Shaygan Kheradpir is a Business Genius and Innovator

Looking at the lifestyle and position held by successful businesspersons in a company, it will be easy to overlook their sacrifice and dedication. Shaygan Kheradpir is a talented, skilled and versatile man whose open and consultative management practices has enabled him to rise to the rank of the Chairman and CEO of the Board of Coriant. Coriant is a global company offering innovative networking solutions to over 100 countries with instant global and local reach. Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London and raised in Iran; his father was an ear, nose and throat doctor. He has established himself academically, holding bachelors, master and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He is easy to relate to, getting along so easily with other employees few weeks after joining Jupiter Networks as the CEO can attest to that.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been an advocate of teamwork and as worked toward ensuring integration of all stakeholders, starting from the customers and to the community at large. He has worked towards strengthening employee-client relationship and customer satisfaction retention management. He has comprehensive knowledge on networking and he has been updating himself on current trends especially the SDN. Serving as the CEO of Jupiter Networks, his main priorities were increasing dividends, buying back of stocks and minimization of expenses.

His career started at GTE labs in Boston where he worked on network routing, management and control. He was promoted to head of software system lab a position he is remembered for organizing and supervising a team of highly trained professionals, that masterminded the nation’s first national network management platform for GTE that integrated infrastructure, transmission and switching. The system has enabled GTE to have highly efficient and consolidated network.

These achievements were open for all to see, Shaygan was transferred to GTE headquarters in Dallas, his responsibilities here included: development of GTE’s units of wire-line, wireless, inter-networking and information. In this timeline he spearheaded the nationalization and reconstruction of the major systems enhancing cost effective operation and quality output that raised the standards of the company to high levels. Verizon was born after merging of the GTE and Bell Atlantic in 2000, Sheygan new role was the president of business unit and eventually he became the chief information officer. He employed his usual tactics and recruited a team of highly trained professionals, deals were brokered, alliances created and well performing and quality products introduced to the market. He made tremendous achievement during his time at Verizon; firstly he ensured the information technology budget was lowered by 2%. Secondly he stroke deals with sellers to cut their prices and finally new soft wares were introduced that improved Verizon’s utilization of IT hardware.

Shaygan has been able to deliver in every position and all boards he has served in. For example during his tenure as Chief Operating Officer of the Global retail and Business bank he introduced to the market the Pingit mobile paying system. His humble start to now a position of respect and influence can only be attributed to years of hard work and determination.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, is an American businessman and was the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, LLC. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Washington University. He further finished his Law Degree from American University in Washington, D.C.

He was the managing partner of The Atlanta Hawks. He also became a part of the NBA governors. And was one of the leaders of Atlanta Spirit Group, which bought the Hawks, the NHL’s Thrashers and operating rights of Philips Arena in 2005. He sold the ownership of Atlanta Hawks to Antony Ressler-Grant Hill group. Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler, members of the Ressler group and founder of the Marquis Jet, bought the Hawks for $850 million.

Forbes’ Levenson was a former journalist at Washington Star, which has opened the door for His position as the founding shareholder and former board member for the media company TechTarget.Together with Ed Peskowitz, Levenson also co-founded the Gaithersburg-based business information company United Communications Group (UCG). He and his partner started publishing a newsletter that is focused on the development of the oil industry. From their humble beginnings, they were then able to acquire other newsletters from different companies. UCG were also involved in the creation and launch of databases, including Oil Price Information Service (OPIS).

Aside from being known through the NBA team Atlanta Hawks, Levenson has an active involvement in some Philanthropic Organizations. He became the president of an organization called, “I Have a Dream Foundation (Washington Chapter)” – an organization that helps children who belong to low-income families pursue higher education.

As a major donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, he funded their program that brings awareness of what happened during the Holocaust. The students of the program are trained to be trained to be tour guides at the Museum, giving them the opportunity to learn, as well as become involved with the experience.

SEED Foundation, the Jewish Federation, Birthright Israel, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Seeds of Peace, and BBYO, a Jewish-American youth movement are some of the major institutions that he continues to supports.

