason Hope: The Stunning Technology Guru

Jason Hope is well known for his futurist skills. He has a passion for technology and he has a clear understanding of the industry. With enough information and knowledge, Hope is able to make predictions about the future of the tech industry. His skills are helpful when it comes to companies that would want to capitalize on a particular technology in the future. Hope believes in the Internet of Things as he calls it the greatest new wave of improvement in the tech industry. The internet of things is a connected technology allowing several devices to sync with each other.

The devices include street lights, electronic devices, kitchen appliances and cars. The ability to sync devices maximizes efficiency and reduces waste because when connected they can share data effectively. Hope explains that the most simple and convenient option for many customers would be the smart technology. Most of the daily routine undertaken, for example making coffee, might be done using the smart technology. He also states the competition in the years to come will be quite fierce. Companies will invest in the most popular apps used by the users.

The Internet of Things and smart technology has the capability to discard plenty of waste, making our lives much safer. The Internet of Things has already been incorporated into transportation industry. The advantages have been seen when it comes to monitoring maintenance matters for trains. It is also essential in monitoring the mapping of public bus routes hence avoiding dangerous road conditions. The end result will be satisfied with the public transportation system thus reducing the use of private vehicles. Congestion will reduce as more people will opt to use public means to private ones. Pollution will also reduce as well as traffic accidents to learn more about us: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/ click here.

Jason attained his degree in finance from Arizona State University and from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business he got an MBA. He got his business idea from the knowledge he had acquired from his education. Hope then decided to be a tech entrepreneur a business that actually started with huge profits and this motivated him. He has worked with several companies and he has become successful in what he does.

Open Society Building by George Soros

George Soros went through the London School of Economics, but he was born in Hungary. Before beginning his finance work in a merchant bank, he worked as railway waiter and a porter. Some years after that, he moved to New York and started his hedge fund. In 1984, he happened to set up an open foundation for the society. He helped his countrymen on their step to democracy and a market that is free. Soros is the symbol of potent of some kind. People admire him as a national fringe of right. He decided to monitor the European economic situation. This will help in returning active trading. In addition to that Soros is the great support of Clinton.

As a CEO, president, chairman, and founder of Open Society Foundation, Soros has written a philanthropy that is aiming at building an open society. According to this philanthropy, Soros it gives a concept that aims at opening the society. He uses some concepts that he calls the cornerstones. These include having a democratic thinking, freedom and human right. This philanthropy aims at eliminating all types of dictatorship and giving a free world. From his work, he has led to many desirable results. Through him, communism has been toppled in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. He also tried to improve civil society in china.

The philanthropy also urges global and local organizations to fight and overcome all types of war that are driven by diamond and oil corruption. He also helped the people of Sarajevo to survive three years of the Bosnian war. If that was not enough, he fought the spread the TB resistant strains from being spread to major cities from Russia’s jails and mountains of Lesotho. Europe benefited a lot by receiving his advice to lift themselves from segregation and poverty.Fighting poverty is one major thing that is addressed in Soro’s philanthropy. He introduced many ways of doing away with it and living a free life. He insists that living a democratic life is the gateway to living a free life. He did this by supporting Burma democratic resistance.

This was done by building Haiti rough slums.Applying news methods was his order of the day always. He could at all times try to reform all systems that are not justice. Drug addiction in Baltimore and US was also addressed. He believes that a drug-free world is developing the world. His thoughts were always inclined to a healthy future. George Soros believes that every bad thing can change. If the society changes the way it people live, everything will change. Poverty, drugs, dictatorship, and corruption are pillars that can make a nation collapse. If the society fights all these acts, the economy will grow.