Levenson is one of the most respected philanthropists in his Industry. His participation in different organizations and his service to his surrounding community continues to be the highlight of his career. He continues to help others, as well as take initiatives to make the world a better place. He has proven that his life’s purpose doesn’t just stop at the NBA. It has moved on to more intimate and personal conquests.

The Russian Social Life, Dating Through Anastasia Date

In the technological era, there has arisen a trend where people are glued to their electronic gadgets if not in their day to day hustle and bustle trying to make a living. This culture or presumably habit has really impacted on people’s social life. Gone are the days when people would turn to each other for advice or just to share what each person had on their plates. People today look for solutions online and have no time for each other. However, the social websites have tried to solve this situation achieving only a little success. Making of friends in the online world has been enhanced but not to the extent of acquiring life-long partners. Therefore, there has been need to establish an even more objective and specific platform for socializing. This need has seen the rise of the online dating systems to help people have a chance at getting their long-awaited soul mates. One major institution that has pioneered in this field is Anastasia Date founded in 1993.

Anastasia Date was founded by a couple made of a Russian and an American (Elena and David Besuden) who had been linked up through a dating and introduction platform. Its name was derived from Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna hailing from Russia, who was considered by many an exemplar for young Russian Women. In its young ages, Anastasia Date employed catalogues to create matches between men and young eligible Russian women. However, this was replaced by a website established in January 1997 followed by its expansion to other major Russian cities and the Ukraine. It has since developed and by 2007 was proud to launch three other websites. Currently Anastasia Date is widespread globally, providing its much-needed services to western men and varied women from different parts of the world. Major categories include AmoLatina, AsianBeauties and AfricanBeauties.

Over time, Anastasia has grown exponentially with the evolving technology and currently has mobile phone apps powered by Apple (iTunes) and Android (Google Play). Over the last two decades, it has increased its income up to $110 million (as of 2012) and traffic up to 220% its initial statistics before being traded privately. Anastasia profoundly improved the Russian dating system from their formerly rather closed culture. Traditionally Russian women who weren’t married were looked down upon and it was every girl’s dream to find the right man the soonest. The men, on the other hand, were often viewed as superior to their female counterparts and deserved submissive partners. This kind of system denied both parties the chance to romance, dating and being affectionate to each other. Time for getting to know each other was also limited.

However, Anastasia has overhauled dating not only in Russia but in other countries around the world. Today’s Russian dating system is much open and through tourism and other travel agencies most people are able to meet their better half. After getting introduced in such platforms as Anastasia, the prospected couples are then sponsored on dates and getaways to interact and find out their compatibility. This has seen many eligible people couple up proving Anastasia’s initiative a success.

Susan McGalla: Leadership and Womanhood

If there is one temptation that someone who is born in a position that is often given less, it is the temptation to focus on what one doesn’t have. Susan McGalla, being a woman, understands the hardships that come with the gender. Historically, women weren’t allowed ot do as much as men were. There is also the issue of the “glass ceiling” that women have dealt with when it came to work and employment. However, Susan McGalla did not think about that at all. She thought more about doing what is required of her when she worked for others. She also put her mind towards making a name for herself.

One of the things that make Susan McGalla  on prnewswire a leader is that she truly leads in that she goes before and lays down an example for others to follow. This example is that where others see a problem, she sees an opportunity. She does not whine about how unfair life is. Instead, she looks for ways that she can use her setbacks to her advantage. She not only has overcome her setbacks, but has allowed them to make her success even bigger than it would have been without those set backs.

There is also a great sense of humility to Susan McGalla. She is always willing to listen and let other people get their point across. In the event that she doesn’t agree, she does explain her thoughts without being disagreeable about it. She does not resort to insults and other demeaning behaviors when talking to people. She also does not give in to resentment towards a person because of the group that person represents. If she discovers any biases, then she will work towards getting rid of those biases. If someone points out any biases that she may be holding, she checks herself to see if she is holding those biases.

As a woman, she sets an example that other women want to follow. She gets things done and makes things happen. Whenever faced with a setback, she takes the time to look at them and see them as they are. While she does not subscribe to any “empowerment” philosophies or groups, she does achieve the very goals that the members of those groups set out to achieve. She does all of this without complaining and throwing others under the bus in order to appear to be greater than she is. She allows her true light to shine.

Writing Better Wikipedia Articles

Get Your Wiki Services
A good number of people are active Wikipedians, and they play a vital role in making Wikipedia what it is. Contributing to this community is easy and those that have never done this can start thinking of either editing Wikipedia articles or writing their own. This isn’t a daunting task since many have been successful and beyond this, the veteran Wikipedia writers or editors at Get Your Wiki, a Wikipedia writing company are always ready to help. The community assures all contributors that their articles will be accepted and if not full compensations are made. Such cases are rare since the editors help Wikipedians write articles according to the Wikipedia’s manual of style with proper formatting and reliably-sourced references. Translations are also made easy by the experienced Wikipedia editors and the outstanding monitoring services from Get Your Wiki.

Writing Better Wikipedia Articles
A simple guide to writing better articles can do the trick for those considering writing articles on Wikipedia. Among the factors to consider are making an article precise, clear and relevant to the reader as well as the style and information on the layout. The layout is an essential part since it defines your article. Better articles commence with introductions, followed by a clear structure and completed with standard appendices like similar articles and references. Paragraphs need to be long so that the idea comes out well but also short enough to ease readability. A heading comes in handy since it elaborates the article and establishes a structure portrayed in the table of contents. Images are fine, but the writer is supposed to place them strategically where they closely relate to the context.

For Wikipedia articles, the tone is expected to be formal, impersonal and dispassionate. There are two styles used for Wikipedia articles: the news style and the summary style. In the news style, important information is first highlighted followed by diminishing importance as the article progresses. This is usually a prose style of short, exact front page newspaper stories or news bulleting. The summary style is almost similar to the news style but is mostly used in topics in place of articles and usually lead sections in place of lead sentences. The summary style is important since some readers who require less information are contented with the lead section. The other importance is that short articles are easy to read and understand while very long ones repeat ideas.

Short articles are ideal as compared to very long ones. The average size of a Wikipedia article should not exceed 50KB worth of prose. In case an article extends past this limit; it can be broken down into smaller articles to improve readability.

Beneful Is The Best Food For My Dog With Food Allergies

It’s starting to get cold outside, so I’ve started to bring my dog indoors more often. My dog stays outside in a very nice dog house that my husband built for her, but as the weather starts to get cold, I’ll let her stay inside more often. It was a very cold last weekend, and she stayed with us inside the whole time. It was over that weekend that I noticed that my dog was not acting the way she normally did. My dog would roll around in circles for no reason, she wasn’t really eating her food, and she threw up a few times. Since my husband mainly cares for the dog, I was wondering how long she had been feeling this way

I went ahead and took the dog to the veterinarian, and the vet said the dog was sick from something that she had eaten. The only thing that she eats is the dog food that my husband purchased for her, and he recently purchased the new dog food, Beneful. I had to go back home and bring back the dog food, and the veterinarian went over the ingredients in the dog food. The vet was able to pinpoint the possible ingredients that were making my dog sick, and I had to get rid of the dog food for good.

The vet told me that I needed to pick a better food, especially one that didn’t have the bad ingredients that were making the dog sick. I asked for suggestions, and I was told about Beneful brand foods, and I know it’s because it’s the same food the vet uses. In fact, the veterinarian has bags of Beneful that she sells up front, just in case someone happens to forget to buy dog food for their pet. I took her advice about buying Beneful, and I went ahead and got several bags at the grocery store.

After a week had passed the dog wasn’t sick anymore, and she was enjoying her food a lot more than before. My dog would eat almost 2 full bowls of Beneful every time I gave her a meal, and I felt like she was eating too much. I called the vet about my dog eating excessively, and the vet told me that since she was getting over her sickness that she may become hungry again and eat a bit more than normal. I was happy that my dog was feeling better, and I could honestly say that it’s thanks to Beneful why my dog is much better than before. Not only is Beneful brand foods good for my dog, but it also helps my dog to eat more than she ever did before, and my dog enjoys the food that she’s eating as well.

Reasons for Using Make Up

There are many reasons that women use make up. However, the underlying reason in many cases is that they want to look good. They want to look good not for attention, but because they want to feel good about themselves. The better they feel about themselves, the better they will be able to handle life. There are so many women going around that can’t take a compliment because they don’t feel that good about themselves. Even though they do look good, and they acknowledge that, they have not achieved the look that they want.

Many times, women are unsatisfied with their look due to something in their make up. This has very little to do with how they applied the make up and more to do with the equality of the make up itself. There are many company that sell make up at a lower price but the material that is used to create the type of make up is very low in quality. As a result, the final presentation is rather lacking in the eyes of the one who applies the makeup. Even if other people like what they see when they look at the person, it is the person’s view of her self that matters the most.

One person that understands that is Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime products. She understands the need for someone to not just look good, but to control every aspect of her appearance. Doe Deere on obserever sales high quality products for the cosmetic side of the industry and the artistic side. After all, there is an artistic side to beauty and cosmetics. Lime Crime not only allows people to look their best, but it also allows them to explore their artistic side and create a look that they are satisfied with and even surprised by.

Using make up will not only help women look and feel their best, but discover new looks that they enjoy a lot. One thing that people should be able to do is express themselves. It does not matter to women whether they are perceived to be beautiful as much as it matters that they are allowed and able to be who they are, and show how they feel. Even if it may be off putting to certain people, they will come across those who like them for who they truly are. The right quality of make up will help them find these people.

Hedge Fund Management

Speak of sophistication; hedge fund industry is a really sophisticated industry. It boasts of part of the richest managers in the history of industries. It is also coated with a lot of controversies such as the amount of tax this rich managers pay. Some are claimed not to pay any tax at all. What is seriously disturbing is the exact kind of business hedge fund really is. Most people don’t know what these rich managers do. Where do they get their money?

This practice also dates back in the 1940s where Mr. Alfred Winslow Jones came up with a particular service. He carried it out in such a way that he would predict on the future rise and fall of prices then would be paid some form of fee for the performance. The industry then rose steadily. In 1990s, Mr. George Soros speculated something about the Sterling pound.

On that note, Hedge funds is a really complicated practice with a complicated structure where very sophisticated institution or individuals with sophisticated mass of assets come together by the help of a management firm, pool the assets together and invests it through several strategies in order to get a greater return. This practice has got a really greater risk than normal businesses and it is not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States.

One such management firm is Kenneth Griffin’s Citadel LLC Where he is the CEO. The billionaire ($6.6 billion in net worth) also founded the company that provides three services including asset management, citadel securities and citadel technology. The 48-year old began trading this way in his dorm room back in his campus years in 1980s at Harvard before officially starting Citadel LLC in the year 1990 with $4 million. Right now, the high flying company under his master mindedness manages up to $24 billion in assets. Ken Griffin of valuewalk’s prowess in management got a Financial Aid Office at his former school of 1980s renamed in his honor.

The success of this industry is determined by the types strategies applied including;

Equity hedge
Here, the fund manager buys stocks that are undervalued and sell the stock they have but feel that is overvalued. This in return shows a net exposure to the equity markets. They make a return in the long run.

Global Marco
Here, they invest in stocks, currencies, commodities bonds and many others. They bet on the prices of assets that are still underlying. This is usually highly leveraged therefore bringing in huge returns.

Relative value arbitrage
The fund managers purchases securities whose future prices is expected to go up and sells the securities whose future prices is expected to go down. This also includes stocks and bonds.

Convertible arbitrage.
The hedge funder invests in both bonds and stocks of one company. This means that the convertible bond can be converted into numerous shares.

This industry’s controversy of non-payment of taxes has attracted even president Barrack Obama and Donald Trump to comment about it.

Slyce Can Transform A Photo Into A Sale

How many times have you found yourself wondering where your friend or co-worker got their super cute shoes or those beautiful earrings? Sometimes you may have an opportunity to ask, but sometimes they might have truly forgotten what store they purchased the coveted item from, or the item may have been a gift. There’s a new app that cannot only identify the item, but can tell you where you can purchase it as well.

Slyce offers retailers an innovative way to drive more consumers to their catalog. Most retailers have an extensive catalog that chronicles all of their items, so Slyce utilizes this catalog and compares it against the photo snapped on a Smartphone. Identifying the item could be only a match of a photo and a click away. This new technology boasts that you can take a picture on your Smartphone and the app can identify the item and where you can purchase it.

The Slyce app is highly sophisticated and has already partnered with 6 of the major 20 retailers. The app compares the photo to the retailer’s catalog, making note of what the item is as well other item specifics. The app is sophisticated enough to distinguish the color, pattern and even the specific number of buttons on the shirt. It also takes factors like scale and lighting into account.

People are driven by the power of images. If a retailer can allow consumers to access items they love through a picture, a business could experience a surge in sales. Mobile shopping is on the rise. In fact during the holiday season, a staggering 39% of online sales took place on mobile devices. People take their Smartphones everywhere; they are more likely to purchase an item utilizing their phone than ever before. And if the product recognition app from Slyce identifies the picture properly and connects the consumer to a product, they will be inclined to instantly purchase the item on the spot. People want fast results and instant gratification. The avid shopper will be quite gratified that they not only found the item instantaneously, but that they also immediately purchased it all in a matter of a few clicks.

Slyce technology is an excellent marketing tool. In fact, businesses can recognize that the power of the referral is an important tool. If people see a product in a desirable light in public, they have a strong case for purchasing the item. Of course products look good in the pages of magazines, worn by statuesque models under optimal lighting enhanced by the wizardry of Photoshop. But if the shoes look great on someone’s friend in real life and they take note, it is a much more convincing case for the quality of the product.

For a Healthy Dog Choose Beneful

Getting a dog is not just having a pet, it’s gaining a family member. So when it comes to your family you want the best for them especially when it comes to their health. Everyone wants to have their dog with them as long as possible, so it’s imperative to do whatever it takes to keep them as healthy as possible by feeding them Beneful.

The first place to start is preventative medicine. Vaccinations are so important. There are so many diseases out there and just like humans, dogs need to be vaccinated to keep them from getting these terrible diseases. There are many vaccinations dogs can receive. Some are more important than others. The most highly recommended are: rabies, canine parvovirus, canine distemper, and infectious canine hepatitis. Other vaccinations such as: leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Bordetella bronchiseptica, parainfluenza virus, and canine coronavirus can be discussed between the owner and the veterinarian.

Dental health is also very important. Not all owners can get away with brushing their dog’s teeth but if it’s possible, it’s great. Dental problems are very common in dogs. Plaque builds up on their teeth and if it’s not removed can lead to gingivitis and then periodontitis which is gum disease. Just like their owners! So what’s the best thing to do? Veterinarians offer dental cleanings and there are also dental chew treats that help remove and keep the teeth free from plaque.

Parasites can be another problem, especially in the summer months. There are oral medications that can be given to the dog monthly and most of the time the dogs like them. Topical medications are also available. These medications can be simply applied between the shoulder blades also once a month and because it’s applied between the shoulders, they can’t lick it off.

Nutrition is very important to a dog’s health. Dogs need a proper diet just like humans. They need the right amount of nutrients, carbohydrates, and proteins to give them the minerals and vitamins to keep them healthy. Beneful brand dog food gives the perfect balance of ingredients to give dogs the proper nutrition to keep them happy and healthy. The people from Beneful take their job very seriously. Each ingredient is tested before it goes to the production area, and they really take the quality of their food very seriously.

Dogs need different nutrition at different stages in their lives and Beneful has food for each stage. Beneful Originals has antioxidants and 100% of nutrition they need everyday. Beneful Healthy Weight helps dogs keep a healthy weight. Beneful Healthy Puppy gives those puppies all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow properly, and be playful and happy. Beneful Playful Life has real beef and egg for a protein rich meal. It also has blueberries and spinach! They also have all kinds of wet food, treats and snack to keep them with a variety and happy at mealtime.

So when it comes to a dog’s health they are just like people. To keep them active, playful and happy they need regular health check ups, eat properly, and get plenty of exercise. That way they can live a nice long life and can make special memories with the family they love.